10 Summer hacks to keep your Room cool without an Air conditioner

10 Summer hacks to keep your Room cool without an Air conditioner

Summer Temperatures are affecting many countries around the world, and India is one of them. This year we are experiencing repeated Heatwaves. As a result, it is very difficult to work in summer. The simple solution to get relief from this summer heat is to sit under an Air conditioner. But this relief also offers a harmful effect on our environment. 

If you are an environment lover and wanted to beat this summer heat without the use of an Air conditioner then this article is for you. Here are some of the Home air cooling tips that you can follow to keep your cool this summer.

  1. Keeping ice in front of the Fan

Placing ice or cold water in front of the fan will cause the fan to blow the coolness of the ice or the cold water. This is more effective when you close all the doors and windows of the room, this is because all the cool air gets trapped inside the house. This hack is the best alternative to an Air conditioner.

  1. Purchasing a cooling mattress, sheets and Pillows

The latest mattress technology has developed ways to keep you stay cool during the night. They may have moisture-wicking covers or breathable form cores that allow proper ventilation of air.

Along with the mattress you can also have cooling sheets and pillows because you can use them as a cover on the couch along with using it on the bed. If you find that cooling mattresses, sheets and pillows don’t fit in your budget, then you can opt for cotton bed sheets on your bed. It is found that cotton has more breathable than any other kind of material, which will make you feel cooler at night.

  1. Block the sunlight during day time

You should close the curtains during day time because this prevents sunlight to enter your room. It is very important to block sunlight entering the room so that it remains cool without an Air conditioner.

If your windows or doors face direct sunlight, then you can opt for dark curtains. It is because dark colour catches heat and prevents overheating of the room during the daytime. Otherwise, your house would turn into a greenhouse.

  1. Open Doors and windows during the night

Along with closing curtains in day time you should open them at night time is because at night you can enjoy the cool air of the night breeze. You should also open the doors and windows of your house so that you can experience a cross breeze which will fill the cool air in the room.

Along with this, you should also close your kitchen door, as hot air can travel to the best part of the house. You should open all doors and windows connecting the cocking area to the outside of the house to get rid of hot air.

  1. Modifying the ceiling fan according to the weather

Do you know that you can change the ceiling fan according to the weather conditions? Ceiling fans have two modes, depending on the way their blades are turned. They can either create a breeze or can force the warm air to travel downward.

So you can use it to create a breeze during summer and in winter allowing warm air to move downward. Just you need to change the spin of your fan. In summer you should use an anti-clockwise spin whereas in winter use should use your fan in the clockwise spin.

You might have noticed that your bathroom and kitchen release a lot of heat during summers, to overcome that you can install an exhaust fan. This fan will throw out the heat and keep your house cool.     

  1. Decrease your bed height

We all have learned in our schools that warm air rises upward, which means that the air at your feet is cooler than at the ceiling. Therefore you can adjust the height of your bed if possible or you can place the mattress on the floor.

In summer, if you don’t mind you can also sleep on the floor made up of tiles. Generally, tiles are cooler and you can sleep peacefully. This could be one of the best ways to beat the summer heat if you are comfortable with the hard surface. 

  1. Replacing old bulbs with LEDs

Every electronic device dissipates energy in the form of heat, including bulbs. You might have noticed that the darker room is cooler than the brighter one. If you keep lights on in your room, it might be hard to keep your room cool during day time.

LED lights also emit heat but they are cooler than any other bulbs. Moreover, they are energy efficient, so you can also save on your electricity bills. If your pocket doesn’t allow you to change all the lights of your home, you can just keep all the lights off during day time and use natural daylight. In this way, not only do you keep your room cool but also save electrical energy.

  1. Allow night cool breeze to come inside

You might have noticed that at night temperature decreases and you should take advantage. You can open all the doors and windows of your home and allow the cool air to get in. If it’s a rainy season you should allow the chilled air to get inside your room.

If you feel that the outside temperature is lower than your room temperature, open all the windows of your home and enjoy the cool air.

  1. Unclutter your surrounding

A room filled with a lot of things has more temperature. You should remove all unwanted furniture, newspaper, books and magazine from your room. You should replace your synthetic drapes and woolly carpets with rugs made up of jute and hemp that look stylish.

You should also make some changes to your decorative items. You can take an empty vase, a bowl or any other glass vessel and put some cold water followed by flower petals, pebbles, etc. These all will produce some cooling effect in the surrounding.

  1. Paint your roof with white

We all have learned in our schools that white colour is the best reflector of heat. Therefore you can paint your rooftop white colour. However, there is a big problem that, the colour gets washed away in the rain, therefore you have to reapply it every summer.

The long-lasting solution to this problem is to use solar-reflective white paint to paint your rooftop. Another cheap way to decrease the temperature of your house is to put bundles of damp straw on the rooftop.

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