Best Budget Smartwatches in India (2021)

Best Budget Smartwatches in India (2021) affordable smartwatch

The factors considered (and which you should consider too) for the review of smartwatches are :
1) Design
2) Display
3) Touch screen response
4) Battery and Charging
5) Durability and Material Quality
6) Water resistance
7) Other fitness and health features like sleep tracking, GPS, measuring heartbeat rate, alarm, reminders, calling feature, etc.

These factors are based on hundreds of consumer experiences, suggestions and reviews. Thus, our article is based on consumer opinion.

Watches were basically back then a necessity, but the arrival of mobiles have made it a premium product. Once, a daily used product by the office people and students, watches are seldom used now. Reason? Watch has evolved itself! Just like TVs have become smarter, even watches have become smarter! Watches which once showed us the time has evolved and does many other operations too. Technology has changed just about everything, and evolved watches into smartwatches, with excellent features. These features include notifications of SMS, calls, WhatsApp and other apps. Moreover, you can manage your daily schedule and organize your tasks with the reminder feature.

Just as TV evolved to Smart TV, and then also got a touchscreen feature, most smartwatches were quick to have the touchscreen which made the other features more accessible and easier to handle. This allowed smartwatches to have access to functions like calculator, calendar, compass and, many more. Why should one use it? Because it is just a wearable mini-computer in the form of a watch. Additionally, it is easy to access and good-looking!

Starting, with the most affordable one to the elite premium, according to budget and requirements you can choose the best smartwatch, you want! These smartwatches have been selected on the basis of hundreds of customer reviews and experiences, so this review is more than an expert review.

Best budget smartwatch in India 2021

Buy Realme Fashion Watch from Amazon

Buy Realme Classic/Fashion Watch from Flipkart

If you’re trying to find the best Smartwatch in an affordable price range then this one is the best product for you. Not only that Realme is a trustworthy company but also you get so many features in this Smartwatch at such a low price. The colour touchscreen of 3.5 cm (1.4 inches) gives very the smartwatch an attractive look. The touchscreen diagonal length is 4 cm (2 inches).

Various features like Real-Time Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Oxygen Level Monitor (SpO2), Intelligent Activity Tracker (14 Sports Modes) and IP68 Waterproof make this smartwatch even more desirable. It comes with two straps, one is the classic, and another is the fashion strap. The strap makes a distinction between the two smartwatches, choose the one which you’re comfortable and feels more attractive (go for the fashion strap).

You can also receive notifications on the smartwatch for SMS, calls, WhatsApp and other apps. The battery life of this smartwatch is excellent, it can run up to max 9 days depending on your usage. You can also connect your phone to the Realme smartwatch, by which you can control your phone camera and music from your smartwatch itself!

Why should I buy it?

1) The large colour touchscreen of 3.5 cm offers you a smooth touch and a seamless experience. Its display colour sensitivity is excellent. The best part is that you can easily view the smartwatch under the sunlight or high brightness condition.

2) You can maintain a record of your health easily through this smartwatch, it can monitor your Real-Time Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Level (SpO2), and comes with Intelligent Activity Tracker (14 Sports Modes).

3) Battery backup is excellent considering its price. The battery lasts a maximum of 9 days and even if you use the watch more often, the battery lasts around 2-3 days. It also shows the battery percentage, so that you can charge accordingly.

4) Many users have pointed out that the control, and mainly music control works flawlessly. Controls for skipping the song, increasing or decreasing the volume are very simple.

5) You can connect the smartwatch using Bluetooth to your Android phones with Android 4.4 or higher.

6) You also receive notifications for SMS, e-mails, calls, and other apps. Though you cannot talk on calls via the smartwatch, you can decline the calls.

7) It also has some other features like step count, calories burnt count, etc. These features are useful if you’re a fitness freak. The activity tracker is very handy.

8) You can sync your fitness and health data with the Realme Link app (for Android). Using this app you can also download and, install many watch faces and, personalize your smartwatch screen.

9) The weight of the smartwatch is just 33 grams. Being lightweight is surely a benefit, considering that you’re going to wear this watch all around the day.

10) This smartwatch is IP68 waterproof with a depth of 1.5 m. So, water won’t damage the smartwatch!

Why shouldn’t I buy it?

1) Users have pointed out that the strap quality is not that good. It doesn’t fit well for the users having big wrists. Though, the strap is replaceable it still becomes a hassle for the user.

2) If you’re looking for a smartwatch which aids you during calls, then this smartwatch won’t suit you. You can only reject the calls but can’t answer the calls on the smartwatch.

3) It doesn’t have an in-built GPS, so it’s better if you connect your smartwatch to your phone when you’re going outdoors for better accuracy.

4) Many users have pointed out that the battery life is too less than the specified duration. Also, charging time has been a concern for many users. Some of them have even said that the magnet of the charger is not so strong to hold the smartwatch. For better battery life try to turn off unnecessary features.

5) Not compatible with iOS devices.

Noteworthy features :

1) Touchscreen :
The colour Touchscreen of Realme Smartwatch (3.5 cm) is really good when compared to its price. The diagonal length is 4 cm. You can see what’s on-screen clearly even under the sunlight or bright light.

2) Realme Link App :
You can also connect to the Realme Link app and download 12 stylish watch faces. Moreover, after the update of the Realme Link app OTA, you get many more watch faces. You can choose from them and personalise your smartwatch.
On the Realme Link App, you can also sync all your health and fitness data, and access it on your phone.

3) Health Monitor :
If you want to measure your heart rate then you can easily do that in this smartwatch. It supports 24-hour monitoring. Blood Oxygen Level Monitor (SpO2) is a very important and useful feature of this Smartwatch. It can track your health and make your fitness routine much easier and fun.

4) Activity Tracker :
Intelligent Activity Tracker (14 Sports Modes) is another important and useful features of this Smartwatch and especially loved by every sports lover. You can choose between 14 Sports Modes which includes Walking, Cycling, Yoga, Badminton, Cricket, Running, Football, Basketball, and others.

5) Notifications and Calls :
You can receive notifications on this smartwatch for SMS, e-mails, WhatsApp and other apps. You can also decline calls from the smartwatch. So, you don’t need to take your smartphone out every time.

6) Music and Camera Control :
The Music and Camera Control are flawless. You can very easily skip the song, and increase or decrease the volume of the song from your smartwatch! On this smartwatch, you can also click a picture from your phone easily by just clicking the button on your smartwatch.

7) Other Features :
The other features of this smartwatch include reminders, alarms, IP68 water resistance and many more.

Best All-rounder and Mid-Range Smartwatch: Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm Smartwatch (Black Strap, Regular ) :

Buy Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch from Amazon

Buy Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch from Flipkart

No doubt that Samsung Galaxy Watch is the best smartwatch in the market. It has almost every feature which a user desires. Starting with its beautiful 1.3″ AMOLED display and circular design to its stainless steel built quality, everything in the design and display aspect seems perfect.

It has a textured body with scratch-resistant gorilla glass DX+. The back end of the smartwatch is made of plastic which reduces its weight. Smartwatch weighs only 63 grams! Hands down, it has the best rotating bezel. It comes with a black strap which is quite good. It has a sensor for automatically adjusting brightness. You can even view the watch under sunlight or bright light.

There is a wide range of watch faces to choose from, with over 50k options (free and paid) available. It has many health and fitness tracking features like step count, calories burnt, auto workout detection, etc. Other features include built-in GPS, continuous Heart Rate monitoring, alarms, reminders, schedule planner, Stress Tracker, Sleep Tracker, and many more!

According to many users, all the features (including GPS) are very accurate and trustworthy. It also comes with 768 MB RAM, about 4 GB memory (actually around 1.5 to 2 GB) to store various apps & music.

One full charge hardly takes anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2-3 hours. If you’re in a hurry then a 15-minute charge can quickly charge the smartwatch from 0 to 10% (or even 15%). With this 15 minute charge, the smartwatch can last max one day.

The battery can max last until 7-8 days (for one full charge) but varies with the usage. (Though it is mentioned 3-4 days at various sites, many users have pointed out that it can last longer). With Bluetooth mode on, it lasts about 80-100 hours. Though, using GPS drains the battery very quickly. It comes with 39 sports mode, and come very handy if you regularly exercise and play sports.

Moreover, you can take, answer or decline your calls effectively from your smartwatch. You can also play music on the watch. In short, this smartwatch is the best with also every other feature you need!!

Why should I buy this?

1) Its design is fantastic and mind-boggling. The rotating bezel is the point of attraction. It has a very good and comfortable 22 mm metal strap which is another additional benefit.

2) It comes with a 1.3″ AMOLED display. It also comes with scratch-resistant gorilla glass DX+. There are hardly any concerns with display and touch. It has the option of changing watch faces. You have the option to choose from 50k+ options.

3) It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

4) All the fitness and health-related data which includes sleep tracking, stress tracking, activity monitoring, heart rate monitoring and many more can be sent to your mail, mobile device or managed via the Samsung smartwatch health app.

5) Having an internal memory of 4 GB comes very handy to use a few apps on the smartwatch, or even play your favourite music.

6) Calling feature allows you to manage calls from your smartwatch itself.

7) It includes an inbuilt GPS which is very useful for finding directions without even using the phone.

8) This smartwatch is water-resistant up to 50 m (5 ATM). So, no worries if the smartwatch comes in contact with water.

Why shouldn’t I buy it?

1) Many users have a concern regarding their battery and wireless charging. Some users have a quick charging speed while a few have a slower speed. The same is true for battery draining. Charging and battery drainage depends upon the number of features used. So, turning off unnecessary alarms and reminders, GPS, Bixby Voice wake up & continuous heart rate monitoring will increase the battery backup. Still, considering its price, charging and battery backup can be better.

2) This smartwatch uses Tizen wearable OS which is a major loophole of this device. Though much better than many smartwatches, at this price you would expect better.

3) Bixby voice assistant is another letdown. It is thrashed by most users and many have pointed out that they don’t even use it anymore.

Noteworthy Features :

Design and Display :
Samsung Galaxy Watch has a simple yet authentic look with the features of a smartwatch and the look of an analog watch. Many aspects such as different watch faces, watch-hand shadowing, and the ticking sound give this smartwatch an authentic look of an analog watch. This Samsung smartwatch has 50k+ watch faces to choose from according to your mood, style and preferences. Though the strap is comfortable, you can replace it with a different one as the straps are detachable.

Quality and Durability :
The materials used are good quality stainless steel and high-grade plastic, which ensures that physically your smartwatch is a tough nut to crack. It also comes with scratch-resistant gorilla glass DX+. Apart from this, Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch has 50 m water resistance and military-level durability.

Charging and Battery Backup :
It comes with a wireless charging dock. So, it automatically starts charging once you place it on the dock. After a single full charge, the battery of Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch lasts for 3-4 days over the Bluetooth mode and a day with its GPS turned on.

Samsung Health App :
Samsung Health App can be paired with the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is one of the best fitness and health app. It aggregates all of the health and fitness information into one easy to read location. It can track or monitor your health details such as heart rate, calories burnt, and many more. You can tab on your overall health using this app. If you wear it to your sleep (both day and night), then it will track down your sleep pattern and break it down into sleep time such as light sleep, deep sleep and time awake which is extremely handy.

It comes with inbuilt GPS tracker, along with both barometer and altimeter. You can easily access and track locations without even taking out your mobile from your pocket.

Keeps You updated with Apps and Features :
It displays the weather details and keeps you updated on the same. Moreover, it detects when you wake up, or you can even set alarms on it. It gives you reminders of appointments and important occasions. You can also view your schedule at a glance using the My Day Watch Face. Also, there are a number of apps that can provide you with various content and information which you can use according to your need.

Elite Premium Smartwatch :
Apple Watch Series 3 GPS-42 mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band (Black and White Strap, Regular ):

Buy Apple Watch Series 3 on Flipkart

Yes, it’s true that Apple has launched Apple Watch Series 6 but considering its price (50k+), most people won’t spend so much on a smartwatch. You can also buy,

Buy Apple Watch Series 4 on Flipkart
Buy Apple Watch Series 5 on Amazon

But the prices are on the higher side. Apple Watch Series 4 has the price around 30k+ while Apple Watch Series 5 is 45k+, so if you’re ready for spending 30k+ then you can always consider those options.

All the watch series upgrades, though have only minor changes, like if you compare watch series 4 and watch series 3 then you will notice that the display dimensions, resolutions and screen to body ratio have been increased, the weight of smartwatch is decreased, RAM has been increased, and some other improvements such as in GPS and Bluetooth. So, we recommend you using the Apple Watch Series 3 if you’re low on your budget (Not actually though, only if you don’t want to spend an extra ₹10k on upgrades).

The OS can be upgraded so don’t worry about the compatibility with the new devices.
You can also buy the 38 mm variant which comes around 19k, usually 2-3k lesser than the 42 mm model.

Irrespective of all these, Apple Watch Series 3 gives you one of the best experience, you will ever have! It impresses you with the perks you get in this smartwatch. It is a sleek accessory that’s a must-have and most desirable if you are all about staying fit. It comes with a built-in altimeter and heart rate app that enhances the watch features. You can also listen to your favourite songs on this smartwatch. It also comes with an inbuilt GPS system.

It comes equipped with Apple’s voice assistant Siri, which makes this Smartwatch even more fun and enjoyable. You also can view and read notifications of SMS, calls, emails, WhatsApp and other Apps. It comes with the auto-reply feature that comes quite handy if you’re in a hurry. Battery runtime is about 18 hours and depends on your usage. Charging time for one full charge is 1.5-2 hours.

Why should I buy it?

1) Design and Display are elegant and stylish. You will feel quite comfortable after wearing this smartwatch. It comes with an OLED Retina display. You can choose the colour of the brand, which is either black or white. The band is of very nice quality.

2) In the Apple Watch Series 3, you can access all your notifications via the smartwatch so that you don’t need to remove your smartphone again and again from your pocket. You can reply to any messages through the watch itself as it comes with the auto-replies feature.

3) Apple watch series 3 is water-resistant up to 50 m (5 ATM). So, water won’t bother you at all!

4) Its sensors work the best and if you’re a fitness freak then you’ll love them! You can also monitor your heart rate, set alarms and reminders for your appointments, meetings, etc. It also helps you to calculate the exact footsteps and calories burnt.

5) The best part is the seamless iOS and the software. You won’t even complain about the OS and software. You also get regular updates.

6) It has speakers, so you can play your favourite music and songs on the smartwatch itself.

7) It comes with an inbuilt GPS, and also is equipped with Apple’s voice assistant Siri.

8) It also has an internal memory of 8 GB (You get around 5 GB as OS and other features take some space). This internal memory is quite handy as you can store music, photos, apps and even games on the smartwatch.

Why shouldn’t I buy it?

1) Battery runtime is 18 hours, so it totally depends on your usage, maximum you can use the smartwatch for 2-3 days. Considering the price, you expect a better battery life.

2) The screen isn’t very tough and, there are many chances that watch display glass might get a few scratches.

3) Compatible only with the iOS devices.

Noteworthy Features :

Inbuilt GPS :

The inbuilt GPS with Barometer and Altimeter keeps you on track and helps you find directions easily. It uses Apple Maps, and you feel surely feel a difference from Google Maps.

Fitness and Health tracking :

Apple Watch Series 3 is the best Smartwatch for fitness monitoring. It keeps tabs on your heart rate when you are walking, resting, or working out. You can also use other third-party apps like Breathe which helps when you are stressed and guides you through a series of deep breathing exercises. There are other apps which are designed to help you drink more water, improve your sleeping patterns. These apps aids you to become a healthier version of yourself. You can keep the track of all your fitness streaks and feats. You can also set new goals and challenges.

Quality and Durability :

Considering the build quality, you can do many physical tasks without even bothering about any damage to the smartwatch. Though, the screen has the potential to get a few scratches here and there.

Music, Apps and Games :

It comes with an inbuilt speaker, which lets you play music and songs. So, you can easily workout while playing your favourite tracks. Considering the 5 GB internal memory, you can use various apps and play many games on your smartwatch.

Water resistance :

This Apple smartwatch is 50 m water-resistant. You can comfortably use it without worrying about any water damage.

Calling :

If your iPhone is connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the smartwatch, you can make calls from your smartwatch.

Intelligent Activity Tracker :

Apple Watch Series 3 has three activity rings that keep tabs on how active you are each and every day. There is a feature of Smart Coaching which brings you personalised progress updates in the morning. It also provides suggestions on how to close your rings in the evenings to help you stay motivated. There is a feature of share your activity log so that you can easily share, compete and cheer your friends. You can also set alarms, reminders, and milestones in the smartwatch.

Charging and Battery :

The runtime of the battery is a maximum of 18 hours. Considering 6 hours of usage, every day, you can expect 3 days of use for one full charge. At this price, you may expect better battery backup, but for better features and software you have to giveaway a better battery backup. One full charge takes about 1.5-2 hours.

Notifications :

You receive notifications for every SMS, emails, calls and WhatsApp and other apps. Also, you can manage and send messages, make calls, etc. It also has an auto-reply feature which is very handy.

Voice Assistance :

Apple’s Siri is very useful. You can give instructions to Siri and it performs them without any hassle. Siri makes this Apple Smartwatch even smarter.

Realme Classic/Fashion Watch (Black Strap, Regular)Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm Smartwatch (Black Strap, Regular)Apple Watch Series 3 GPS- 42 mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band (Black and White Strap, Regular)
Model NameClassic/Fashion WatchGalaxy Watch 46 mmWatch Series 3 GPS
Dail ShapeSquareCircleRectangle
Strap ColorBlackBlackBlack or White
Water ResistantYesYesYes
Water Resistance Depth1.5 m50 m50 m
Key Features3.5 cm (1.4 inch) Large Color Touch Screen, Smart Connect, Realme Link App, Fitness and Outdoor usage, Smart Notifications for SMS, calls, WhatsApp, and Other AppsCircular Design and Vintage Textured Body with Scratch Resistant Gorilla Glass DX+, Swim Ready, Rotating Bezel UI and many more.GPS and Altimeter, Waterproof, Voice Assistance, 3 Activity Rings Tracking -Move, Exercise, Stand, Smart Coaching, and many more.
Comes withSmartwatch, Charging Dock, Quick Start Guide, Warranty CardSmartwatch, Charging Dock, Quick Setting Guide, Travel Adaptor, Strap, Warranty CardSmartwatch, Magnetic Charging Cable(1 m), Band, Quick Start Guide
Battery Backup
9 days (Claimed)
3-4 days (User review based)
3 days (Claimed)
3-4 days (user review based)
18 hours runtime (claimed)
2-3 days (user review based)
Sensor3-axis Accelerometer, Heart Rate Sensor, Rotor Vibration Motor, IP68 Water Resistance (1.5 m)3-axis Accelerometer, Altimeter, Gyroscope, Barometer, Heart Rate Sensor, Ambient light Sensor, 50 m water resistanceBarometric Altimeter , Heart Rate Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Ambient Light Sensor , Built-in GPS and GLONASS, 50 m water resistance
NotificationsYes (Only Vibrations)YesYes
Call FunctionNoYes (Answer and Reject Calls)Yes (When connected to iPhone via bluetooth or Wi-Fi
Display Resolution320*320 Pixels360*360 Pixels312*390 Pixels
Fitness FeaturesActivity Tracker (Distance, Steps, Calories Burnt, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Level (SpO2), 14 Sports ModesActivity Tracker : (Distance, Steps, Sleep, Stress, Calories Burnt, Heart Rate), 39 Sports ModesBuilt-in Fitness Tracker, Step Count, Distance and Calories Burnt, Many third-party fitness apps
Other Watch FunctionsSmart Notification (Text, Email, Social Media App Alerts), Alarm Clock, Calendar Alerts, Smart Connect Music and Camera Control50k+ Customisable Watch Faces, Calendar Alerts, Receive Notifications for calls, Messages, Emails and Other Apps (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp), 22 mm Interchangeable Strap, 472 mAh Battery, US Military Standard (MIL-STD-810G) Compliant, Circular Design and Vintage Textured Body, Check Physical Location and Map Routes with Built-in GPS (Supports A-GPS / GLONASS), 1.3″ AMOLED display, Bixby voice assistanceActivity Sharing, Milestones and Achievements, Heart Rate Monitor, Breathe App, Notifications for calls, Messages, Emails and Other Apps (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp), Alerts and Reminders, Siri voice assistance, inbuilt speaker
Country of OriginChinaIndiaUnited States
ConclusionMost affordable SmartwatchBest Medium Budget SmartwatchBest High and Premium Smartwatch

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