What is a 4K UHD LED TV and Should you Buy One?

What is a 4K UHD LED TV and Should you Buy One?

Curious to know more about the 4K UHD LED TV? Here is everything that you need to know about the 4K UHD LED TV. Don’t miss a single paragraph too, you might miss something that no one would ever tell you.

In the times when the market is flooded with a wide range of TVs with upgraded resolutions, it is hard to choose only one. The real issue is not the number of options available but the lack of knowledge of technical terms. Most of us don’t even know what exactly UHD is!

There is SD, HD, HD Ready, Full HD, and now UHD. You might be having an older version of the LED TV or may be willing to buy a new one in both the cases this article is going to help you.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about 4K UHD LED TV. After going through this article, I am sure you will find out whether should you buy one or not? Let’s get started.

Let us start from the roots. Before you understand UHD, you should have knowledge about SD, HD, and Full HD. You must have heard about the terms HD and SD. SD is the abbreviation used for Standard Definition, which means that your TV can support DVD-rated resolution videos or 360p videos. In general, SD does not support high-resolution videos.

After SD, HD is in the row. It is supports a 720p video playback and if you look up a bit more, full HDTV is another option with 1080p video streaming.

Now, above 1080p videos, there comes the visual excellence and it made the improved resolution i.e. 2160p and that gave rise to the emergence of 4K TVs i.e. Ultra-High Definition TV (UHD TV). UHD LED TV has a screen with the minimum resolution of 3840 pixels X 2160 pixels which means basically UHD resolution fits two 1080p full HD screens into a UHD TV. So, you can get the idea of improved picture quality and depth in a UHD or a 4K TV.

The number of pixels in UHD resolution is around 4 times greater than the pixels present on the Full HD screen. This change is noticeable when you watch the content on4K UHD TV. 4K UHD TV has an unmatched picture clarity as compared to HDR.

Benefits of 4K UHD LED TV

  • More number of pixels
  • Crystal Clear Clarity
  • Incredible micro details
  • Wider color dispersion
  • Amazing viewing experience

The viewing experience of a 4K UHD LED TV is literally quite amazing. If you have ever watched the content on SD or HD screens you will instantly understand the difference between the two. 4K UHD LED TVs might seem a little expensive as compared to the other TVs, but the viewing experience of UHD TVs is on the top.

Imagine watching your favorite characters on the bigger, crystal clear, and in-depth detailed screens, it will be a completely different experience. You will be immersed in the viewing experience of a 4K UHD LED TV.

If you are looking for a full HD TV then investing in the 4K UHD LED TV will give you the best returns.

High Dynamic Range

You must have read the word HDR while researching the UHD LED TVs. As of now, HDR has the two versions i.e. HDR10 and Dolby 10. HDR – High Dynamic Range is the technology responsible for the brightness, color contrast, and delivering the better and bright viewing experiences with the perfect contrast.

For beginners, contrast is the difference between the darkest blacks and the brightest whites a screen display can produce.

You must know that not all HD TVs or 4K UHD LED TVs to support HDR technology, so you need to be selective when you buy one. Although, HDR is more common nowadays.

Should you buy a 4K UHD LED TV?

Flowing along with the trend is also a new trend. And now 4K UHD is in trend. And e-Commerce sites are offering irresistible deals on the 4K UHD LED TVs. So, should you give in or think twice?

Should you buy a 4K UHD LED TV?

The answer is quite simple! Keep reading you will find the right answer.

As of now, most TV channels are streaming their services on the 4K video streaming. Very few channels are providing UHD streaming so if you are planning to watch the regular content on the UHD LED TV then it might not make much difference as compared to your current HD TV.

But if you are planning to watch the majority of content on the OTT platforms and Youtube surfing, UHD LED TV will be a blessing for you. If you are a gamer and want to use LED TV for the same it will work the best for you. I hope you might have got your answer.

Before we finish, we would like to let you know the one secret that no one will tell you. The real magic of a 4K UHD LED TV can be seen with a particular size and particular distance. If you are buying a UHD LED TV of 39-inch, you might regret it later. Many UHD LED TV users have agreed on the fact that you can see improvement in the visuals of UHD LED TV with a 55-inch display or more than that.

So, you should buy 4K UHD LED TVs only if you are buying bigger sized LED TVs, have access to high-quality content and have high internet speed.

Now, you have a clear idea of whether you should buy a 4K UHD LED TV.

Here are some 4K UHD LED TVs to make your search little easier!

LG 139.7 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 55A1PTZ (Dark Meteo Titan)
Samsung 138 cm (55 inches) Crystal 4K Pro Series Ultra HD Smart LED TV UA55AUE70AKLXL (Black)
Redmi 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV X55 | L55M6-RA (Black)

Happy Shopping!

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