5 Benefits of Using an Exhaust fan for Your Home ventilation

The majority of Indian houses have bad air ventilation systems. This may lead to the gathering of bad odour, heat and small microbes in your homes. The exhaust fan is one of the most underrated home products that we Indian use. But there are many benefits of installing one in your home. From using it in the kitchen to the bathroom, an exhaust fan is a must device for all the areas of the home that lacks ventilation. Its primary work is to skillfully remove the moisture from your bathroom and provide proper ventilation for your home. 

It adds additional safety to your home by eliminating all the harmful fumes of the cleaning chemicals that we use in our daily household cleaning. It also helps in improving the quality of indoor air in our homes.

So here are Some Of The Advantages of Installing an Exhaust Fan in your home

  1. Adjust humidity

Most of us use exhaust fans generally in bathrooms. The main reason for doing so is the excess moisture. In an environment of excess moisture, you can feel suffocation. However, the solution to this problem is using an exhaust fan of good quality.

Excessive humidity can lead to the following damages: –

  • Can cause paint or wallpaper of the wall to peel off
  • Can trigger mold growth extensively
  • Can cause cracks and moisture strain on the wall

By using a good quality exhaust fan you can eliminate these problems.

  1. Eliminates bad odours

Bad odour from kitchen sink and bathrooms can be unpleasant and if not removed can spread in the whole the house. A good ventilation system for a bathroom is a must in today’s date. As it keeps your bathroom well-maintained and also makes a clean atmosphere for the one who uses the next. 

You can use other methods to remove the bad odour like using odour-elimination sprays. This odour elimination spray refreshes the bad odour air whereas exhaust fans replace pungent smell with fresh air.

  1. Saves the walls and other home items

When we cook food in our kitchen then a large amount of oil gets mixed with the air. So it is very important to remove this air from the house. Here comes the solution to the problem “Exhaust fans”. They suck all the oiled and greasy air and replace it with fresh air. They mainly protect walls and curtains from being sticky and greasy. As they collect all the smoke from the air, tar doesn’t get accumulated on the walls and other items of the house.

  1. Ceases airborne contaminations

We use many harsh chemicals to clean our toilet, bathroom and kitchen sink. When we clean our bathroom with these chemicals, they get mixed up with the air. These chemicals contain many harmful ingredients that may cause health issues when inhale along with the air. This become a very serious issue, especially for the children and the senior citizens.

if molds are already developing in your bathroom then using a good exhaust fan will remove spore build up in the air. Moreover, this will also reduce the rate of mold development.

  1. Very less power consumption

Although exhaust fans need to use very often, however, they consume less power. Many exhaust fans in the Indian market have power-saving mode and save a tremendous amount of electricity bills.

Moreover, having these many advantages, they are not expensive. You can find the best exhaust fan that will fulfil your requirement in budget.

When to clean your exhaust fan?

You might be cleaning your ceiling fan very often but when it comes to exhaust fan it doesn’t require daily or regular cleaning. If there is more steam in the air, then your exhaust fan requires a cleaning.

If you what to check whether your exhaust requires cleaning or not? You can just hold a piece of paper near the blades of the exhaust, if it gets sucked, then you don’t require cleaning.

Installing a good quality exhaust is very important because it will save you from impure air. They are very lightweight and durable. It is recommended that you must do a deep cleaning of your exhaust fan once a year. 

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