Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active- Your Ultimate Health and Connectivity Companion

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active- Your Ultimate Health and Connectivity Companion

Smart bands have completely transformed our lives. They provide an easy and effective means of keeping track of our health, keeping in touch, and organizing our schedules. The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active stands out as one of the best examples of these.

These gadgets are essential because they provide connection via smartphone alerts, encourage activity, and offer real-time health analytics. In this blog, we will look into the specifications of the newly launched Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active in detail.


The measurements of the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active are 25.42 mm in width, 42.81 mm in height, and a thin 9.99 mm in thickness. It has an elegant and lightweight design. With its low weight of just 14.90 grams, this brilliant band accommodates your wrist safely and easily, making it ideal for the entire day’s use and various proactive tasks.

Its small size and lightweight design make it easy for the customer to wear and use it. The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active’s design focuses on comfort and style to support any way of life, whether you’re counting your steps, watching out for your pulse, or keeping up with your fitness targets.

It finds a balance between wearability and utility with this weight and dimension, making it an appealing choice for anybody looking for functional and fashionable wearable computing gear.


Numerous connection options are included with the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active to improve its usefulness. You can settle on and take decisions right from your wrist with its call support highlight, which might be extremely helpful for staying in contact while you’re out. Bluetooth version 5.1, utilizes Bluetooth innovation to give a dependable and successful connection with your smartphone or other viable devices.

This upgraded version of Bluetooth improves connection range and data transmission speed, making for a snappy and smooth user experience. The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active’s connectivity features, such as its call function and Bluetooth 5.1, are essential for ensuring that you can easily stay connected and access the information you need, whether you need to stay in touch, receive notifications, or track your fitness data in real time.

Fitness and Watch functions

To meet your everyday demands and maintain your health, the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active provides an extensive range of fitness and watch features. With its incorporated heart rate monitor, which offers continuous heart rate information, you can monitor and deal with your cardiovascular well-being both during and after workouts. The stylish band likewise has a date and time display, which assists you with making sure to be coordinated and on time.

This useful feature lets you know the time and date at a glance and simplifies your accessory collection by doing away with the necessity for a separate wristwatch. The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active is a useful and adaptable companion for your daily activities and fitness journey thanks to its fitness and watch features.

Other Details

A PPG sensor and accelerometer are two of the many functions that the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active has to offer for precise tracking of different fitness and health data. Its capacity to connect with iOS and Android mobile phones easily guarantees far and wide interaction and permits an enormous client base to utilize its features completely.

It has a battery life of 14 days on a single charge which reduces frequent recharging. Because of its effective charging technology, it just takes 120 minutes to recharge. The gadget is easy to use and simple to charge since it uses a magnetic charging mechanism.


Price- ₹2,574

Dial Shape- Rectangle

Strap Colour Options- Ivory, Olive, Blue, Black, Pink

Size- Regular

Interchangeable Strap- Yes

Water Resistant- Yes

Water Resistance Depth- 5ATM

Ideal For- Both Men and Women


The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active makes an outstanding band in a world where connection and health are more important than ever. It blends in well with your lifestyle because of its lightweight, streamlined design that strikes a mix of comfort and elegance. You may be assured of constant connectivity and information by using technologies such as Bluetooth 5.1 and call functionality.

The heart rate monitor and date/time display make it a very useful tool for exercise aficionados. Its utility is highlighted by its adaptability, remarkable 14-day battery life, and effective charging method. Furthermore, sustainability is in line with its eco-friendly design. In conclusion, the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active is an appealing option in the wearable technology market since it is a dependable, durable, and easy-to-use companion for monitoring health and fitness.

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