HP Envy x360 15 (AI-powered)

HP Envy x360 15 (AI-powered)

Today Laptops have turned into a need since they are not difficult to carry and can be utilized for different things like business, studies, and creativity purposes. And for this, HP has come up with its all-new HP Envy x360 15 (AI-powered) laptop, the computer of the future.

Today when technology is growing rapidly, this laptop is in the laptop market because of its strong features. The Envy x360 15’s artificial intelligence-powered performance, adaptability, and intelligence are perfectly combined. In this blog, We will look into the amazing features of the HP Envy x360 15 laptop.


This HP Envy x360 15 (AI-powered) laptop’s display has a 15.60-inch screen, offering enough of viewing space for different activities and pleasure. Whether it is watching movies, or series or learning something, it provides wonderful graphics because of the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Also, It comes with a touchscreen technology that improves the overall functionality of the display by making tap, swipe, and other applications convenient to use.


This HP Envy x360 15 (AI-powered) laptop uses an Intel Core i7 13th Generation CPU, which provides outstanding computing performance for a range of activities, from routine productivity to demanding apps.


This laptop has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphics chip for graphics processing. Gaming, content production, and video editing are among the graphics-intensive activities that the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 is renowned for doing. It offers a strong graphics performance that enables the user to enjoy their work fully.

Memory and Storage

This laptop comes with a large memory and storage space. It has a RAM of 16GB which allows the smooth functioning of the device even under heavy use.

This HP Envy x360 15 (AI-powered) laptop provides a 1TB hard drive (HDD) and a 1TB solid-state drive (SSD) for storage. It works well where data is needed to be stored in bulk.

The 1TB SSD, on the other hand, offers quick data access and enhanced system responsiveness. Because it greatly decreases load times and enhances overall system efficiency, it is perfect for storing your regularly used operating systems and apps. With the combination of HDD and SSD storage choices, you can balance speed and capacity while meeting the storage needs for a variety of data.


To improve your user experience, this HP Envy x360 15 (AI-powered) laptop has a variety of input and communication functions. The laptop is equipped with a 5MP camera by which high-quality picture and video recording, video conferencing, and online meetings can be done.

You can quickly explore and interact with your HP Envy x360 15 (AI-powered) laptop thanks to the inclusion of a pointer HP Envy x360 15 (AI-powered) laptop for input and navigation, which may be either a touchpad or a pointing stick. It also has a backlit keyboard, which helps type in low light since it makes the keys visible even in areas with poor lighting.

For crystal-clear audio input during video conversations or voice recordings, the laptop also comes with an inbuilt microphone. Additionally, it has built-in speakers so you may listen to audio playback without the need for additional speakers or headphones. A comfortable and useful user experience is made possible by the combination of these qualities.

Ports and Slots

This HP Envy x360 15 (AI-powered) laptop comes with 6 USB ports, so connection for extra accessories like USB drives and printers becomes easy.

It has two Thunderbolt 4 (Type-C) connectors for quick data transmission and support for cutting-edge peripherals. Thunderbolt 4 connections accommodate a broad variety of peripherals, including external displays and storage options, and provide fast data transfer rates.

The connection of audio equipment, such as headphones or external microphones, is direct without the need for extra adapters thanks to the headphone and microphone combination jack’s availability.


  • Price in India: ₹78,999
  • Dimensions (mm): 22.84 x 35.73 x 1.33
  • Weight (kg): 1.77
  • Colours: Silver
  • Operating system: Windows 11
  • Battery Life (up to hours): 15
  • Battery Capacity (WHR): 55
  • Battery Cell: 4


The HP Envy x360 15 (AI-powered) laptop is a wonderful miracle of modern technology. Whether it is business or entertainment, technologies like AI intelligence, beautiful display, powerful CPU, excellent graphics capabilities, and large memory and storage choices make it a powerful device. A flawless user experience is guaranteed by the variety of input choices, which include a high-resolution camera and a backlit keyboard. Additionally, it is adaptable to any layout thanks to the broad connection provided by Thunderbolt 4 connectors and the abundance of USB ports. 

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