LG C2 42-inch OLED TV – It’s Time for a Change

LG C2 42-inch OLED TV – It’s Time for a Change

LG C2 Evo OLED TV is another best OLED TV of LG’s C-series. Which comes with useful features like Apple AirPlay and hands-free access by voice assistance. There might be many reasons you must opt for a rival brand OLED Tv, but LG’s OLEDs have many premium features that are the choice of many people in recent years. When comes the C-series of LG has been the sweet spot between performance, features, and prices.

Last year many complained about the brightness gap between G-series and C-series. However, this year too there is a brightness gap but this time C2 has the brightness booster technology of the previous year’s G1.

Seamless Design

LG’s C-series OLEDs have changed after the launch of the C9 in 2019. So you will find some changes in the C2. The lower stand is upgraded to a pedestal which is very narrow and a little taller. One more thing to be noticed is its weight, LG has worked on reduction of the weight since 2021 C1. C2 weighs about 16.5 Kg along with the stand and without it drops to 14.8Kg. Whereas the weight of C1 was about 32Kg. Apart from the stand, the design of C2 is very similar to before.

Picture Quality

This time C2 has better picture quality than previous years’ excellent G1. You can easily notice the changes when playing Dolby Vision Content which is brighter on C2. You could find that there is more punch in the image and great contrast with detailed dark. There won’t be any kind of Artificial in the picture quality, all things will look very natural.

It also got an “AI” setting that adjusts the screen according to the room conditions. There is no doubt that the screen of C2 is very bright that even in a well-lit room during the daytime, the pictures were more notable enough than LG C9.

Screen for gamers

Just like C1, C2 also has a lot of gamer-friendly features. Its variable refresh rate display supports up to 120Hz of refresh rate along with both AMD FreeSync Premium and Nvidia G-sync Compatible certifications. It also supports game Optimizer mode which turns on the low latency mode and control panel that shows the TV VRR status and frame rate.

On lag test with HDFury Diva 4K HDMI matrix, we found that latency was about 5 milliseconds(ms) which is considered the best for gaming. Moreover, on switching to Game Optimize mode, the latency drops up to 1.5ms.

C2 has the low latency we have ever seen on any TV. This could be the best gaming monitor for gamers. make sure that gamer mode is on while playing games is on because without it the latency could be up to 72.8ms.

Support of WebOS 22

WebOS is the latest version of LG’s smart TV platform which offers a lot of features and some select apps. It provides some streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Disney+, Youtube, and even Twitch. WebOS supports a full web browser that can be operated remotely. This platform also supports Apple AirPlay and Miracast, however, we couldn’t find Google Cast.

You can use the in-built LG voice assistance to control the TV and other compatible smart devices. The LG C2 comes with a far-field microscope array that offers hands-free voice assistance access with the help of Alexa and LG.

The User interface is quite clunky and awkward. Even if the interface latency is a little high, it takes time to switch between apps and the home screen. The biggest problem with LG TVs is its set menu. Common settings are located very deep inside.


Screen Size65-inch
Screen TypeOLED
Operating SystemwebOS 22
HDMI Inputs4 Inputs with 1.48Gbps
Gaming features4K/120, VRR, ALLM, HGIG
Lag latency9.4ms
Optical OutputPresent
Dimension (without stand)83cm x 144cm x 4.5cm

Final verdict

LG G1 was the most desirable TV last year, but this time C2 is better and more budget-friendly than G1. There are only a few upgrades in C2 from C1, it will be tough for an average person to distinguish the difference between them. Still, C2 is one of the best television in the OLED TV market.  

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