Samsung Crystal 4K Pro – Best 4K TV to buy this September

Samsung Crystal 4K Pro – Best 4K TV to buy this September

In recent years, the Indian Television industry has changed a lot in terms of technology and price. One such change is the 4K Screen Resolution. As demand is high all famous companies like Sony, LG, Samsung, Mi, etc. are manufacturing 4K smart Televisions. Recently Samsung has launched its Crystal 4K pro which has a true color display, Q-Symphony Audio Technology, and much more. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly 4K TV, then this article is for you.

True Color Display

The Samsung Crystal 4K pro delivers the best possible viewing experience to its users. Its crystal display ensures optimized color expression, to provide every detail of the picture. In 4K Ultra HD television, we get 4x more pixels than Full HD and this could be the best time for one who wants to upgrade from ordinary Television to smart Television on a pocket-friendly budget.

It is capable of providing vivid contrast and sufficient brightness that will enhance your watching experience. No matter what type of content you are consuming, it supports HDR 10+ so you will be getting the best picture quality.

Moreover, the display provided in Samsung Crystal 4K Pro scales up the content you are watching whether you are watching through DTH Box or streaming videos on Youtube. This television not only scales up the content quality but also improves the HDR using 16-Bit color mapping to provide the best possible video quality.

Q-Symphony Audio Technology

The all-new Samsung Crystal 4K Pro not only delivers amazing visuals with awesome design but also provides great audio to its viewers. The high-tech processor that is used to improve video quality can also optimize the audio output just by analyzing the environment and the kind of audio the user is listening to. This technology is termed Adaptive Sound Technology, which means that your smart device is capable of analyzing the type of audio the user is listening to.

Not only this the Samsung Crystal 4K Pro has another amazing feature that allows the TV speakers and soundbar speakers to synchronize and work together to produce more resonant sound.

Slim & Sleek Design

It is not just about the best display and good audio quality – the new Crystal 4K Pro is a masterpiece that you will be bringing home after comparing all its premium features with other 4K TV. This television follows the latest design conviction that Samsung calls AirSlim Design. The company has introduced the all-new three sides bezel-less design that provides the television a smarter and modern look.

Entertainment Hub

The company has given many cool features that will make the Samsung Crystal 4K television a powerful smart device for your home entertainment. The very first feature is the Motion Xcelerator feature which removes all kinds of blur motion and judder from the content which increases the refresh rate of the display. The Motion Xcelerator works just by removing all the residue images from the video making the overall video clear and better.

On the other hand, the all-new Samsung Crystal comes with inbuilt Alexa and Bixby Support. These features give quick access to the content like you can get control over your TV just using in-built voice assistance.

Along with all these amazing features you also get a chance to enjoy all your free live streaming TV content will Samsung’s virtual channel. It provides you an opportunity to choose a variety of channels offering a wide variety of trending content.

WFH Feature

Don’t you love to connect your pc with your smart 4K TV? almost each of us is working from home these days and having a big 4K screen makes our work easier. With the help of remote access, you can easily connect your laptop to access data or use various office 365 tools on your smart TV.

Moreover, Crystal 4K comes with a Tap View feature that enables you to mirror movies or videos from your smartphone with the TV. When you Tap your TV with your smartphone, the TV automatically pairs up with your smartphone. Therefore, this is the easy and fastest way to enjoy your favorite content on the big screen.

Final verdict

Depending on your choice you can select 43-inch, 50-inch, and 65-inch in both 4K and 4K pro. You also get an option of a 58-inch in 4K pro variant. The price for the base variant starts from Rs. 37,990. Now, I hope you have got all the reasons to bring Samsung Crystal 4K pro this September to your home this. You can order now to avail latest offers on various shopping platforms.  

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