Apple September Event – All Things you Need to Know

Apple September Event – All Things you Need to Know

September has always been the month for Apple as they have their iPhone event during this month. This year, all things are set for 7th September. All eyes are on the date, whether it be a fan or critic for the announcements coming their way.

There are a lot of rumors on the internet around the corner. Some from reliable, and some from not-so-reliable sources. The rumors say that it’s not just about iPhone but also Apple Watch and AirPods, and many buzzes are happening in the corner. So, we dug and brought some things you should know before the company takes to the stage on September 7.

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The iPhone 14 Series

Apple’s September events have always been about launching its iPhone and this year also September event has a lot in the box. Its ‘best ever’ iPhones are going to be the center of attraction. If the rumors are anything to go by then there will be a lot of changes, you can expect in the iPhone lineup.

Apple introduced the Mini-series in iPhone 12 lineup and continued with the 13 lineups. The lineup would be including iPhone 14 (6.1 inches screen size), iPhone 14 Pro (6.1 inches screen size), iPhone 14 Max (6.7 inches screen size), and iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.7 inches screen size). The iPhone 14 Max will replace the Minier one. Leaked images of cases and screen protectors present the idea of the overall look.

The changes were made mostly on the display side apart from the body. Hole-punch and pill-shaped cutouts will replace the old-school notch in the Pro variants of the new iPhone. The non-pro models will not have any change as they will be sticking to the same notch as earlier iPhone models. All the variants will have the FaceID.

Hardware Details

In terms of hardware specifications, the rumors say that the non-pro models will have the same A15 Bionic chip as the previous generation. You can expect the upgradation in the Pro variants as they will boast the new in-house silicon A16 Bionic chip. The new iPhones will have the SD X65 modem for better network connectivity.

To ensure better performance some internal changes are also there. The body of the pro models will feature Titanium in spite of Stainless Steel while the non-pro ones are featuring the same Aluminium body. Some rumors say that the Pro variants may also include high-resolution 48-megapixel camera sensors but the non-pro variants will stick to the same 12-megapixel camera sensors and take it with a pinch of salt.

With all the subtle changes in non-pro iPhones, it is interesting to see whether it excites people to pay extra to switch to the new iPhones or not. As soon as so far, with the new punch hole and pill-shaped cutouts and the new A16 SOC, pro models are something meant to be upgraded.

Watch Series 8

If you were thinking that the iPhones are the major stars of the show and were full of changes then fasten your seatbelts for another star of the show “Apple Watch Series 8”. 

Following the tradition of making bezels smaller and increasing screen size with every generation, this time Apple is doing the same. Apple can sport a much larger display than its predecessor’s last-gen Series 7 watches. Apple also can introduce a ‘rugged’ watch to get a sort of weather and damage-resistant watch.

Looking towards the features, the upcoming watch is expected to feature a new temperature sensor that instead of giving direct temperature readings will alert when the temperature is relatively high helping to improve precision and accuracy even further.

Apple watches included a heart rate and improved ECG sensor for better accuracy. The dual-core S8 processor is the powerhouse of this new smartwatch. And it will process the data collected from the sensors with more accuracy and precision.

AirPods Pro 2

Apple created a benchmark for the TWS market with the introduction of its AirPods Pro in 2019. It seems that during this September event, Apple gonna reveal its second generation of the TWS with some improvements. You can expect that the new generation TWS will boast a new and improved H2 chip and longer battery life. Apple expects new improved motion sensors will help in motion tracking using earbuds. If you are in an Apple ecosystem and plan on using Airpods Pro 2 in tandem with the Apple Watch Series 8, it will be a pleasant experience for you.

Wrap Up

This upcoming September month going to surprise you all with a lot of launches.

The lines never get shorter, whatever comes in the way of the fans. If Apple can meet the expectations and deliver the promises, it would be great!

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