What is Spyware? Everything you Need to Know

What is Spyware? Everything you Need to Know different types of spyware

In the list of harmful software for your device, spyware is on the top. Spyware is malicious software, designed to get the end user’s information by secretly entering their device.

If someone tells you that every activity that you do with the help of the internet can be hacked/stolen will you believe it? You might tell me that you have secured applications, firewalls, antiviruses, etc, etc, etc… so I do not have fear of getting hacked. To some extent you are correct but in this world of the internet, everything is possible. So, let’s understand what are the tools and software that can threaten your online identity and also understand how you can be safe from it.

What is Spyware?


Briefly, spyware is the software that tracks your online activities and provides it to the designer of the software and this information can be used for a different purpose. Any software installed on your device without your permission, or through legitimate software, it can violate your privacy and online identity.

Spyware can monitor internet activities. It can track login credentials and send them to the software owner. It can trace the location of an individual, it can show the chats, messages, and mails to the owner. Spyware also provides access to the gallery, recordings, and live interactions to the software owner.

After its installation in the device, it becomes very hard to detect the spyware. Commonly, it affects computing capacity, performance, battery life, and speed of the computer.
There is antispyware to prevent your device. It blocks the malicious spyware at the time of installation and hence alerts you by throwing notifications on screen.

How does spyware enter into your device/system?

There are hundreds of tactics and practices hackers/ tech experts use to enter any device. But following four are the most common tactics hackers use to enter devices.

Let’s see them one by one.

Trojan Penetration

A trojan is a malware, disguised as legitimate software that tricks the user to download and install it on the device. It offers remote desktop access to the hacker. This way hacker gains the complete access to the user’s GUI and can conduct everything remotely.

These activities include:

  • Hackers can use the camera and microphone of your device.
  • Hackers can record every activity you perform on the screen.
  • Hackers can alter files on your device.

Interaction with Legitimate programs

Interaction with legitimate programs can install spyware on your devices. This can happen with three types of programs adware, firmware, risk ware. More specifically, hackers attract users to interact through attractive advertisements, adult material, cashback offers and hence gain the access to your device and you don’t even realize it.

Cookies exploitation

Sites use cookies for secure interaction between client and server-side, and hackers find loopholes there. Hackers exploit and compromise these cookies and enter them into the device once you accept cookies of any legitimate site.

System Monitor Penetration

Monitors are designed to track and govern all computer activities and hackers can take this advantage by penetrating system monitors so that attackers can gain all information they need.

Types of Spyware

Mobile Spyware

Mobile spyware is the most dangerous. It does not need to run a program or execute any command to enter into the software. Spyware can enter into your phone simply through SMS or MMS. After its successful installation, it can track all activities including web browsing, search history, login credentials, and much more.


Most of the hackers practice trojan attacks. Trojan enters your phone through legitimate software. It enters your device through any official program that you install and does malicious acts.

Keyboard Loggers

Keyloggers are the medium to give input to the computer. There are high that you can install a keyboard logger on the system through the trojan malware.

Existing Spywares

There are a lot of spyware programs are available. As the cybersecurity domain is flourishing for few years few spyware programs are still effective and harming online security.


It is software that is rumored highly these days. This spyware enters your device and helps the attacker to gain private information in your device.


Zlob – Zlob Trojan uses vulnerabilities in the ActiveX codec. Hence download itself to the device and keep track of browsing histories.


This program is designed in a way that it can take advantage of the security vulnerabilities present in Internet Explorer. Later, it can crack the browser details, and change the settings, and pass the required browsing data to its owner.


Gator is spyware hidden inside the software that promises to help in sharing files. This spyware program is designed to monitor the web surfing habits of the user and sell this information to marketing agencies to show optimized ads.

BZub, 2nd Thought, Trojan Ace X, MatCash, AreSes, Emotet, Trojan Pools and continues….

Pros of Spyware

Spywares are harmful to devices yet Spywares are also lifesavers. Yes, they play important role in detecting terrorist activities that threaten national security.

  • To detect terrorism activities.
  • Tracking the call recordings of the enemy to gain information on attacks.
  • To gain the location of the individual in emergency cases, etc.

Cons of Spyware

The intention to design spyware was national security, it is being used for exploiting privacy by many MNC’s, governments, and private firms to gain user interests details for advertising and promoting.

  • To gain user’s interests for selfish reasons of advertising, marketing, and promoting.
  • To get access to social media accounts.
  • To get bank credentials, credit and debit card details, etc.

How to prevent devices from spyware?

If there are so many harms to your online identity, should I stop using the internet? No, no! There are ways you can keep your data safe and secure so that any third party can’t access it without your permission.

  • Use network security tools

Using networking security tools and antiviruses is the best practice to avoid threats.

  • Avoid downloading apps, games, and software from the legitimate sites

Downloading from legitimate sources is the very huge mistake. It can harm your device in a way you can’t even imagine. Use safe applications such as Google Play Store, Apple Store for downloading. Though you need to pay higher for these apps, use them before you have to regret your choice.

  • Read disclosures before installing
  • Don’t click unknown links or email attachments
  • Don’t interact with pop-up ads.
  • Update your browsers and system regularly.

Anything that feels suspicious, avoid downloading and using it.

How to detect spyware in the device?

If any or all of the following signs are being detected there are high chances of finding spyware inside your device.

  • The hard drive space gets full.
  • The speed of the device becomes slower.
  • The device hangs and crashes oftentimes.
  • Pop-up ads appear whether the user is online or offline.


Today’s world is data-driven. If you have data, ultimately you become powerful. Due to the spread of social media online interactions reaching to person’s device has become quite an easy task. Free apps, free software, cashback, or anything that has free as a prefix can attract users that is the moment when you become a victim.

Spywares are not destructive but human greed and selfish purposes are destructive. Spyware is just a tool to enter the digital device. When it is used for tracking terrorism activities, it is a boon and when it is used to rob someone’s money it is a curse. The tool is the same but application and applicants are different.

Let’s hope for a better and secure future for the humanity in next decades!!!

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