When is Samsung QD-OLED TVs coming out?

When is Samsung QD-OLED TVs coming out?
Samsung QD-OLED TVs

Presently dominating the TV world with their world-class OLED TVs, LG had no competitors until now. However, if the rumors hold true, Samsung once again would snatch back its superior position with Samsung QD-OLED TVs in the coming year. Skipping on Samsung OLED TVs, Samsung plans on debuting Samsung QD-OLED TVs to the world. 

What is QD-OLED Technology? How will it contribute to the TV World?

Thanks to Apple, we all are already familiar with OLED technology. QD stands for QLED technology or quantum dot filters. So how are these two different? While OLED panels are superior for their deep black and infinite contrast, QLED panels are exceptionally renowned for their enhanced color and contrast stabilities. When these two technologies merge, we can expect something bigger than the world has seen.

How true are the rumors regarding Samsung QD-OLED TVs?

Even though Samsung itself did not yet mention anything huge such as this, there is still the possibility it might launch Samsung QD-OLED TVs earlier in 2022. How do we know so? Read on.

Korea Economy Daily, in their print, leaked the information of Samsung developing both 55 inches and  65 inch QD-OLED TVs, which will be ready for market launch in the upcoming year. Furthermore, they added in their report the possibility of a 70-inch screen of the same model to release in the latter half of 2022. Korea Economy Daily holds a trustable reputation in terms of leaking industry confidentiality. 

However, there are also views that the whole Samsung QD-OLED TVs project is an $11.1 billion investment. It could be a major setback for the company, and they could potentially delay the launch.   


For now, that is all information we have about Samsung QD-OLED TVs. As we are close to entering 2022, we could soon expect to hear from Samsung itself about its future endeavors. Till then, all we can do is hope for some positive news. 

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