Sony vs LG vs Samsung | Best TV Comparison

Sony vs LG vs Samsung | Best TV Comparison

If you’re stuck while making choices between a Sony vs LG vs Samsung TV, you are on the right page. Choosing one among these TVs is quite unfair because each one of them is performing well in the world of smart TVs.

So, here in this article, we will help you to make Samsung tv comparisons, LG TV comparisons, and Sony TV comparisons so that you can make the right decision that is in sync with your needs, home size, budget, and most importantly your personal choice.

With rapid changes in technologies quality and features of TVs are also updating. Every quarter LG, Samsung, and Sony launch a new range of smart TVs in the market and every time these brands left no stone unturned. And with every new version, you will find better visuals, bigger panels, and faster processors that make your experience refreshing and vibrant.

But, when it comes to choosing one of Sony, Samsung, and LG, what will you choose?

Umm…Let’s move further you will surely find the answer to this difficult question.

These days most TVs are Smart, and every smart tv of every brand has similar smart features so it become more tedious to pick the best one. At a first glance, every TV looks the best from its slick and thin appearance, but it takes expertise to find out real features and quality. These days, Sony, Samsung, and LG three of them are experimenting with their products and that is where we can compare them and pick which is the best for us.

So, let’s dive deep into it.

Sony vs LG vs Samsung TV: Basic Comparisons

Starting with basics is always the best place to start. Sony, LG, Samsung three of them are large-scale tech manufacturers across the globe. They sell smart TVs ranging from high to low price points. With every version, you can detect the change in processors, panel type, and sound qualities.

When you will compare the basic features of these TVs at the same price range you will find every feature i.e. size, shape, resolution, and sound quality everything of similar quality in all three brands.  

Sony, Samsung, and LG three of them are fighting highly against each other in the territory of highly competitive tech markets. On the basic comparisons factors, three of them are performing well.

Our Opinion: If you are looking for a decent panel, better speakers, and average size(42-55 inches) three of the Sony, Samsung, and LG all are equally likely to buy.

Sony vs LG vs Samsung TV: Operating Systems & TV Interfaces

While making TV comparisons based on operating systems & TV interfaces comparing these three brands is easier because each of the three uses different operating systems. Namely, Samsung mostly relies on Tizen operating system. And Samsung developed Tizen for their smart TVs. Coming to LG, LG uses WebOS in their smart TVs, and Sony still relies on Android.

Let’s review them individually.

The tech leader LG has been producing TVs with a webOS operating system. LG uses a plane menu bar for commonly-used apps, different streaming services, and the inputs. Additionally, you can place them as per your choice.

If you look at the Tizen OS of a Samsung’s TV it is not much unique compared to webOS. You will find the same navigation as you will find in LG, though in Samsung TVs you will not find a unique search algorithm as LG’s ThinQ AI software. 

Now coming to Sony TV, Sony TVs are still using Android operating systems for their smart TVs. It includes with patch wall screen on which you can navigate. It displays your most recently used apps on the upper part and all other utilities below that.

If you look at the TV comparison of these three TVs in terms of navigation and ease of use webOS and Tizen OS wins over Android TV. But the only issue that people find with Tizen is its self-built voice assistant that is not as effective as a google voice assistant.

Sony vs LG vs Samsung TV: Dolby Vision vs HDR 10+

Both LG and Sony favors Dolby Vision while Samsung is in the favor of HDR10+. Mostly Samsung prefers HDR for its premium range of smart TVs.  

Both of these types are derivatives of dynamic metadata but the level of contrast, scenes of dark underground, levels of brightness, and picture differs with formats. And clearly, users prefer the Dolby Vision over any other format.

Mostly, the smart TVs with Dolby vision format are high in price. If you look at Samsung comparisons, LG comparisons and Samsung comparisons Sony and LG are higher in prices than Samsung.  

Sony vs LG vs Samsung TV: QLED or OLED?

QLED or OLED is the most burning fire in the electronics industry. The market now is divided into two TV panels namely QLED and OLED.

The abbreviation OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. Basically, this TV panel is known for emitting its own light.  And this unique feature lets this panel control the brightness of every pixel. Additionally, OLEDs are also known for their deep black levels, vibrant colors, and overall calm lights. 

An interesting fact about the OLED panels is: LG manufactured OLED panels. So even if you bring a TV from Sony or Samsung ultimately you must thank LG.

On the other hand, QLED is the proprietary technology of Samsung. Q in QLED is specifically known for its quantum dots that enhance color and contrast.

Both of these technologies are still in an improving state. Having some complaints of OLED’s dim output compared to QLEDs, LG’s has new light sensor technology to cover this complaint. If you look at Samsung, Samsung changed the entire game by bringing new Ultra Viewing Angle technology.

So, in our opinion, you should not go with TV only because of the QLED panel. As TVs with QLED technology are quite higher in price than OLED and it does not make much difference. And still, if you are willing to spend, nothing can be better than that.

Final Verdict

Regardless of the company and brand Sony, Samsung, and LG three of them have a huge user base across the globe. Three of them have been improving constantly and bringing new technologies to the world of electronics. So which TV you want in your living room totally depend on the need and budget of an individual.

Yet, for your convenience, here we have listed out some of the best smart TV of all three brands. You can choose the best at your convenience.

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