OLED v/s Mini LED: Which One is Better?

OLED v/s Mini LED: Which One is Better? best oled tv

Technologies are evolving exponentially and so is the demand. Convenience and comfort are the new normal. Everything comfortable, convenient is on trending and nothing is wrong with adopting these changes and updates.
With these new technologies, whether old trends can survive with these new trends? Can these new technologies beat older ones? Is a mini LED better than OLED? or Is OLED Or LED better? Let’s talk about trends in LED variants.
Before diving deep let us understand what is mini LED? and what is OLED?

What is Mini-LED?

Simply you can consider mini LED as a technology based on backlit. LED Tvs are based on simple LED panel while mini LED have backlight spread over the panel with a size of 0.2 mm. So, what’s the significance of these mini-LED? These mini-LED backlights help in achieving brightness with zero bright patches unlike the normal LED’s. In short, mini LEDs offers high definition viewing experiences.

What is OLED?

OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diodes is a trending light emission technology. This technology is developed by substituting a back to back organic thin films in between two conductors.
So, when we pass an electrical current, it emits the bright light. In OLEDs, there is no backlight. Ultimately, panels get thicker and slimmer.

Is mini LED better than OLED?

Since Apple has announced, they are going to use Mini LED in their tablets, Mini LED has gone on-trend. On the other hand, brands such as LG and Samsung also claimed that they are going to use Mini LED in their upcoming Televisions. Currently, OLED is the premium kind of all digital screens. So, what was the loophole in OLED that they needed Mini LED for screens? Is Mini LED better than OLED? In all aspects such as brightness, contrast, speed, HDR performance, etc? Let’s find out one by one.

Mini LED

Mini LED vs OLED: Colour Accuracy

OLEDs were the king of colors, but since backlight technology is introduced in LED’s it has also improved in color accuracy, color brightness, its volume and has begun the war between Mini LED and OLED.

If you are looking for a model with color accuracy both Mini LED and OLED have valid points to make. OLED has a better contrast ratio which offers an edge to OLED in terms of HDR. On the other hand, Mini LED is no lesser as it offers well-saturated colors when brightness is at extremes. 

So, in the aspect of color accuracy deciding by one’s side will not be fair.

Is mini LED better than OLED? (Color Accuracy)

Both are equally better in terms of color.

OLED display

Mini LED vs OLED: Brightness

OLED TVs aren’t much brighter. They are designed in a way that does not need to be extra bright. It’s an inherently excellent contrast. As OLED can detect perfect black levels, the dynamic difference between light and dark pixels is highly visible. 

In 2021, OLED brightness had taken a jump. Brands such as LG and Sony are building OLED sets with high brightness. The brands are constantly claiming improvements in their previous-generations panels, but as per experts’ opinions, it is not possible to achieve such brightness in OLEDs. By chance, even if it is attainable it will sustain for a very short time and on a very short panel.

At present, the OLED panels perform with around 200-250 nits of full-panel sustained brightness. On the other hand, the best LCD TV with backlit can perform with 800-900 nits of full-panel. Mini-LED is its improved version, as it widens this gap. 

If we look at all these above observations, in the aspect of brightness Mini-LED is above OLED. Yet, don’t forget the fact that brightness is not the only factor to consider for the best screen visibility.

Is mini LED better than OLED? (Brightness)

Yes – Mini-LED is better than OLED.

Mini LED vs OLED: Per-Pixel Lighting 

The OLED technology is entirely based on per-pixel lighting. OLED is known for its self-emissive mechanism, which means every pixel emits its light. As a result, it impacts greatly on the contrast as well as lighting. 

Mini LED is built to improve backlighting. Improved mini LEDs are built with maximum lighting zones which is a great improvement but it can’t beat the contrast and resolution offered by the OLED. 

If you compare the per-pixel lighting of OLED to the backlighting zones of mini LED, per-pixel lighting technology will always win. 

To be precisely detailed lighting for the smaller objects is not possible with the mini LED that exists now. And if we focus on lighting its HDR performance will be compromised. And that will affect Mini LED’s HDR performance.

Is mini LED better than OLED?

No – OLED, with higher points.

Mini LED vs OLED: Sight Positions

Mini LEDs are nothing but the improved version of the old LCD panels that have advanced backlighting. The light of a mini LED is settled into liquid crystal cells, so when you look at the screen in a straight sight but as soon as you go off-axis loss of color happens with mini LED.

Contrary to the mini LED, OLED performs on self-emissive technology. When it comes to the viewing angles, it does not affect where are you watching from. OLED has superior angles to LCD technology.

Is mini LED better than OLED?

No to some extent OLED is better than mini-LED in terms of sight positions.

Mini LED vs OLED: Durability and Reliability

Mini LED is fundamentally the same as an OLED just with a difference in the number of LEDs that exists within it. So, reliability and durability are not comparable both are on equal levels.

OLED panels consist of red, green, and blue organic LEDs. Among these three blue LEDs are less durable and degrades earlier as compared to others and hence color balance is disturbed.

Yet, new sets of OLED screens are improved versions and this issue is rare but can happen too. Yet the fact remains that OLED screens are less durable and reliable than the Mini LED.

Is mini LED better than OLED? (Durability)

Yes. Mini LED is better than OLED in terms of durability and reliability.

Mini LED vs OLED: Manufacturing Costs

To date, digital devices having OLED panels were the most expensive ones and remained the premium products across the markets.

Now, due to the growth in the OLED market and its reach to the buyer OLEDs are getting cheaper yet they are maintaining their premium prices.

As per expert opinions, mini LEDs are very complex for manufacturing. So, customers can’t expect more than 5%-10% price down pull.

So, prices will not differ much, both of the models will be around the same price range.

Is mini LED better than OLED? (Prices)

Draw. Prices do not differ much.

Have a look at side by side comparison of both screen types:

Screen Type/
Colour Accuracy5 Stars5 Stars
Brightness5 Stars3 Stars
Per-Pixel Lightning2 Stars5 Stars
Sight Positions3 Stars5 Stars
Durability and Reliability5 Stars5 Stars
Manufacturing Costs4 Stars3 Stars

Overall Ratings:

Mini LED: 4 Stars

OLED: 5 Stars


Mini LED is a new trend in the market, due to its usage by brands like Apple, Samsung, and LG. There are few problems with a Mini LED compared to OLED. Based on price both the products are quite equal to each other. All other factors are there where OLED is giving an edge to mini LED so let’s what the market is up to in the future.

As per experts’ opinion, even if there is a craze of mini LED in the market, in the long run, OLED’s self-emissive technology will gain an edge as compared to mini LED and will make its place in this digital world.
We hope this article helped you to find out your question – Is mini LED better than OLED?

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