Genuine Customer Review on Lowest Price Samsung TV

Genuine Customer Review on Lowest Price Samsung TV

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Samsung has accomplished itself to a level where it no longer needs an introduction. Just by hearing the brand’s name gives us a sense of trust and reliability. A few days back, we covered an article telling you about some of the lowest price Samsung TV. Today we are back with what can be called a sequel to our last topic. 

We will be presenting you with some genuine customer review and opinions on the lowest price Samsung TV. This would also work as a Samsung TV comparison for the best three lowest priced-model of Samsung. It will help you to get a genuine idea of how the product actually turns out after it is dispatched and reaches to customer’s home. By the end of the article, you will be familiar with all the advantages, pros, and cons of some of the most popular models of Samsung.

How and from where did we collect the customer review of Lowest Price Samsung TV?

To make sure that we are reading and choosing only genuine customer review, we turned to the review section of Flipkart. We chose to go with the reviews of certified buyers only to make sure that we are not judging a model based on spam reviews. 

Let us now jump to the comparison and customer review part.

Samsung UA32J4003AR 32 inch HD ready LED TV

lowest price Samsung tv

Latest market price- Rs 14,999

Customer Review(Both positive and critical):

  • Shoumya Brata Chanda wrote-“I bought this TV offline from a Electronics shop in a good price. Its worth this price. Having good picture quality and 2 HDMI port.

Its been 4 months and I am enjoying it.

The display is bright and the edges are proper to cover the LED panel. Checked LG but the picture quality is far far better in this price range.”

  • Jawahir A wrote-“Excellent experience from Flipkart. Got the TV delivered on time and you know I got the Samsung technician details even before the TV got delivered. TV got installed within hours after the TV was delivered.

Coming to the TV aspect, worth every penny you spent. I exchanged my older LCD TV for 4500Rs and got this for 12 k. TV clarity is top notch. Sound is fine. Only problem is with accessibility of the HDMI and USB ports if you going to Wall mount. Otherwise, I am good with this TV.”

  • Suranjan Bandhopadhyay wrote-“On time delivery and installation. Picture clarity can’t say superb but mets expectation with respect to price. Reducing one star because of sound quality. Overall satisfactory with purchase from Flipkart.”
  • Sandeep Kejriwal wrote-“Nice TV. Value for money. However, there is an issue with the USB port capability. Unlike advanced models of Samsung that can play movies from an external HDD, this TV supports only pen drives upto 16 GB max. Even within that pen drive, if you are trying to play a heavy blu-ray file, say 2.5 GB in size, this TV can’t handle that.”

Our final verdict based on customer review:

Here’s what we can conclude about this model based on all these reviews by certified buyers: 


  • Good picture quality
  • Bright and sharp display
  • Great clarity
  • Great option at this range


  • The sound quality is average. Not suitable for large halls.
  • Accessibility to the HDMI and USB portals gets difficult if the TV is wall-mounted.
  • The USB port is not compatible with pen drives with more than 16GB sizes.

Samsung UA32T4340AK 32 inch HD ready Smart TV

lowest price Samsung tv

Latest market price- Rs 17,499

Customer Review(Both positive and critical):

  • Krishnakumar G reviewed the model as: “Value for money..


Picture quality and different picture modes.

Sound quality is beyond expectations.

Have all the necessary apps and you can also download them.

Smooth interface, not too much lag.


Casting: sometimes picture/video doesn’t show while casting.

Thick besels in 2020.

Overall I would say it’s a fantastic product from Samsung. Happy that I didn’t buy the cheap Chinese alternatives. Go for it if 32 inch hd ready smart tv is your choice. Loved the product…”

  • Tanmay Dhar wrote-“Samsung 32 inch smart tv is a good one to buy. Picture quality is very nice. When you are running via internet, bandwidth is the main priority. High bandwidth you can watch best picture. But i am dissatisfied with the sound. Although it has 20watt rms speakers, but sound is average. Bluetooth is unavailable in this model. I think in low budget its the best tv to buy.”
  • Abhijit Ghosh wrote-“Pros: Pricing – It comes at a lower price than even a standard smartphone.

Picture – Picture quality is good. However, square pixels are clearly seen if looked closely.

Sound – In a nutshell, “Awesome”. Value for money.

Pre-installed apps – It has Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube, etc.and few other similar apps built-in. Just switch on your internet and enjoy.

Cons: Bluetooth – It lacks bluetooth connectivity which I feel is unbelievable.

HD Ready only – Resolution is not that great. But keeping the pricing in view, there’s nothing much to complain about.

Overall- Good considering all aspects.”

Our final verdict based on customer review:

Here’s what we can conclude about this model based on all these reviews by certified buyers: 


  • Great picture quality.
  • The audio output is great.
  • A flexible interface, runs smoothly.
  • All popular OTT platforms are pre-installed.


  • No Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The resolution could have been better.

Samsung UA32FH4003R 32 inch HD ready LED TV

lowest price Samsung tv

Latest market price- Rs 17,999

Customer Review(Both positive and critical):

  • Jomon Pt wrote-“Writing this review for those who willing to buy a new LED at this price.

I am using this TV since 5 days.

Picture quality- HD channels are so good and SD channels are above average.

Sound quality- Sound is clear but you need to connect external speakers to have good sound experience.

USB- Supporting almost every formats but not mkv. And quality will depend on file size.

Looks- Finishing is good.

Note: Only power button is there on TV no other buttons. USB,AV, AUDIO OUT all are on back side.”

  • Monish Kishore wrote-“Was totally in awe when I ordered. But the Actual TV isn’t that impressive for this price.


#Good Picture Quality

#Easy access

#User friendly



#HOWLING WHEN VOLUME IS KEPT MORE THAN 50 (on ideal room conditions)

#No volume adjust support when connected to external speakers (sometimes its helpful too)

Overall nothing impressive but still can be considered as a Secondary TV.”

  • Anurag Chauhan wrote-“The product provides very basic features as it is an entry level product so cant demand more from it. The picture quality is fine. The only thing that disappoints a little is the built in speakers. The speakers are not sufficiently loud as they should be. The television is only suitable for small rooms only, with maximum dimensions of 10x10x10 (in feet). In addition to that, the master volume also doesn’t work with external 2.1 speakers that i have tried it with. You have to manually set the speakers for volume (which is really annoying).”

Our final verdict based on customer review:

Here’s what we can conclude about this model based on all these reviews by certified buyers: 


  • Great picture quality.
  • Clear and concise image.
  • Almost every format of the file is supported on the USB.


  • Almost every buyer felt the need for a better audio and sound system. 
  • LED panel worsens after a few years. 


So, we have compared two LED TVs and one Smart TV above. Through the customer review, we wanted to give you an idea of what you get when you opt for the lowest price TVs. We clearly noticed the fact here that there are several low-priced models whose features are much more stable than models with a comparatively higher market price. What’s more wonderful is the fact that technology has reached that level where Smart TVs are available at the cost of an LED TV.

We can end this discussion by concluding that you should never go with the TV that costs the cheapest or the priciest. Rather, you should look at their features and carefully read all positive as well as negative reviews by certified buyers before placing an order. Remember, advertising companies always hide the flaws and market the merries. So you should be very careful about whom to trust. 

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