Everything About The Samsung Tizen TV OS

Everything About The Samsung Tizen TV OS

Samsung – meaning “Three Stars” in Korean. This creative name of the biggest tech empire was the idea of Samsung founder Lee Byung-Chul, who had the vision to let Samsung Electronics touch the skies, and today we see his vision coming true.

You will be surprised if you find that initially, Samsung was the grocery store founded on March 1, 1938, and then with time, Samsung put its first step in the electronics industry in the 1970s in the period of black and white televisions. And from big-sized black and white to Samsung smart and slick TV’s Samsung has been performing exceptionally well and has made a special place in the hearts of their customers and the significant cause of this accomplishment is the adaption of technology at a faster pace.

Samsung smart TVs are one of the most compressive smart TVs in the market. And since Samsung has been using Tizen operating system its smart TVs and any other products are customizable and more user-friendly. Now, you might be thinking that Why Tizen OS? When there are other efficient and popular operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and even Linux.

To help you find the answers you need to know about the Samsung Tizen TV OS, we are here. The article comprises everything about The Samsung Tizen TV OS. Let’s find out every inch of details about the Samsung Tizen TV OS.

What is Tizen TV OS?

Basically, Tizen TV OS is an alternative for other OS like Android.  Tizen OS is an open-source OS. An interesting fact is they built it using Linux. Being open-source, Tizen is open to all technology players to contribute and improve Tizen OS with time and requirement.

In Tizen OS, every contribution is on a common infrastructure – Tizen Common. And this brings openness and diversity to Tizen’s features.

Apart from it, Tizen OS works seamlessly. It also helps in syncing different devices. Eventually, this improves the overall developer and user experience. Tizen is the better alternative to other operating systems. Let’s have a look at its features to understand better.

What are the Features of Tizen OS?

If you look at the features of Tizen OS, there is not much difference to Android. Yet, we would like to let you know every detail and feature of Tizen OS.

  • The very first feature of Tizen OS is it is an Open Source operating system. It means any developer sitting in any corner of the world can contribute and improve Tizen OS for better user experience and efficiency.
  • Tizen software is has been built on is an HTML5-based OS. This allows content creators to develop apps or platforms that work efficiently with web browsers and also reduce the built cost.
  • Tizen OS comes with application development tools. These tools use JavaScript libraries, jQuery, and jQuery Mobile. This software development kit (SDK) permits developers to build using HTML5.
  • As Tizen OS is HTML5 based, applications built using Tizen OS can be used with other operating systems – Android, iOS,
  • For a better user experience, they kept Tizen software is much similar to an Android OS.
  • According to Samsung CEO, the main purpose of building Tizen OS is a consistent user-friendly experience on devices like smart TVs, wearables, smart cameras, printers, smart home appliances, in-vehicle smart devices, tablets & smartphones.
  • While searching everything about The Samsung Tizen TV OS, we found that Tizen is likely to launch a multi-window features similar to LG devices.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) is an extra feature that you will not necessarily get in any other operating system. IoT in Tizen TV improves device convergence. It means interdependence of smart devices in the same space is convenient and becomes more efficient.
  • Due to IoT, Tizen OS has a lot of advantages over any other operating system. It improves seamless working and overall user experience.

Use of different icons to operate horizontal navigation on Tizen OS

  1. Gear Icon – This icon helps you find menus and settings for customization.
  2. Box with Arrow– this allows you to find the input selection menu.
  3. Magnifying Glass – After clicking on it, it lets you search by inputting text.
  4. Square With Four Small Boxes –It takes you to the full app menu.

What devices is Tizen good for?

Basically, they built Tizen OS for Samsung devices and Samsung smart TVs. Yet, as it is open source it is now used widely and available for anyone across the globe.

Here is a quick list of Tizen supporting devices:

  • Smart TV
  • Smartphones
  • Netbooks
  • Wearables
  • In-Vehicle devices.

The Bottom Line

Tizen has been continuously improving over the years. Samsung first incorporated the Tizen into its smart TVs in 2015 in collaboration with intel. Tizen OS enabled Samsung to enhance the overall navigation and look of the TV.

As there are a lot of best OS available around you. It becomes so crucial to choose one among them. Every OS has different pros and cons. Whether to choose Tizen, Android, or iOS is the biggest confusion among the developers.

In this situation analyzing helps you. Know your purpose of building the app, know your requirements and then choose what suits you best. We hope we could help you in understanding everything about The Samsung Tizen TV OS.  

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