Sony VS Samsung TV: Why the Former is More Expensive?

Sony VS Samsung TV: Why the Former is More Expensive?

Planning to buy a new television? You must then be finalizing your choice between Sony and Samsung models(since you landed up on our article, we suppose that must be the case.) Well, you must have already visited numerous articles to compare Sony VS Samsung TV, right? Ain’t satisfied? Did so many opinions make you more confused? Alright, alright, let us set you on your path. 

While reading and comparing Sony vs Samsung TV prices, did the thought occur to you that why are Sony TVs so much more expensive than its rival Samsung? This is exactly what we will be covering today. We will give you all the reasons why Sony TV is a bit more on the cost side. Furthermore, to give you a clear head idea, we will also compare Sony VS Samsung TVs.    

When needing a television upgrade, we often try to look for expensive features at a minimal expense. We often trick our minds into believing that the features of both the pricey and the less costly models are the same. 

Sony VS Samsung TV: Why the former, is more expensive?

Sony VS Samsung TV

When Sony launched the Sony Bravia series, we all were fascinated by its features. However, how many of us actually bought it? We all had the same thought in our minds- Why are Sony TVs so expensive? While its biggest rival, Samsung, has maintained its price according to middle-class standards, Sony TVs are way too costly for middle-class families. We will list out the reason behind this one by one.

Android TV

While Samsung uses Tizen OS for its Smart platform, Sony goes with Android TV. In terms of both menu panes and content, Android TV is way more superior to Tizen. 

Google Assistant and Alexa

Most Smart TVs of Sony are backed with Google Assistant. Apart from Google Assistant, Amazon has also added some basic Alexa capabilities to help you control your smart homes. Meanwhile, the mid-range sets of Samsung TVs have Bixby Voice assistant, which is far inferior to both Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

OLED screen

Sony has moved to OLED displays, while Samsung is still working with QLEDs. When it comes to great visual and picture quality, nothing beats OLEDs. And of course, OLEDs are expensive. However, if rumors are true, Samsung might launch QD-OLEDs in the upcoming year. Read everything about it here.

Dolby Vision

Sony TVs use Dolby Vision whereas, Samsung uses HDR10+. Do a little homework and find out why the former is the better format. 

Great features

Sony TVs are known for their great contrasts and picture engines. They have better black levels than any other TV in the market. Another feature worth discussing here is Sony’s scaling technology that can upscale even non-4k contents to almost 4k. 

What else? It offers a very precise color saturation and has the best video processing algorithms that come with local dimming control.

Excellent customer service

Many certified users have wonderful things to say about the customer service of the Sony brand. People have received help from the technical team even after the end of the warranty period.

Wrapping-up: Sony VS Samsung TV

So, you needed a reason why Sony TVs are more expensive than Samsung and, here, we gave you six. Not just that, we even listed out all the features and differences to help you Compare Sony VS Samsung TV. We sincerely hope that you found our article helpful and follow our page for regular updates.

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