5 Reasons Why Online Reviews Matter in Ecommerce?

5 Reasons Why Online Reviews Matter in Ecommerce?

Ecommerce is the new normal! Right from daily essentials to electronic gadgets, everything is available on Ecommerce sites. According to the user surveys around 90-95% of online buyers look for online reviews of the product before buying any product from eCommerce sites.

Remember, when you decide to buy something online, what’s the first thing you do?
No doubt, you look for the product reviews which are only a few clicks away. And these reviews shape your eCommerce business to a large extent. If you are a user or an e-commerce retailer in both cases online reviews are highly helpful.

While looking for the product online, if you are confused you can get suggestions and reviews with just a few clicks. For any company or business which works in a digital space, online reviews are the lifelines and game-changers too. A single positive review can exponentially increase your sales and on the other hand, one negative adjective can drop sales drastically such as the power of online reviews in E-commerce.

User Behavior

According to the study, users spend around 5-6 minutes reading the reviews and they prefer to read 40-50 reviews before buying any product. Mostly they look for some keywords like the lifelong product, low maintenance, quality product at an affordable price, and many more and if they find any of these words in good reviews instantly they develop positive emotions and there are high rates of conversion.

Contrary to it, if the reader finds any negative comments or reviews instantly reject the product and look for another one.

When it comes to winning online business, online reviews are the best pawns. In the times, when the digital world is running on the online reading and recommendations, good reviews can be a blessing for your eCommerce businesses.

Why do Online Reviews Matter in Ecommerce?

Here are the reasons why online reviews play important role in Ecommerce:

1. Drives Sale Exponentially

If the brand explains its positives, it feels like boasting. On the other side if other users explain the positives of the product it feels reliable and trustworthy. And online reviews play important role in it. Reading good reviews from the other users drives confidence that the product is good and is worth buying. In short, social proof – public reviews sell more than any marketing campaign.  

2. Helps in Building Brand

If you look out for a single product on eCommerce sites, thousands of similar products pop up on the same screen. Choosing one among thousands is a task. At such times, whom to trust is the biggest question?

Then buyers turn to reviews. If the reviews are always positive and other users are also loving it, it instantly builds trust and customer remember the product name and suggests it to others too. Ultimately, this help in building a brand and growing it.

3. SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is simply being in the good books of the web browsers i.e. chrome. SEO takes a lot of time and energy to rank the site organically. Good reviews are a good way to optimize your eCommerce site organically.

Most of the time if reviews are genuine buyers use the keywords related to your product and brand in their product reviews. These keywords benefit you in ranking higher compared to your competitors.

4. Helps in Improving Product

It is not necessary that everyone loves everything about the product you sell. Not every review is a good one or a bad one. Some reviews are constructive. It helps you in analyzing and testing the product you are selling.

Who knows users might find the loophole in your business that you or your team couldn’t? In another way, online reviews work as feedback for eCommerce stores.

5. Eases Decision Making

When you have thousands of choices in front of you, deciding to buy one is hard. At such times, good reviews about the product can make you win. Product and product features are more or less similar on every site what makes difference is existing user reviews.

The pros and cons of every product are better verified in the reviews section. Users can get an actual idea about the real product and this increases the chances of choosing the right product in less time and energy. The product has a large number of good reviews and will be more trustworthy.

Final Verdict

In the world we are living in now every business has an online presence be it through eCommerce sites or social media apps. And if you don’t want to be left behind you must know the new normal! The best way to mouth publicity of your online product is through good reviews. As the positive reviews boost your sale, negative reviews work exactly the opposite. Understanding the importance of good reviews and leveraging them for boosting the eCommerce business is critical but worth it!

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