Difference Between a Normal TV and a Smart TV: Which one will suit you the best?

Difference Between a Normal TV and a Smart TV: Which one will suit you the best?

Are you thinking about getting a brand-new TV for your home? Have you decided yet what model to get? Is it going to be a traditional LED TV or a Smart TV? Haven’t decided yet? Well, let us help you to speed up your decision-making process. 

Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can now easily afford a Smart TV for the price of a classy television. But the thing you need to consider over here is whether you should really go for a Smart TV or not. Yes, we know they are cool, but will they suit you? Before we help you realize the best option for you, let’s understand the difference between normal TVs and Smart TVs.   

Difference between a Smart TV and a Normal TV: A list of things that makes Smart TV more superior to a normal TV

smart tv
  1. Smart TVs functionality depends on an operating system just like your PC.
  2. With Smart TVs, it is possible to browse the internet on your big screen!
  3. You can download apps, play games, and listen to online music on your TV itself.
  4. Get ready to expose yourself to the world of entertainment with OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, and Prime Videos that come pre-installed on your TV.
  5. You can access all your phone’s, tablet’s content on the big screen.

Which one is better for you: The Smart TV or the Normal LED TV?

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Now comes the final question of which television is ideal for you. For this, we will frame some questions and, you be honest with yourself and answer them. By the end of our discussion, you will definitely figure out which television is the best for you.

  • Do you already have a laptop that is sufficient for both work as well as entertainment purposes?
  • Do you want to upgrade to Smart living and switch to Smart TVs?
  • Do you feel self-sufficient with normal LED TVs? 
  • Would buying a Smart TV will only add to your luxury and nothing more significant?
  • Have you ever been to someone’s home who owns a Smart TV? Did you even for once think about having one? 
  • What will you do with a Smart TV?

Well, have you been honest with yourself and answered all these questions? Let’s evaluate now. 

Do you really need your TV to turn into your workspace?

A Smart TV can efficiently turn into a PC whenever you want. But the real question to ask yourself here is whether you will ever consider substituting your workspace with a TV. If the answer’s a no, then you should rather go for a LED TV. Let’s be honest. You can subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime from all your other devices as well. Having a Smart TV, in this case, is not necessary. 

Are Smart TVs the only way to flaunt your cool?

Another thing that might be troubling you is that you are too afraid to fall behind the new generation. Remember, simply having the TV of the new generation won’t make you cool and updated. Get a Smart TV only if you are confident and find purpose in having one. If you think that it is totally okay for you to have a newer model of your previous kind of television, then go for it. Don’t switch just because the generation tells you so.

Would you love to own a Smart TV?

We all have been to a friend’s home and have been astonished by the things their Smart TV can do. Did you wish to have one too? If yes, then life’s short. Go for it. There’s no reason why you should not buy one when you fancy it and have the money to afford the TV. 

Lastly, imagine a scenario where your home has a brand new Smart TV. What would you be doing with it? Is it adding any value to you or to your home? If the answer’s a yes, buy a Smart TV. If it’s no, consider other options.


To conclude our discussion, we can say that you should go for a Smart TV only if it’s worth it. Otherwise, we advise you to stick to your old traditional buddy. Just because something new has come up in the market does not mean you need to have it. You can take time and slowly adapt to the changes. 

We hope our article helped you to figure out which television you should buy. You can check the following two articles if you want to compare TV prices- Top 5 Smart TVs under 15k for a Superior Lifestyle and 7 Best Samsung LED TV at the lowest price. For more such articles, keep following us. Bye, bye!  

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