Which are the Best and Cheapest QLED TV in India?

Which are the Best and Cheapest QLED TV in India?

Two of the most soaring technologies of the television world of today include QLEDs and OLEDs. While LG is dominating the world with their OLED TVs, Samsung, on the other hand, is the leading producer of the cheapest QLED TV in India. 

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Buying a television has gotten trickier with age. Earlier, it was much, much easier when there was hardly any choice available. But today, we got loads of choices. It just makes the decision-making process more confusing. 

Like other things in life, televisions are not a use-and-throw kind of thing. One keeps the same television at their home for 5-10 years. Therefore, we must buy the right TV. In this article, we will be reviewing the top 4 best cheapest QLED TV in India. You must read the article thoroughly if you are planning to buy QLED TV online. It would help you stay away from mediocre models and help you to choose the best. 

Why did we choose this topic? Well, QLEDs are pretty new in the market and we thought you might need some help. But before proceeding, let’s ask you a question. Do you even know what a QLED TV is? No? Alright, we will take everything from the beginning.

What is a QLED TV?

cheapest QLED TV in India

Launched in 2017, Quantum dot Light Emitting Diode or QLED uses the quantum dot technology for display. The basic embodiment is an LCD panel, set against LED lights. QLED TVs are known for their radiant, saturated, and detailed picture quality. 

How are QLEDs different from OLEDs?

cheapest QLED TV in India

We all know the term OLED from Apple’s smartphones. So, which one is better? Well, we are reviewing QLEDs, but we want to remain unbiased while expressing our opinion. If we talk about picture quality, then OLED is far superior to any technology. But, what’s its downside? It is expensive. Thus, we have QLEDs. 

Cheapest QLED TV in India

Since we have already educated you about QLEDs, let’s jump staright to the reviewing part now. We will be reviewing three of the best cheapest QLED TVs in India one by one in the following section.

Samsung 125 cm(50 inches) 4k Ultra QLED TV QA50Q60AAKLXL

cheapest QLED TV in India

Latest market price(Amazon price)- Rs 69,700

How can we review the best cheapest QLED TV in India and not mention Samsung’s model at the top? When it came to innovation and experimenting with new technologies, Samsung never stepped back. So, what’s so special about this model? Just read the features and find out on your own.

An insight into the Best Cheapest QLED TV in India:

  • Feel the powerful world of colors and high-contrast images with Quantum Dot Technology. 
  • Dual LED for more accurate contrast.
  • With Quantum Processor Lite 4k, experience the next-gen audio quality. Thanks to the 3D surround sound, you can fully get immersed in the audio world.
  • Adaptive sound to optimize your sound according to the content that you are watching. 
  • It’s slimmer than the slimmest, sleeker than the sleekest.
  • With unnoticeable lag and zero blurs, it provides you with a lifetime of gaming experience. Love playing games? There’s no better screen available than this one.
  • Turn your big screen into a PC anytime you want.
  • Are you tired of controlling everything with your hand? Don’t. Use your voice instead. This model of Samsung TV is backed with multiple voice assistants to make you go hands-free.

OnePlus 138.8 cm(55 Inches) Q1 series 4k Certified Android QLED TV 55Q1IN-1

cheapest QLED TV in India

Latest market price(Amazon)- Rs-62,899

OnePlus has recently made a big name in the tech industry. Of course, the company was never far behind the race to the top from the beginning. Working with new technologies and integrating innovations into every product, OnePlus has earned its name in the second position on our list. 

An insight into the Best QLED TV:

  • Smart Television to provide you with an all-round experience.
  • With a high color gamut and Dolby Vision, get ready to take your TV experience to the next level.
  • Experience the world of immersive viewing experience with a 95.7% screen-to-body ratio.
  • Supported on the Android TV platform, the TV is enabled with Chromecast and GooglePlay store.
  • Get ready to lose yourself in the world of alluring sound with 50 watts of Dolby Atmos sound output.

Samsung Q60RAK 138 cm(55 inch) QLED Ultra HD(4K) Smart TV(QA55Q60RAKXXL)

cheapest QLED TV in India

Latest market price- Rs 1,21,999

Let’s not turn our heads by just looking at the pricy price now, shall we? Allow us to take you down the track with all the features it comes with. 

An insight into the details:

  • Owing to the Quantum Dot Technology, experience the world of vivid and realistic colors, be it a dark or a bright scene. Why bother to go to the theatre when the theatre’s at your home? 
  • With its powerful processor and a unique upscaling algorithm, the visual experience is top-notch, and the sound output adapts according to the size of your room to provide you with an optimized audio experience. 
  • Ambient mode to make the TV merge more naturally to the surrounding.
  • Talking with non-living things is absurd unless you are talking with this TV. Samsung’s very own assistant, Bixby, is all yours to communicate and navigate.
  • Are you tired of changing the brightness level according to the movie’s scene? Well, just let the TV do it.
  • Oh, did we mention it’s a Smart TV? It is and will do every other thing that a Smart TV does( Only in a more advanced manner!).

P.s.- We know this model can make a hole in your pocket, but believe us, the features make every penny worth the spend. If you want to go for a less-costly alternative, you can always go with the first model of Samsung that we reviewed.

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Samsung QA65Q6FNAK: Cheapest QLED TV in India

cheapest QLED TV in India

Samsung QA65Q6FNAK is one of the best yet cheapest QLED TV in India. With a 4K resolution and the Q color technology, no other QLED TV can beat this model when it comes to a high-quality picture experience. 

With a refresh rate of 120 Hz, expect the world of Smart to reach another level. With the ambient mode feature, let your TV cherish every inch of your living room. What else? Furthermore, the TV is backed with Dolby Digital sound configuration, the powerful audio output of which brings the theatre to your home. 

Oh, also say bye-bye to black screens and screen burns. Wanna know this Samsung QLED TV price? Check here on Amazon.


We hope that with our article, we were able to elevate your knowledge about the QLED world. One thing we always advise is to check for genuine customer reviews before making any big purchase. This will help you not get into any scam or a regretful purchase. 

So that’s all we have for today. We will come back with more crispy reviews about more TV models soon. Till then, stay in touch with us.

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