Smart TV vs Android TV: Which one is better?

Smart TV vs Android TV: Which one is better?

When the universe throws options at you, make sure you choose the best. Just a decade back, LCD TVs used to be the best option. Now, people hardly consider them. Dominating the world today are Smart TVs. Today, Televisions are no longer just Televisions. Technological advancement has integrated the functionality of a PC into TVs. Moreover, you would be surprised to know the lowest price for Smart TV. You can get one for just Rs 12,000! Refer to this article for more details-Top 5 Smart TVs under 15k for a Superior Lifestyle

When we talk about Smart TVs, we automatically come to the discussion about Android TVs. A comparison discussion between the two can take up a whole evening. It is your right to know your television before you purchase them. You must be well familiarized with all the new additions in the Television world. 

So, to give you a better knowledge about the world of Smart TVs and Android TVs, we are writing this article today. Giving it a read will significantly help with your understanding of what modern televisions are capable of.

Smart TVs: What is it, and what are its features?

In non-technical words, any TV that has a built-in Wi-Fi is a Smart TV. In other words, alongside your cable channels, you can access additional content from the internet using a Smart TV. Using just the remote, you can turn your Smart TV into a personal computer or workspace! 

Android TVs: What is it, and what are its features?

An Android TV is also basically a Smart TV only. The only thing that distinguishes it is its Android operating system. We must note that all Android TVs are Smart TVs, but the reverse is not true. 

Differentiating Android TV from a Smart TV: Is Android TV better?

Keeping it straightforward, Android TVs are definitely better than Smart TVs. To put weight on our statement, we have listed four of the major areas of Android TV that make it superior to Smart TVs. 

Application programs

Thanks to the Android App store, Android TVs can support the installation of more than 7k apps. From Netflix to Hulu and from Amazon Prime Video to YouTube, you can download anything. That’s not just it. There are so many other secondary applications available for free download on Android TVs.

On the contrary, Smart TVs have quite a limited list when it comes to the number of supported applications. Even though you can still access popular OTT Platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you don’t have many options to explore. 

Automatic Update

Anyone with an Android Phone knows how regularly they receive software update notifications on their devices. Android has maintained the same consistency with Android TVs as well. With an automatic update feature, your Android TV will regularly update all its applications without you having to even press a button! 

However, when it comes to Smart TVs, many people have complained about their troublesome experience while updating their applications. When you choose an Android TV over a Smart TV, you are sparing yourself from having to update your applications yourself ever again. 

 Supports Voice Assistants

Android TVs are backed with built-in Google Assistant. So, you can control your Android TV using voice commands. Whereas, in a Smart TV, you have to enter your command manually by typing in a keyboard. 

Screen Mirroring

When you get an Android TV, you can easily access content from your Android phone to your Android TV. It is because Android TVs come with a built-in Chromecast. Again, there is no possibility of such a scenario in Smart TVs.

Which TV is Best, Android or Smart?

smart tv

To be honest, it completely depends on from person to person. Even though Android TVs clearly have better features, we cannot straightaway declare them as the best. Even being inferior to Androids TV in terms of features, Smart TVs have their own set of merits. 

An advantage that Smart TVs have over Android TVs is that they have a smoother interface. Furthermore, Smart TVs perform more efficiently and faster because they have fewer applications than Android ones. That’s not just it. By using Android TV boxes, you can anytime upgrade your Smart TV to an Android TV. 

Therefore, before you set yourself in the market, understand what you need. If you think a Smart TV would be ideal for you, then don’t let Android TVs tamper with your decision-making. Similarly, if you want to get a Smart TV, just go for it.

Is Android Box Better than Smart TV?

smart tv

Smart TVs are, well, TVs, while Android boxes are devices to make Smart TVs better. Like we mentioned in the previous section, Android Boxes are used for upgrading Smart TVs to Android TVs. 

You can always buy a Smart TV first, explore its possibilities, and decide whether you want to upgrade your experience or not. For all those people, who regret going for a Smart TV instead of an Android TV, Android Boxes are like a second chance to get what you want. 

 Which Smart TV is Better?

When it comes to smart TVs, the market will offer you billions of choices. However, you must take what suits you the best. There are Smart TVs that can control your Smart Home. Then there are Smart TVs which you can control using your voice. 

With each passing day, the judgment of which Smart TV is better is getting difficult to judge. Every day brings a new feature. How can a person ever decide what they need?

However, if you ask us, we will always recommend you to go with an Android one. Its depth of features keeps increasing exponentially. If you are a newbie to the world of Smart TVs and require some help in choosing the best Smart TV for yourself, you can always refer to these two articles-Top 5 Smart TVs under 15k for a Superior Lifestyle and Best Smart TV at Lowest Price in India.


So, that’s all we have for today. We hope that after going through our article, you now have a better understanding of the two words- Smart TVs and Android TVs. If you liked this article, you would probably also like this article-

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