Best Smart TV : Prices, Specifications & more

Best Smart TV : Prices, Specifications & more affordable android tv


Before buying any Smart LED TV you need to understand different factors and parameters like :

  1. Quality
  2. Display and Resolution
  3. Operating system and Number of Apps supported
  4. Remote control and Voice assistance
  5. Sound
  6. Value for Money
  7. Installation and Delivery

TV is the prime source of entertainment these days, especially in the current COVID-19 situation, and with the onset of Smart Android TV, they are back in popularity.

Smart LED TVs are the best because they give you the best of entertainment on the large HD LED screen. It is better for your eyesight if you regularly binge on streaming platforms. LED TVs are energy-saving too!

So if you’re a movie/web series/serials die-hard fan then a Smart Android TV is a must! Go through these 4 Smart Android TVs and select one of these which best fit your budget and have all the functions you’re interested in!

Best smart tv in India

Mi 4A Pro 108cm (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart Android TV: Buy Mi 4A Pro (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart Android TV

If you are trying to find the best Android TV in the price range of 20k-30k, then this Mi Smart TV is the best product for you. The display clarity is excellent and you will enjoy every frame of your video entertainment in a high-quality display with rich and vibrant colours.

It comes with 1 GB of RAM and eight GB of internal storage memory. It’s equipped with a 64-bit A53 Quad-core processor which allows it to work smoothly. The best part is that you can also watch the content that you save on your smartphone on this TV. It comes with an inbuilt Chromecast and Google Assistant.

There is a Google data saver in this Smart TV that helps you to save your Wi-Fi data by letting you connect your TV to the web via your phone’s hotspot or LAN/cable Wi-Fi. It supports video streaming services of Disney+Hotstar, Amazon PrimeVideo, YouTube, Netflix, and 16 other content platforms.

Why you should buy it ?

  1. At this price, Mi has provided a value for money Smart Android TV.
  2. Though it doesn’t come with the best picture quality and display, in this price range it surely provides one of the best picture clarity.
  3. This Smart Android TV is light in weight and can be moved very easily.
  4. Installation (Technical part and explanation) and delivery, especially in metropolitan cities, are quick and praiseworthy.
  5. Mi is well-known for its brand value and hence provides the best customer care service.
  6. This TV comes with 20W DTS-HD speakers which are a steal at this price. Note:- In case if you’re interested for theatre experience, you can buy additional speakers with Dolby sound to enhance sound quality.

Why you shouldn’t buy it?

  1. TV leg/stand is not durable and shaky. It becomes quite risky to use it in a standing position. It’s better to mount the TV on a wall.
  2. Remote does not have any alphabets or even numbers. You cannot search via typing and totally dependent on Google Assistant. While it won’t be an issue if you are viewing English content but can cause difficulty if you’re in search of any regional content.
  3. Installation by Flipkart is not good as the installation personnel forcibly sell stabiliser. Many customers have pointed out that some of them force them to write positive feedback (for installation).


It comes with a full HD Display, which allows you to have the best watching experience. It also provides a crystal clear display along with its contrast and brightness level maintained optimally. Even the colours that reproduce are maintained to their authenticity. All these features work together to give a great watching experience of your favourite movies and series.


It offers high-quality sound for that it has two speakers that deliver a power output of 20W. Along with that its DTS-HD sound technology provides an aural and crystal-clear listening experience.

Limitless Entertainment

If you are bored by watching your daily TV serials then 20+ video content platforms are waiting for you. Netflix, YouTube, Voot, Disney+Hotstar, Amazon PrimeVideo, Jio Cinema, and many more are available!

Android OS with inbuilt Google Assistant and Chromecast

Google Assistant helps you search for movies or TV shows you want to see simply by using your voice. You can press the dedicated button on the remote to access this feature.

Due to Chromecast in-built, you can cast your mobile on your Mi TV and play videos, movies, and many more with your family and friends. You can enjoy your favourite content on the big screen of this TV.

Best Mid budget LED TV

LG 139 cm (55 inches) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV: Buy LG (55 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV

If you would bring the entertainment world into your room then this LED TV is the best choice for you if you’re budget is 50k-60k. It has regular TV programs, expansion online world, cloud storage, and even Netflix. This LG TV is the entirety of the entrainment.

Through the Magic Remote, you can switch channels and even control your set-top box speakers with a single click. The in-built Google Assistant features allow you to select and ask questions. You can use 800+ offline commands with ease. It has a WebOS. It comes with major streaming apps like Amazon PrimeVideo, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, and YouTube.

Why you should buy this?

  1. The amazing picture quality of IPS 4k panel and, surely, you won’t complain about its display.
  2. Magic Remote through which you can access channels from any corner of the room. This remote is surely a messiah.
  3. Sound quality is awesome, you can get a theatre experience without buying additional speakers. Note: Wall-mounted ones give better experience).
  4. Good connectivity when compared to other models in the same price range.
  5. Good customer care service by LG.

Why you shouldn’t buy it?

  1. It is not an ANDROID TV. It comes with Web OS.
  2. It comes with very limited apps and you’re dependent on LG content store. Note: 1) Even some famous video streaming apps such as Sony LIV (surprisingly ALT Balaji is available) are not available. 2) While you can use the inbuilt browser to visit the respective sites and view the content of the respective video streaming platforms.
  3. It has an inbuilt voice search but it isn’t as effective as Google Assistant.


The picture quality is a highlighting feature of this TV. It comes with over a billion shades and colours. Due to its LG IPS 4k panel, it has mind-boggling sharpness, clarity, colour reproduction, and viewing angle. The upscaling property of the 4k panel is noteworthy, even some SD channels appear like HD one. If you’re looking for only display quality then this TV is the best!

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the special feature of the TV, which enhances the details of colours and contrast in pictures. HDR has set a new standard for picture quality. It supports multi HDR formats such as HLG Pro and HDR10 Pro.


DTS VirtualX offers an immersive multi-dimensional audio experience. You need not buy additional speakers. You can also connect your mobile to this TV for listening to music with clear clarity and better sound. If you turn on the cricket mode, the sound is balanced accordingly.

Magic Remote

After the picture quality, the magic remote is the second best feature of this smart TV. It’s like a PC mouse and saves a lot of time for scrolling, typing, and navigation.

Operating System : Web OS

It takes only 1 to 2 seconds for booting up after powering the TV. Though not as effective as Android, Web OS isn’t quite bad too.

All Rounder LED TV

LG 164 cm (65 inches) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV: Buy LG (65 inches) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV

If you are looking for an HD TV with superb picture qualities in the range of 80k-85k then this LG Ultra HD LED Smart TV is for you. It enhances your TV-viewing experience with features like 4K Active HDR, the ThinQ AI, 4k IPS Display. You will have to buy the magic remote separately.

It has a quad-core processor which enhances the navigation experience. This Smart TV comes with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This LED TV delivers powerful performance both aurally and visually. It comes with Web OS. LG content store has video streaming apps of Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, and Amazon PrimeVideo.         

Why you should buy this?

  1. It has one of the best display features in this price range. You will get the best visual experience and surely will be in awe with the display of this Smart TV.
  2. The built-in speakers let you enjoy multi-dimensional audio from all angles.
  3. The inbuilt Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa make the search and navigation very easy.
  4. Good connectivity when compared to other models in the same price range.
  5. Good customer care service by LG.
  6. It comes with Apple Airplay 2 which connects your Apple devices to your TV very easily. You can play videos, music, photos directly to your TV.

Why you shouldn’t buy it?

  1. It is not an ANDROID TV. It comes with Web OS.
  2. It comes with very limited apps and you’re dependent on LG content store. Note: 1) Even some famous video streaming apps such as Sony LIV (surprisingly ALT Balaji is available) are not available. 2) While you can use the inbuilt browser to visit the respective sites and view the content of the respective video streaming platforms.
  3. You will have to buy the LG magic remote separately (costs about ₹1000).


Due to the 4k IPS display which offers 4 times greater resolution than Full HD TV, you can watch your favourite movie with fine details and vivid colours. Thanks to 4k Active HDR that offers rich colour and details in every scene.


LG Ultra HD LED Smart TV boasts a sleek design that has a slim bezel that enhances your viewing experience and is aesthetically pleasing.


You can enjoy the flawless and multidimensional sound from all angles through in-built speakers on the TV. Due to the AI Acoustic Tuning feature, you can hear sound in stellar quality all across the room. You can connect your USB or any other external device to the TV and enjoy your favourite movie and music with high resolution. It also has 2 ways Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect your headsets and earphones.

Magic Remote (if bought separately)

You can access your favourite TV channels from any corner of the room thanks to the Bluetooth LG magic remote which works in all directions.

Operating System : Web OS

High-End Premium LED TV

It takes only 1 to 2 seconds for booting up after powering the TV. Though not as effective as Android, Web OS isn’t quite bad too.

Sony 163.9 cm (64 inches) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV: Buy Sony (64 inches) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV

The Sony BRAVIA X9300E Ultra HD (4K) Smart Android TV delivers detailed images in a slim profile for your viewing pleasure. The 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme upscales all content in HDR quality and delivers more real-time processing. While its superior brightness and deeper blacks are given by its Slim backlight drive. It has a customisable bar for movies and series.

Why you should buy it?

  1. 4K HDR Processor X1Extreme upscales video content, giving you rich colours and images that are of high resolution.
  2. Comes with a magic remote which is very handy for search and navigation. Google Assistant answers your questions simply by voice search.
  3. It comes with TRILUMINOS Display, so you can enjoy a wider range of colours.
  4. Comes with a high storage memory of 16 GB.
  5. It has a good and reliable Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor.
  6. The processor is Octa-Core and 2.96 GHz due to which this Smart TV is very swift and quick in searches and navigation.
  7. Has one of the best speakers which gives elegant theatre experience.

Why you shouldn’t buy it?

  1. High power consumption.


The TRILUMINOS is one of the most advanced features of the Sony LED TV. You can enjoy vivid and life-like images in every scene from a wider range of colours. A specially developed backlight that selectively maps colours across a wider gamut achieved this advanced display. X-tended Dynamic Range Pro balances light output which reveals a brightness range 3 times better than conventional LED-backlight TV. HDR 10, Hybrid Log-Gamma, and Dolby Vision handles a wide range of HDR formats.


The design of the Sony LED TV is really attractive. Its narrow aluminum frames make the TV look more attractive and slim. For hiding the cables and wires there is a cable panel structure. The unique front stand of it hide cables from set-up boxes and Blu-ray players. You can also watch the TV’s slim flush surface display from the best possible angle with a flush mount swivel bracket.

Magic Remote

This magic remote has a dedicated button for Google Assistant. You can also control smart home appliances through this magic remote.


You can connect a USB and an HDMI source to start playing videos and music. Due to the front-facing 3-way speakers and with Clear Audio+ technology, you can experience an immersive sound experience.


You can cast your favourite TV programs, movies, and web series from your smart devices on this TV, thanks to the built-in Chromecast feature.

Motion flow XR

For smooth and sharp details in fast-moving sequences, the Motionflow XR technology works which create and inserts extra frames between original ones supported comparison of key visual factors of successive frames.

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