Vivo Watch 3- Innovation on Wrist

Vivo Watch 3- Innovation on Wrist

With a perfect blend of fashion and utility, smartwatches have emerged as essential accessories in the realm of wearable technology. One excellent example is the latest Vivo Watch 3. It blends creativity and elegance. So, in this blog, we will be going through the specifications of The Vivo Watch 3 in detail.


The Vivo Watch 3 comes with an elegant and small design. It has the dimensions of 46.1 in width, 46.1mm in height, and 13.7mm in thickness. With a 1.43-inch wide display, the wristwatch offers clients a bright and clear point interface for a range of applications. The gadget weighs just 36 grams, making it lightweight with its sophisticated features. Because of this, people who want a smartwatch that combines usefulness and design can go with the Vivo Watch 3. It also guarantees a modest and pleasant wearing experience.


To improve its usefulness, the Vivo Watch 3 has a variety of connection options. Users can place and take calls right from their wristwatches because of its call capability. The gadget connects to other compatible gadgets wirelessly by using Bluetooth technology. Users may take advantage of enhanced wireless communication speed, range, and stability with Bluetooth Version 5.2, which guarantees a dependable connection between the wristwatch and associated devices. The sophisticated connection functions of the Vivo Watch 3 add to a smooth and practical user experience, whether it’s handling calls while on the road or keeping connected during workouts.

Platform and Storage

The BlueOS platform powers the Vivo Watch 3, which has an elegant user interface and several features designed to make using a wristwatch a smooth experience. The BES2700BP processor powers its performance, ensuring rapid and effective operation for a range of activities and applications. Users will have plenty of room to save data, apps, and fitness-related statistics directly on the device thanks to its enormous 64GB internal memory capacity. The Vivo Watch 3 is a flexible and competent wearable gadget because of its substantial storage space, which not only supports the smartwatch’s functioning but also lets users customize their experience by storing music, applications, and other information.


The Vivo Watch 3 stands out among smartwatches because of its remarkable display characteristics. With a high resolution of 466 x 466 pixels, the display offers bright, vivid images for an enjoyable viewing experience. With a 36mm display, there is enough room to monitor alerts, fitness data, and other material comfortably.

AMOLED technology improves the quality of the display by providing rich contrast and vivid colors for a captivating visual experience. The Vivo Watch 3’s display functions let users engage with the device’s UI and make it an aesthetically pleasing and feature-rich smartwatch.

Fitness and other functions

The Vivo Watch 3 meets a wide range of user demands by being excellent at both fitness and basic watch tasks. With the heart rate monitor that it has, users may keep an eye on their cardiovascular health and measure their heart rate while engaging in different activities. The addition of a compass gives the smartwatch a useful feature that helps users with direction and navigation.

The device’s built-in basic watch features, including the date and time display, make obtaining important data simple. The Vivo Watch 3’s multilingual compatibility for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English further improves its usefulness and accessibility for a worldwide user base.

The Vivo Watch 3 combines functionality and ease to satisfy the many demands of its customers, whether they are fitness objectives or basic watch functions.


With such a wide range of sensors, the Vivo Watch 3 can track more elements of activity and health than ever before. Its optical blood oxygen and heart rate sensor allows for precise, real-time surveillance of blood oxygen levels and heart rate. Precise motion tracking and activity identification are made possible by the addition of an acceleration sensor and gyroscope, which offers helpful information on everyday activities and fitness.

The wristwatch also has a Hall sensor, ambient light sensor, geomagnetic sensor, air pressure altitude sensor, and other sensors. Together, these sensors provide a wealth of data that enables users to monitor changes in altitude, navigate using geomagnetic data, modify the brightness of the screen according to the ambient light, and make use of other features made possible by these sophisticated sensors.

The sensor suite of the Vivo Watch 3 improves its overall functionality and performance, making it a smart and trustworthy partner for monitoring one’s health and lifestyle.

Video and Audio Features

To increase its adaptability, the Vivo Watch 3 comes with audio and video capabilities. Because of its built-in speaker, customers may listen to audio material right from their watches. The speaker adds to a complete user experience when it comes to audio-based activities like music listening, call alerts, and other activities.

Furthermore, the microphone allows users to engage with speech-activated services, such as placing voice calls, giving voice instructions, and using voice recognition software.

The Vivo Watch 3’s audio and video features give it a dynamic element that goes beyond standard wristwatch features and gives consumers a more engaging and participatory experience.


Dial Colour- Black, Bright Moon, Moonlight White, Starlight

Dial Shape- Round

Strap Material- Leather

Size- Regular

Touchscreen- Yes

Interchangeable Strap- No

Dial Material- Stainless Steel

Ideal For- Unisex

Battery Type- 505

Battery Life- 16 days

Rechargeable Battery- Yes


The Vivo Watch 3 is a remarkable and versatile wristwatch that beautifully mixes style and utility. It comes with a variety of features like durable battery life, a variety of sensors, great functions for fitness freaks. So with a lot of features, this can be an amazing choice for you.

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