Best LED TVs in India by Size

Best LED TVs in India by Size

The first feature that attracts any user is the size of an LED TV. Remember when you visit any electronics shop, you automatically feel pulled toward the biggest screen size present in the room.

Bigger the size of the screen, the more the crowd of people around the screen. While doing thorough research we found what people look into any top led TVs in India is size, technology, and price.

In this article, we are presenting the best-LED TVs in India by the top LED TVs brand based on the size. The models that we compiled are handpicked and have been tested and verified by the tech experts. We will also talk about what you should be looking for before buying any LED TV.

Along with the buyers’ guide, you will be getting some inside tips and tricks that will help you in making a smarter choice. Additionally, we consider the user reviews and their experiences with these top-led TVs in India so that you can make wiser decisions than your neighbor.

Before listing out the best-LED TVs in India, let us understand what are the factors you should not miss in the latest LED TV in India.


The clarity and picture quality depends on the display type and resolution of the gadget. It is one of the most appealing features of a Smart TV.


These features help you to connect your Smart TV with different gadgets, thus giving you the pleasure to do your work on a big screen.


The dimensions and weight of a Smart TV affect its presentability. A TV with a large screen size and sleek design is very attractive and desirable.


The amount of active screen time per minute is called the Power consumption of a product. A Smart TV with less power consumption and more screen time is considered efficient.


This feature determines the audio-video quality of the Smart TV. This includes the number and quality of speakers and some other features like Multiple Voice Assistants and Game Enhancer Ambient Mode.


These features make the Smart TV experience very user-friendly and enjoyable. This includes features like voice assistants, PC mode, music system, home cloud, live cast, and many more.

Here is the list of the best-LED TVs in India by size in 2022 by top LED TV brands across the world.

43-inch LED TV

OnePlus 43 Y1S Pro 

The Y1S Pro comes with a 4-core MediaTek A55 processor, 2GB RAM, and Android TV 10. If you look at the design of the Y1S Pro it looks classy. At this price point of Rs.30,000, you can consider it one of the best-looking LED TV. Colors that these latest LED TV presents are pleasing, sharper, and clearer.

 OnePlus 43 Y1S Pro supports the HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG formats in this model. HDR feature of this product could have been better because the panel is not much brighter. As an audio feature, you will get a dual speaker setup with a 24W combined output and Dolby Audio.

The port settings in the OnePlus 43 Y1S Pro are generous. You will get 3x HDMI 2.1 (1x eARC), 2xUSB 2.0, optical, and ethernet ports in addition to dual-band Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.0. Chromecast support is available. Additionally, this latest LED TV works well with Alexa.

Display Size43-inch (108 cm)
Display Type4K LED
Resolution3840 x 2160 pixels
Weight6 Kg

Instead of focusing on the extra specifications and rarely used features OnePlus has focused on making the basic specifications of the LED TV right.  

The look of the Y1S Pro is classy and eye-pleasing to look at. It comes with a well-calibrated 4K panel, good audio, and ample connectivity options. For the convenience and switching between devices, its number of ports makes it much more useful. Overall, at this price point, this is one of the latest 43-inch LED TVs.   

You can buy OnePlus 43 Y1S Pro on Amazon with just one click.

55-inch LED TV

Xiaomi Mi TV 4X 55-inch UHD Smart LED TV

Display Size55-inch (138.8 cm)
Display Type4 K-LED TV
Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels
Weight13.3 Kg

Nowadays, there has been a market for affordable Android TVs. This craze has been driven by the value-oriented market of Indian consumers. Indians have always loved affordable products which are value for money. Xiaomi has been one brand that has encashed this opportunity both in the smartphone as well as smart TV market.

The reason behind Xiaomi’s success has been its quality at an affordable price. Xiaomi Mi TV 4X 55-inch is a UHD Smart LED TV which is one of the best options if you’re looking for an affordable smart TV of this size in the Indian market. And, if you can spend more money, all market is yours!

The TV came up with an amazing 55-inch screen size, with an LED display, and 4K ultra HD digital video format, along with that it has an amazing 3840×2160 pixels resolution and up to 60hertz refresh rate. Users also review that the picture quality of this TV is quite good.

Additionally, it supports Android OS, with 2GB RAM, and 8 GB internal memory, it has a graphic processor which includes Mali 4MP Upto 750MHz, and also supports JPEG image type.

Its smart features include support for several apps like Google play store, Google Play Music, YouTube, and all android apps.

You can buy Xiaomi Mi TV 4X 55-inch UHD Smart LED TV on Amazon with just one click.

65-inch LED TV

LG 65UP7500PTZ 65-inch UHD Smart LED TV

Display Size65-inch (
Display Type4K UHD LED
Resolution3840 x 2160 pixels
Weight28.4 Kg

The invention of the TV has been the most fascinating innovation for human beings. From a CRT box TV to one of the slimmest TVs, we have come a long way! And one of the top leading companies LG has been a successful player in the TV sector for a long time. LGs latest smart LED TV LG 65UP7500PTZ is 65 inches UHD Smart LED TV with 4K Resolution and displays 3840 x 2160 pixels. With an aspect ratio of 16:9, it provides one of the best displays with the most pleasurable experience. 

It supports Wi-fi & Ethernet. It comes with 2 Speakers of 20 W output. For the best user experience, it supports a Quad-Core Processor & 8 GB of Storage. It comes with a 178 ° Viewing Angle. It has 2 HDMI Ports & 1 USB Port too. It has a WebOS.

Extra features of this top LED TV consists of  AirPlay, Display Mirroring, and MyRemote Apps. Its smart feature includes Smartphone connect, SmartShare, USB HID Support, WiFi Direct, Thin Q AI, and LG Store for a smart experience with this top LED TV.

You can buy LG 65UP7500PTZ 65-inch UHD Smart LED TV on Amazon with just one click.

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