Best Sony Headphones in 2022

Looking for the best headphones in 2022? At this time, Sony headphones are the best headphones in 2022. So, don’t let your fear of missing out, come true. And buy brand new best Sony headphones in 2022.  In this article, we have researched, reviewed, and compiled the best Sony headphones. All Sony headphones are reviewed above 5 stars by the users.

So, before you buy the best Sony headphones what should you look for in the headphones? Very first you need to decide the style of using headphones i.e. in/over /on-ear. Later if you are looking for wireless Sony headphones you must look for battery backup and so on.

Most of the best Sony headphones are user-friendly and you can get them in all styles. So, now let’s have a look at the best Sony headphones in 2022. Before diving into the details of the best Sony headphones let us understand the factors you need to consider before purchasing any headphones.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing Headphones

  • Dimensions

The size and weight of a device come under dimensions, which affects the portability of a device. Light Bluetooth neckbands are more attractive for consumers.

  • Battery

The charge time, battery capacity, battery life, and battery type are included in this factor. A device with less charging time and a long-lasting battery is desirable.

  • Sound Features

This includes all the features which aid in making the sound quality crystal clear.

  • Connectivity Features

The features through which the Bluetooth neckbands can be connected to android phones, laptops, and tabs are called connectivity features.

  • Special Features

These include convenience features that make a device user-friendly and help in multitasking. It includes the waterproof feature, deep bass, and many more features.

Best Sony Headphones in 2022

Sony WH-1000XM4

Key Features

  • Dual noise sensor technology
  • Ambient sound control
  • Super-soft, pressure-relieving earpads
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Wireless freedom with BLUETOOTH® technology

Discover the joy of listening with Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones. Advanced noise cancellation technology blended with exceptional sound quality makes it one of the best Sony headphones in 2022. The noise cancellation feature means you can hear every note and tune with extreme clarity no matter where you are.

Sony WH-1000XM4 is an exceptional pair of wireless headphones that fulfills your every demand. Along with the great sound, exceptional active noise cancellation, excellent battery life, and user pleasing features like speak-to-chat are really changing the way we work. It is really hard to find any fault in these Sony headphone.

Price: 29,990/-
Buy here: Sony WH-1000XM4

Sony WH-CH510

Key Features

  • Bluetooth wireless technology for unrestricted movement
  • Easy hands-free calling and voice assistant commands with microphone
  • Up to 35 hours of battery life
  • Compact and lightweight, swivel ear cups

Immerse yourself in the sea of music with this incredible Sony WH-CH510. Sony WH-CH510 makes it easier to put it on ears and carry them smoothly. Its Bluetooth wireless technology is suitable for your fast-forwarding lifestyle.

Sony WH-CH510 ticks all the boxes that the user demands with headphones. Its hands-free calling and voice assistant commands help you to be more productive. If you look at the style and overall design of these Sony headphones, you will find that it is pretty compact and lightweight to your ears.

Price: Rs.5000/-
Buy here: Sony WH-CH510

Sony C400 (WIC400/B)

Key Features

  • Tangle-free cable management
  • Easy operation with buttons
  • Easy BLUETOOTH® connectivity with NFC One-touch
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life

Looking for the best Sony headphone with an ultra-lightweight Sony C400 (WIC400/B) is the right choice for you. This perfect fit headphone makes a perfect partner while exercising or at the gym. Its tangle-free cable keeps it clutter-free and hence improves your productivity. Its behind-the-neck design keeps you comfortable all day. Its hands-free assistance with Bluetooth connectivity adds extra convenience to your fast-paced life.

Price: Rs.5000/-
Buy here: Sony C400 (WIC400/B)

Sony WH-CH710N

Key Features

  • Quality streaming via Bluetooth
  • Travel easily with a swivel design 
  • Quick charging that lasts up to 35 hours
  • Hands-free help from your assistant

Don’t lag behind when the world is touching the skies! Get yourself a brand new Sony WH-CH710N and listen to excellent quality music. Its Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology lets you stay connected without any interruption. ANC helps you in listening crystal clear voice by canceling all the noise.

Besides it, its built-in Li-ion battery keeps running Sony WH-CH710N. It has a standby time of around 35 hours. And that means you can use these Sony headphones for 1 and a half days once changed, amazing isn’t it?

Price: Rs.15000/-
Buy here: Sony WH-CH710N

Sony WI-SP510

Key Features

  • EXTRA BASS for a deep, punchy sound
  • Easy hands-free calling and voice assistant
  • 15hr long battery life
  • Water-resistant and washable with an IPX5 rating
  • A choice of colors

Uplifting your mood and channelizing it to a productive task is easier never than before. As Sony’s best headphone is here! Sony WI-SP510 is the best fit for fitness freaks. Its water-resistant IPX5 technology helps you to prevent damage from sweat droplets or water content. Apart from this its 3-D curved design fits comfortably in your ears.
Coming to its audio quality, it is designed using powerful extra BASS for a deep and punchy sound.

Price: Rs.7000/-
Buy here: Sony WI-SP510

Sony WI-XB400 

Key Features

  • Enjoy up to 15 hours of non-stop music
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Voice-assistant compatible
  • Magnetic buds for easy carrying

Let your ears blow with these mind-blowing Sony WI-XB400 Sony headphones. Enjoy the audio quality with these Sony headphones like never before. Its soft, slim, and comfortable design adds extra comfort to your fast pacing lifestyle. The built-in magnet of each earbud keeps the buds tangle-free which makes it easier for carrying. And also helps in carrying it clutter-free when you’re not listening to anything.

Price: Rs.5000/-
Buy here: Sony WI-XB400 

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