Fire-Boltt Collide Smartwatch: Price, Features, and Availability in India

Fire-Boltt Collide Smartwatch: Price, Features, and Availability in India

The Fire-Boltt Collision is a new smartwatch from Fire-Boltt, a well-known company for its smart wearables. The Fire-Boltt Collision is anticipated to become one of the most well-liked smartwatches in the Indian market thanks to its outstanding array of features and reasonable price. The Fire-Boltt Collide smartwatch’s price, features, and availability will all be covered in this blog.

Design and Display

The smartwatch Fire-Boltt Collide has a fashionable circular clock and a 1.28-inch TFT screen. Black, Green, and Silver are the three-color options for the watch. The display’s 240 × 240-pixel resolution is adequate for producing a crisp and bright image.

The circular face of the watch gives it a classic appeal, and it is tiny and comfortable to wear. The straps are irritant-free and easy to wear because of the high-quality silicone utilized in their manufacture.

Fitness Tracking

Heart rate monitoring, step counting, calorie counting, and distance walking are just a few of the fitness tracking features available on the Fire-Boltt Collision wristband. The watch also has seven different sports modes, including ones for cycling, skipping, basketball, football, and badminton.

Your daily activities are tracked by the watch, which also gives you extensive information about your fitness objectives. Those who want to check their heart health will find the heart rate tracking option to be extremely helpful. Also, the watch gives you real-time exercise information so you can stay inspired and on schedule

Sleep Tracking

The watch also monitors your sleep patterns, including REM, light, and deep sleep, and it gives you a sleep score to assess how well you slept. The watch also offers advice on how to get better-quality sleep, such as getting to bed earlier or consuming less coffee.

Notification and Reminder

With the Fire-Boltt Collide wristwatch, you can receive alerts for calls, texts, and social networking applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. It also has reminder capabilities. You may also create reminders for other everyday activities, such as remembering to drink water or take your medication.

You won’t miss any crucial events or appointments since the watch will gently vibrate to let you know when you have notifications or reminders.

Music and Camera Control

You can remotely control the music and camera on your smartphone using the watch’s music and photo control functions. Directly from your watch, you may play or pause music, skip songs, and change the volume.

For those who wish to snap pictures without having to touch their phone, the camera control option is helpful. Also, the watch contains a find my phone feature that assists you in finding your phone if you misplace it.

Battery Life

The 220mAh battery in the Fire-Boltt Collide smartwatch has a standby time of up to 10 days and a normal use time of up to 4 days. With the variety of capabilities the watch offers, the battery life is remarkable.

Additionally, the watch has a quick charging feature that makes charging it quick and simple. The included USB cable can be used to charge the watch.


With the Fire-Boltt app, you can quickly pair the Fire-Boltt Collide smartwatch with your smartphone. The device is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app support we get to see with this smartwatch is very user-friendly which will give in-depth information about your fitness. The app also gives you software updates so you can keep your watch current with the newest features and functionalities while allowing you to customize your watch’s settings.

Price and Availability

The Fire-Boltt Collide smartwatch is priced at Rs. 3,999 in India, which is very competitive compared to other smartwatches in the market. The watch is available for purchase on Amazon India and the Fire-Boltt website.

Additionally, the watch comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer that covers any manufacturing flaws. The Fire-Boltt Collide smartwatch offers a variety of features typically found in more expensive smartwatches at a great value overall.


For those looking for a feature-rich smartwatch without going over budget, the Fire-Boltt Collide smartwatch is a great choice. The watch is a wonderful value for the money because it includes a variety of fitness tracking capabilities, notifications and reminders, music and camera control, and a long battery life. The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and comes in three distinct colour variations. The Fire-Boltt Collide smartwatch is a great addition to the company’s line of smart wearables and is certain to be well-liked by Indian customers.


Can you swim with the Fire-Boltt Collide smartwatch?

A: The Fire-Boltt Collide smartwatch has a 1.5-meter water resistance rating.

Can I use the Fire-Boltt Collide smartwatch to place calls?

A: No, you cannot make or receive calls using the Fire-Boltt Collide smartwatch since it lacks an integrated microphone and speaker.

Has GPS been added to the Fire-Boltt Collide smartwatch?

A: No, the Fire-Boltt Collide wristwatch lacks an integrated GPS. However, it can track your outdoor activities by connecting to the GPS on your smartphone.

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