Top 10 Best Room Heaters under 5000!

Top 10 Best Room Heaters under 5000!

Who doesn’t love winters and the nostalgia they bring? Well, the cold can get intense, but now, with room heaters available at such pocket-friendly cost, we all can declare winter as the official favorite season of all! So folks, buckle up, as we will discuss today, The Top 10 Best Room Heaters under 5000!

From traditional fireplaces to room heaters, humans have evolved a long way. From collecting woods and sticks to just using gas and electricity for heat, life has become easier ever since room heaters came to the world. So, without wasting any single minute, let’s dive into the world of best room heaters under 5000.  

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Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater: Best Room Heaters under 5000

Best Room Heaters under 5000

Latest Price( as per Amazon)-Rs 3,699

If it is looks that you are after, this one’s a treat for you. Functioning incredibly with both small and medium-sized rooms, it comes with an adjustable thermostat. Prioritizing safety over everything else, the room heater has the feature of switching off automatically in case the product overheats or tips off by accident. 

Orient Electric Fan Heater: Best Room Heaters under 5000

Best Room Heaters under 5000

Latest price( as per Amazon)- Rs 2,045

Allows quick heating, thanks to the mesh structure, this Electric Heater by Orient is handy and flaunts five-level safety protection. The powder-coated Metal body prevents electric shocks during its operation. Oh, it also provides different heat settings, so that you can take control of the temperature.

Usha Quartz Room Heater:Best Room Heaters under 5000

Latest price( as per Amazon)- Rs 1,245

Believe us when we say this, you won’t get a better option for a room heater at this range than this model. It is one of the cheapest, yet decent room heaters in India. Quartz heating element makes for a fast and energy-efficient heating solution. Apart from that, it comes with in-built overheating protection, which makes the product more durable. You also get 1 Year Warranty on the product when you get it. 

Orpat OEH Fan Heater

Latest price( as per Amazon)- Rs 1,065

A compact, energy-efficient room heater, Orpat room heaters are portable and has a nickel-chrome plated reflector. With two heat settings, you can comfortably adjust the heat intensity according to the outside temperature and your mood. From what we read from the reviews by certified buyers, the product is durable and does its part pretty well.

Orpat ORH Radiant Heater

Latest price(as per Amazon)-Rs 778

Yes, you read the price right. All this very convenient and portable device need is an electricity port/outlet. That’s it. One of the best heating solutions for small and mid-sized rooms, it uses infrared technology to transfer heat directly. 

Orpat OEH Fan Heater

Latest price(as per Amazon)-Rs 1,240

Built with extreme safety measures, this room heater has a one-year warranty period. The pure copper structure makes its internal mechanisms more permeable to long-term heating. Apart from this, it comes with a thermal cut-off and a cool-to-touch body.

Usha 1212 PTC with Adjustable Thermostat Fan Heater

 Latest price(as per Amazon)-Rs 3,379

A compact and powerful product, whose premium finish compliments your interior. The Positive Temperature Coefficient technology makes the product an ideal combination of both safety and effectivity.

Hate the motor noise that comes while your heater’s operating? Well, this heater won’t make any. What else? Adjustable thermostat, overheating protection, and three operating modes.

Solimo Room heater

Latest price(as per Amazon)-Rs 1,199

Apart from concentrating on the mechanism of its main function, the designer has given equal focus on the safety sides. Why this is one of the best room heaters in India? Let’s take a look at its specs.

  • Auto switch-off at 130 degrees Celcius.
  • Safety fuse that goes off at 126 degrees Celcius.
  • Fire retardant plastic body.
  • Effective heating, ideal for small and medium-sized rooms.
  • Serve as both heaters as well as a fan during summer.

Maharaja Whiteline Lava NEO Heater

Latest price(as per Amazon)-Rs 1,199

It’s portable, durable, light-weight, energy-efficient, and comes with three heat settings. The heater flaunts a 180-degree rotation that allows heat to spread over a wider area and thus heating up the room more quickly. 

Furthermore, the shock-proof body prevents any electrical shock and makes the product more safe and easy to use. It is also noiseless and comes with all the necessary safety features like switching off in case of accidental tipping over.

Morphy Richards Orbit Room Heater

Latest price(as per Amazon)-Rs 2,890

With a whopping 2000 watts power capacity, it is one of the nicest looking room heaters. Let’s quickly go through its specifications.

  • Instant warmth, thanks to the high-powered motor.
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Noiseless operation and portable and compact design.
  • All safety measures included.

Still confused about which heater will be the best for you? This article may help-How to choose the right room heater.

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