Hacks To Keep Your Room Warm Without Room Heater

Hacks To Keep Your Room Warm Without Room Heater

In India, winters arrives in early winter. People start to use heaters to keep them warm. However, these room heaters accounts for over 70% of household energy consumption. so reducing this percentage will not only cut down the electricity bill but also keep down the carbon emission in the environment.

In this blog we will be covering the hacks that your should try this winter in order to keep your room warm without any kind of room heaters.

Use curtains

Sun is the best source of heat energy. In day time try to remove the curtains of your windows and allow sunlight to enter in your room. This will not only bring heat and light to your room but also creates a positive vibe in the room.

However, when it gets dark shut all the curtains that will acts as insulation for your room. Also make sure that there is no leaks or gaps in the room so that warm air don’t get out of the room.

Fan direction

If you think fans are used only in summers then, you’re wrong. Reversing the direction of the motor in the winters can help in keeping your room warm. Actually, it sucks the cool air from the center and pushes the warm air from the top.

By using this trick you can lower the temperature of your room heater, eventually this will lower your electricity bill by 10%.


To stay warm while you sleep make sure you have good qualities of warm blanket. Remember that blankets are not enough to keep you warm all the time. The blanket material help to trap your body heat which eventually make you feel warmer. However initially blankets need to be heated, you can do it just by placing them in the sunlight for some times or near thermostat.

Use Draft stopper on your doors

Indian room doors have crack under the door. This will easily escape the warm air of the room outside and cold air will come in the room. You can place a draft stopper in the crack. This will work as an insulator for your room.

Cover floor with rugs

Did you know that room heat can also escape through flooring? Inf your are having flooring of tilers or marbel then you better know how it cool it feels in winters. To prevent this you can use rugs that is made of fabric that offers insulation and traps the heat in it. Along with this you will also feel nice and cozy when your are on it.

Crowd your room

Have you noticed that the room which have more household things have more temperature than the one which have less. This is because household things trap the heat. So can place small furnitures in your room that can be used for sitting purpose also.

More family member

If you are the one who lives single in a large room. Try to shift the bed of other family members in your room. More the number of people, more the room will be warmer. However, if this is not possible you can avoid it.

If you are a bachlore and living alone, invite your friend or colleges and share room with them. This will not only keep your room warm but also get a companion to spend time.

Clothes and food

When you are in the room, make sure that you wear warm clothes like sweaters and thermostat that is going to keep your body warm for longer period of time. Apart from clothes you should also take care of your diet, try to drink warm water and protein in your intake. This will also boost your immunity.

Coal fire

We know that we are against the carbon emission but if your focus is to cut down the electricity expenses then you can try this hack. If you live in village are, you might be familiar with it. Just lighting some coal in a mud pot can warm your room but it’s smoke can irritate your eyes.

Use Hot Water Bottle

This could be old thing but you can use to keep your bed warm before you step in your room. You might have noticed that when you step in your bed for a good sleep, the cool bedsheet is sufficient to realise the cold outside. So, to prevent this you can place warm water bottle under the bedsheet and remove them while you go to sleep.


So these are the ways your can keep your room warm this Winter. Using room heaters are simple and easy solution to keep your room warm but they have adverse effect of the environment and also on electricity bill.

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