Top 5 Coolers of 2024 under Rs.5000

Top 5 Coolers of 2024 under Rs.5000

To provide relief and comfort in hot and humid weather, coolers are essential. They contribute to the regulation of interior temperatures, making living, working, and sleeping environments more comfortable. Coolers reduce humidity and circulate cold air to reduce pain, avoid heat-related diseases, and boost productivity.

In addition, coolers can filter and cleanse the air, eliminating dust, allergens, and pollutants to improve respiratory health. They are adaptable and accessible solutions for a variety of settings because of their mobility and energy efficiency, guaranteeing that people can keep cool and comfortable even in the warmest conditions. In this blog, we will give you information about 5 coolers that you can buy to cross this winter pleasantly.

1. Bajaj PMH 25 DLX 24L Personal Air Cooler

Brand- Bajaj

Mounting Type- Freestanding

Special Feature- Adjustable Speed, Portable

Colour- White

Controls Type- Remote

Reservoir Capacity- 23 litres

Floor Area- 200 Square Feet

Included Components- Cooler, Caster wheels, Warranty card, Instruction manual

Number of Speeds- 3

Product Dimensions- 33D x 36.5W x 70.5H cm

Price- Rs.4,789

For houses, the Bajaj freestanding air cooler is a flexible and effective cooling option. It offers long-term, continuous cooling because of its 23-litre reservoir and 24-litre water tank capacities. The cooler has anti-bacterial hexagonal technology pads, which resist odours and keep the air fresh and clean while protecting against germs. Its hexagonal form reduces water use and increases cooling efficiency.

With its Turbo Fan Technology, this cooler improves air circulation to provide an even better cooling experience. With its three speed settings and adjustable airflow, customers may tailor the cooling to their preferred level. It is more convenient to use with the remote control included. Its four-way deflection technology also guarantees broad air distribution, efficiently covering a greater area.

The cooler’s caster wheels, which allow for simple movement in any direction, are part of its mobile design. It is intended for personal use and is perfect for chilling rooms up to 200 square feet due to its small size (33D x 36.5W x 70.5H centimetres). This cooler is long-lasting and dependable, with a 1-year product guarantee and a 2-year warranty on the DuraMarine pump from Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

2. Havells Heavy Duty Personal Air Cooler 24 Litres

Mounting Type- Freestanding

Special Feature- Tank Cover

Colour- White – Champagne Gold

Controls Type- Knob

Reservoir Capacity- 24 litres

Included Components- 1 N Personal Cooler, 1 N Instruction manual & 4 N Castor Wheels

Number of Speeds- 3

Product Dimensions- 30D x 32.6W x 76.8H Centimeters

Price- Rs.4,790 

With a 24-litre reservoir, the Havells Kalt freestanding air cooler provides effective cooling, making it ideal for home usage. Its lightweight plastic structure (7000 grammes) and compact proportions (30D × 32.6W x 76.8H centimetres) guarantee mobility and simplicity of deployment.
This cooler gives a sense of style to any area with its chic white and champagne gold colour scheme. The unique characteristic of the tank cover is that it adds both style and protection.

With its three-speed knob-operated controls, customers may customise the cooling strength to suit their preferences. The cooler’s 7″ aerodynamically built fan, which ensures effective air circulation, powers its 800 m3/hr air delivery capacity. Its three-sided honeycomb pads ensure longevity and improve cooling efficiency while resisting corrosion. Its robust construction prolongs its life and makes it a dependable cooling option for living areas.

One personal cooler, one instruction manual, and four castor wheels—which provide mobility and convenience—are among the included components. The Havells Kalt air cooler offers consumers effective cooling and peace of mind with a one-year manufacturer guarantee.

3. Crompton Ginie Neo Table-Top Personal Air Cooler- 10L

Mounting Type- Freestanding

Special Features- Noise Free, Water Dispenser, With Mosquito Net, High Speed, Shock Proof

Colour- White

Air Flow Capacity- 850 CMPH (Cubic Meters Per Hour)

Controls Type- Knob

Reservoir Capacity- 10 litres

Floor Area- 120 Square Feet

Price- Rs.3,599

For personal usage, the Crompton Ginie Neo 10-liter freestanding air cooler provides effective and practical cooling. It is lightweight and portable, weighing just 6.3 kg thanks to its small form and plastic construction.
To ensure user safety and comfort, this cooler has unique features including a water dispenser, a mosquito net, and shock resistance. It also makes no noise. Its white exterior gives it a sleek look.

It offers sufficient cooling for small places, with a reservoir capacity of 10 litres and suitability for rooms up to 80 square feet. With the addition of an ice chamber and high-density honeycomb pads, the blower provides an impressive 650 m3/hr of airflow, which guarantees optimal and sustained cooling for many hours.

Because the controls are knob-operated, users may simply change the settings. With the cooler’s 4-way air deflection capability, users may easily alter the direction of the air stream.
The cooler is energy-efficient and can operate on inverter power with a power consumption of just 130 watts. A motor overload protector increases the lifetime and durability of the motor while ensuring safety.
Its size (285 x 265 x 515 mm) makes it suited for tabletop usage, offering effective cooling for personal areas without taking up much floor space, even though it is manual and does not have a remote control or trolley.

4. Case Plus Alert Mini Portable Air Cooler

Capacity- 380 Milliliters

Installation Type- Window

Part Number- Air Cooler06

Form Factor- Personal

Special Features- Portable

Colour- White

Control Console- Button

Wattage- 7 Watts

Material- Plastic

Included Components- Instruction manual

In heated settings, the CASE PLUS Personal Air Cooler provides a practical way to remain cool and comfortable. This 380-millilitre capacity container has small, easy-to-use proportions of 12D x 10W x 8H centimetres.

This cooler, which has Hydro Chill Technology, quickly and effectively turns hot, dry air into cool, refreshing air. For optimal comfort, you may precisely direct the airflow where you need it with the multidirectional air vent.
The cooler is excellent for use even while you sleep since it functions quietly while having strong chilling powers. It is also more useful for overnight usage since it has a calming night light.

Place it on coffee tables, nightstands, or desktops and it will always provide cool air because of its stylish and lightweight design. The CASE PLUS air cooler relieves heat-related discomfort in a variety of settings, including the workplace, garage, dorm room, RV camper and even when travelling.
It also serves as a humidifier and air purifier in addition to being a cooler, creating a healthier atmosphere. Its three fan speeds and multidirectional air vent allow for personalised cooling to accommodate different tastes and make sure you’re comfortable no matter what.

5. Candes 12L Portable Mini Air Cooler 

Mounting Type: Freestanding

Colour: White Black

Air Flow Capacity: 4500 CMPH (Cubic Meters Per Hour)

Controls Type: Knob

Reservoir Capacity: 12 litres

Included Components: Instruction manual & Warranty Card

Standby Power Consumption: 80 Watts

Price- Rs.3,649

For use in the workplace or at home, the Candes 12 L freestanding air cooler is a dependable cooling option. Its smooth, clean ABS plastic body, which is rust-free and long-lasting, guarantees durability and little maintenance. The addition of an ICE Chamber improves cooling by enabling Turbo Chill Air Flow.

This cooler’s 12-litre reservoir guarantees steady cooling over an extended length of time. With its three-way speed settings and honeycomb pads, the high-performance design allows for exact control over airflow to suit personal tastes.

The cooler’s multistage filter successfully combats allergens, odour-causing germs, and air pollution while producing clean, fresh air. Keep windows and doors open while operating for maximum efficacy.
This cooler strikes a mix between performance and efficiency, using just 80 watts of standby power. With a 1380 RPM, the high-speed blower swiftly distributes cold air to relieve heat throughout the sweltering summer months.

Ergonomically shaped knobs enhance the cooler’s sleek, contemporary look while simplifying and streamlining operation. It is more efficient and convenient thanks to extra features including multi-way air flow, dust filter net, inverter compatibility, and vertical auto swing.
All things considered, the Candes 12 L air cooler provides effective cooling, robustness, and user-friendliness, making it a useful supplement to any area looking to escape heat.


In conclusion, the top 5 coolers for 2024 provide flexible solutions for a range of cooling requirements. The Havells Heavy Duty Personal Air Cooler and the Bajaj PMH 25 DLX provide cutting-edge features like Turbo Fan Technology and antimicrobial pads. Energy efficiency and a small design are features of the Crompton Ginie Neo. This compact and multipurpose Case Plus Alert Mini Portable Air Cooler doubles as a humidifier and purifier. Candles 12L Portable Mini Air Cooler incorporates an ICE Chamber and a multistage filter to provide long-lasting and effective chilling. These coolers are versatile and provide dependable solutions for use in homes, workplaces, and private areas.

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