Top 5 ACs to Buy in 2023 Under Rs.30,000

Top 5 ACs to Buy in 2023 Under Rs.30,000

To beat the intense heat during the summer, air conditioning (AC) is essential. It maintains ideal comfort, productivity, and well-being by controlling temperature, humidity, and air quality. Additionally, air conditioning enhances sleep quality, preserves delicate equipment, and aids in the prevention of diseases brought on by heat. So, in this article, we will be presenting the top 5 ACs of 2023 under Rs. 30,000 which you will never regret purchasing.

Blue Star IC309RBTU

With a 0.8-ton capacity, the Blue Star IC309RBTU 0.8 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC is a split air conditioner. It is made by Blue Star, a well-known company in the air conditioning sector. The air conditioner has inverter technology, which guarantees high cooling performance and energy economy. The air conditioner has a 3-star energy rating, demonstrating its capacity to conserve energy. It can cool with 2640 watts of power.

There are several operating modes available for the AC, including Auto, Cool, Fan, and Dry modes. For more comfort and quicker cooling when needed, it also has Turbo and Sleep modes. The Blue Star IC309RBTU installation comes with a one-year full guarantee, and the compressor is insured for five years.

The Blue Star IC309RBTU has convenience features including Auto Restart, which immediately resets the settings following a power interruption, and Self Diagnosis, which aids in diagnosing and locating any operating problems. The air conditioner also features a timer feature that lets you arrange when it runs according to your preferences. It also has a memory feature so that settings are kept even in the event of a power outage.


Capacity: 0.8 tons

Star rating: 3

Cooling Capacity: 2640 Watts

Features: Auto-start, self-diagnosis, memory feature, timer.

Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty & 5 Years on Compressor.

Price: Rs.28,999

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Voltas 153V DZV

A dependable air conditioner made by Voltas is the 153V DZV 1.2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC. It has a split design, which means that it is divided into two distinct components, one for interior installation and the other for outdoor installation. This air conditioner can effectively cool a room of average size with its cooling capability of 4250 Watts.

Utilizing inverter technology, which enables variable speed control and energy economy, the AC provides the best cooling performance while using the least amount of electricity. It has a star rating of three, which denotes average energy effectiveness.

This AC requires 990 Watts of input power and runs at a frequency of 50 Hz from a 230 V power source. The air conditioner has a remote control with an LCD screen for simple operation and control. It has several convenience features, including auto restart, which continues functioning after a power interruption, auto clean for simple maintenance, self-diagnosis, which may identify and show fault codes, and a timer function for scheduling tasks.

Copper, which has high heat transmission qualities and durability, is used to make the condenser coil for the main unit. This air conditioner uses R32, a refrigerant with a low impact on the environment. The Voltas 153V DZV AC comes with a servicing and installation guide.


Capacity: 1.2 tons

Star Rating: 3

Inverter technology: Yes

Cooling Capacity: 4250 Watts

Modes: Dehumidification, sleep mode, turbo mode.

Features: Auto restart, auto clean, self-diagnosis, timer.

Price: Rs.28,999. Click here to purchase

MarQ 153SIAA22BW2

A 1.5-ton, 3-star inverter split air conditioner is the MarQ 153SIAA22BW2. It has a split design, where the outdoor unit is positioned outdoors and the main unit is housed within. The AC makes use of inverter technology, which offers effective cooling performance while using less energy.

This air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 4900 watts, which is sufficient to efficiently chill a medium-sized room. It runs on a 240V, 50Hz power supply and needs 1660 watts of input power.

To improve user experience, the AC offers a variety of settings and convenience functions. It has a dehumidification mode that assists in lowering excessive moisture levels in the air. To keep the temperature at a comfortable level while you sleep, use the sleep mode. For ease of use, the AC comes with a remote control. A front-panel display is also included for simple monitoring and control.

Self-diagnosis technology built into the MarQ 153SIAA22BW2 enables it to identify and show problem codes for troubleshooting. Additionally, it has an auto restart capability that, in the event of a power interruption, instantly restarts operation with the existing settings.

This air conditioner has a 2-way air direction function that lets you choose the direction of the airflow based on your preferences. Additionally, it includes an automated air swing feature that swings the louvers to uniformly disperse the cold air around the space. To better regulate the airflow, the AC has graduated louvers and speed settings. The MarQ 153SIAA22BW2 is protected by a 10-year guarantee for the compressor and a 1-year warranty for installation.


Capacity: 1.5 tons

Star rating: 3

Cooling capacity: 4900 Watts

Modes: Dehumidification, sleep mode.

Features: Auto start, front panel display, timer, self-diagnosis

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Product and 10 Years on Compressor.

Price: Rs.29,999.

Daikin FTL28UV16W1

The Daikin FTL28UV16W1 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split AC is a cooling appliance that offers efficient performance and various convenient features. With a capacity of 0.8 tons, it is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. The AC does not have inverter technology but boasts a noise-free operation.

The indoor noise level of the AC is relatively low, with measurements of 37 dB on the low setting, 32 dB on the medium setting, and 43 dB on the high setting. This ensures a peaceful environment while the AC is running. The cooling performance of the unit is impressive, with a cooling capacity of 2800 Watts. It has an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 3.95 W/W, indicating its energy-saving capabilities.

Operating at a current of 3.18 Ampere, the AC requires a power input of 709 Watts. It operates on a power supply of 230V at a frequency of 50Hz. The AC also features a dehumidification mode, allowing it to remove excess moisture from the air, making it suitable for humid climates. Other modes available include cool mode and dry mode, providing flexibility in operation.

Convenience features include auto restart, which enables the AC to resume operation with previous settings after a power interruption. The child lock feature prevents unauthorized access and changes to the settings. The AC also features self-diagnosis capability, allowing it to detect and display error codes for easy troubleshooting.

The evaporator fin type is blue fins, which enhances heat transfer efficiency. Both the main unit and outdoor unit condenser coils are made of copper, known for their excellent heat transfer properties. The AC comes with a 3-meter pipe length for additional gas, providing installation flexibility.


Capacity: 0.8 tons

Cooling capacity: 2800 Watts

Modes: Cool mode, dehumidification, dry mode, sleep mode

Features: Auto-start, child-lock, self-diagnosis, timer

Price: Rs.27,700 Click here to purchase


The Lloyd GLW18C3YWSEW is a 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC designed by Lloyd. It is a non-inverter type air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 1.5 tons. The AC is equipped with a 3-star energy efficiency rating, which indicates its energy-saving capabilities.

The AC features a noiseless operation and has a medium noise level of 52 dB during cooling. It requires a power input of 1525 watts and operates on a power supply of 230V and 50Hz frequency. The AC comes with a remote control for convenient operation and control.

The front panel of the AC has a display for easy monitoring of settings and temperature. It also has a self-diagnosis feature that helps in identifying and troubleshooting any operational issues. The compressor used in the AC is a non-inverter type. The evaporator fin type is Blue Fin Coils, which enhances the cooling efficiency. The main unit condenser coil as well as the outdoor unit condenser coil are made of copper, which offers better heat transfer and durability.

For installation, the AC comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty, covering both the AC unit and a 5-year warranty specifically for the compressor.


Capacity: 1.5 tons

Star rating: 3

Features: Front panel display, self-diagnosis.

Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive on AC and 5 Years on Compressor.

Price: Rs.27,499. Click here to purchase


In conclusion, there are a number of great alternatives accessible if you’re seeking for an air conditioner around Rs. 30,000 in 2023. To improve your comfort and enjoyment, the top 5 air conditioners discussed in this article offer effective cooling performance, energy-saving features, and a variety of convenience features. All of these air conditioners include features that will increase your comfort and convenience and are covered by warranties. Consider the size of your room, your unique needs, and the features that are most important to you when selecting an AC.

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