Wearing class on wrists- Noise ColorFit Chrome

Wearing class on wrists- Noise ColorFit Chrome

In today’s fast-paced world, smartwatches are important for more than just keeping time. These elegant companions have grown into necessary gadgets, flawlessly combining design and usefulness to improve our everyday lives. Among them, the Noise ColorFit Chrome watch stands out as a clever combination of health and technology. Aside from its visual appeal, this wristwatch prioritises overall health, with capabilities like step tracking, heart rate monitoring, and stress tracking. With its colourful AMOLED display, language support, and audio features, the Noise ColorFit Chrome watch is more than simply a clock, it embodies the spirit of contemporary smartwatches. Let’s look at the many features that make this watch a vital component of our connected lives.


Numerous connection options are included with the Noise ColorFit Chrome watch to improve its usefulness. With the device’s phone capabilities, users may easily make and take calls right from their wrist. A crucial component is Bluetooth connection, which allows for easy pairing with compatible devices for effective communication and data transmission.

Notifications, alarms, and updates may be received immediately on the smartwatch because of its Bluetooth technology, which also makes it easier to synchronise the watch with smartphones. This connection feature makes handling calls and keeping connected while on the road easier and more accessible, improving the user experience overall.


The outstanding camera and display functions of the Noise ColorFit Chrome watch add to its overall usefulness. Because of the AMOLED display on the iPhone, images are clear and vivid. AMOLED technology improves contrast and colour reproduction, giving consumers a more engaging and visually appealing experience while interacting with the watch.

The crisp output of the display is especially useful for clearly displaying alerts, fitness data, and other information. The material presented on the Noise ColorFit Chrome watch does not specifically mention a camera functionality, but its emphasis on an AMOLED display implies that a visually attractive and dynamic user interface for a variety of apps and capabilities is a priority.

Fitness and Watch Functions

To meet the demands of users’ health and lifestyle, the Noise ColorFit Chrome watch provides an extensive range of fitness and watch features. With the help of the gadget’s step count function, users can monitor their daily exercise and create customised fitness objectives. Its ability to monitor health is further enhanced by the addition of a heart rate monitor, which enables users to closely track their heart health while engaging in different activities.

The watch has a calendar function for easy planning and scheduling in addition to standard timekeeping features. Users may personalise their alarms using the alarm clock function, which guarantees timely reminders for significant occasions or everyday tasks. The watch’s usefulness as a timekeeping accessory is further enhanced by the display of the date and time.

English language support for the Noise ColorFit Chrome watch increases accessibility for a larger user base. The watch streamlines user interaction and operation with only one button for navigation. The gadget offers customers a more comprehensive approach to health management by including sophisticated functions like a stress tracker, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring, and menstrual cycle tracking, in addition to standard fitness tracking. The addition of these extra fitness functions increases the watch’s adaptability as a complete wellness and health companion.

Audio and Video Features

Features for audio and video are included with the Noise ColorFit Chrome watch to improve its overall performance. Because the watch has a speaker built in, users may enjoy audio output straight from it. This makes it easy to listen to warnings and notifications or even make calls without requiring any more gear. The inclusion of a microphone enhances the functionality of the watch by allowing users to take voice notes, respond to voice commands, and communicate hands-free.

With the help of these audio features, users can remain connected and involved even while they’re on the road, making the user experience more immersive and engaging. The Noise ColorFit Chrome watch enhances its usefulness as a multipurpose smartwatch by offering a well-rounded audio and visual experience, whether it is being used for voice-based tasks, music listening, or answering calls.


Price- Rs.5,000

Dial Colour- Black

Dial Shape- Rectangle

Strap Material- Stainless Steel

Size- Regular

Touchscreen- 1.85

Ideal For- Unisex


For those looking for a smartwatch that is both adaptable and health-conscious, the Noise ColorFit Chrome watch proves to be a feature-rich companion. It provides an aesthetically pleasant interface for several operations with its vivid AMOLED display. Comprehensive health management is supported by fitness-focused features, which include heart rate monitoring, step counting, and sophisticated indicators like stress tracking and SpO2 monitoring. The speaker and microphone on the watch, together with its audio and video features, give another level of usefulness for voice interactions, calls, and alerts. Operation is made simpler by the one-button navigation, and accessibility is guaranteed by the English language support. All things considered, the Noise ColorFit Chrome watch is a tempting option for anyone wishing to improve their smartwatch experience since it skillfully blends appearance, practicality, and health-focused features.

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