Best Comparing Prices Websites that will Boost your e-Commerce Sales

Best Comparing Prices Websites that will Boost your e-Commerce Sales

Following the growth of the e-commerce industry comes the massive competition that it offers to merchants. The only way to stand out as a successful merchant in this industry is by having proper resources to manage your sales growth. This is when comparing prices websites comes in handy.

In this article, we will be introducing you to one such great resource that will help you boost your sales. Yes, you guessed it correctly! We are talking about comparing prices websites or Comparison shopping engines. Curious to know everything about them? Read on.

What are Comparing Prices Websites?

Price comparison websites are an effective tool that helps buyers and sellers realize and understand the market trends of different brands and stores. 

With the rising popularity of online shopping, the usage of comparison shopping engines is also rising to the sky. Everyone wants to make the best deal, be it the buyer or the seller. By comparing prices online, everyone makes the most out of it.

How does comparing prices websites help consumers?

As buyers, we seek decent quality at a reasonable price. Often we find ourselves switching between websites and apps, trying to find out which company/brand/website is selling our desired product at the lowest price. With the arrival of comparing prices websites, this task got easier.

How do comparing prices websites work?

Let’s take an example. Suppose you are looking to buy a table lamp and want to buy it at the best price. All you have to do is choose a comparing shopping engine(CSE) and search for the thing. You will immediately see all the merchants and websites alongside product descriptions on one screen. Undoubtedly, it will save you a lot of time switching from one website to another. 

How does Comparing Prices Website help merchants/sellers?

Simply speaking, it increases your brand’s identity and visibility. Your brand must be famous enough for it to appear on the search result of popular CSE’s. If it’s not, your brand value may not be as much as you think it is. It means that your competitors are doing far better than you are. How to increase your brand visibility? Keep reading.

The primary reason why your business does not appear on price comparing websites could be that your market strategies and pricing models are nowhere near your competitors. Maybe you are doing it all, yet you are lagging on minor factors. By constantly keeping an eye on the market trends, you can sure hail all others. 

CSE’s help merchants to analyze their competitors on a close level. Furthermore, you can regularly check up on what they are up to and prepare better marketing deals to attract more customers. Last but not least, when your service appears in the top position of CSE’s, people begin to notice your brand.

Thus, if you really wish to see yourself doing well in the subsequent years, start understanding the mechanism that different price comparison websites use. Set your pricing models according to what attracts the audience. Remember, a too low amount on your products could give consumers an idea of quality compromisation. 

Comparing Prices Websites:

Now, without wasting any further seconds, let’s jump straight to our focus topic for today. Below, we have presented the list of Top 20 Price Comparison Websites for e-Commerce Sales.

Google Shopping: The largest comparing prices websites

comparing prices websites

We bet you probably have heard about this one already! Integrated with Google Ads, Google Shopping is undoubtedly the largest CSE out there. With the result displayed directly on the standard google search, it’s a brilliant tool for merchants to analyze their competitions. 

It is one of the greatest resources when it comes to comparing prices. Additionally, it helps retailers increase traffic to their websites. When you search for a product in Google Shopping, your result comes included with the product description, user reviews, images of the product alongside the price. This helps you to make a good and informed decision. 

Yahoo Shopping

comparing prices websites

Partnered with brands like Amazon and Walmart, Yahoo shopping allows shoppers to create a wishlist. This feature enables shoppers to get regular notifications of every major and minor price change involving their wish product. This way, budget shoppers can know when’s the right time to buy the product.

PriceGrabber: One of the Best comparing prices websites owned by Connexity

comparing prices websites

Owned by Connexity, PriceGrabber is one of the best platforms for retailers to improve their marketing network. The main benefit of featuring your product is that there is no long-term contract associated with this website. Moreover, you don’t even require to pay any sign-up fees. If you feel that your product is not generating enough revenue, you are free to pull out your product.

What else? It has a tie-up with Yahoo Shopping. Whenever you list any product on PriceGrabber, your product automatically gets listed on Yahoo Shopping too. 

CamelCamelCamel: One of the most trusted Comparing Prices Websites

comparing prices websites

Love Amazon? Then you will definitely love CamelCamelCamel. It is a go-to website for Amazon products. It helps its users to make the best deal available on Amazon. It also showcases the average price range from other merchants/retailers/websites. Furthermore, the platform presents deals for both ‘New’ as well as ‘Used’ products when you want to compare Amazon’s price.

comparing prices websites

With thousands of products listed on their product catalog, is widely used as a compare price website. A part of eBay’s family, this platform allows merchants to put their products in front of a large audience. 


Another great platform for online retailers, Pronto allows merchants to analyze prices of similar products from big brands like Amazon, Walmart, and Overstock. It displays results from thousands of e-stores and helps you make the best deal for your customers. With millions of visitors every month, Pronto will surely boost your e-commerce journey.


comparing prices websites

Again owned by Connexity, Shopzilla dates back to 1996. Its huge popularity leads to millions of customers visiting the website monthly, looking to make the best purchase/deal. The thing that makes Shopzilla unique is its feature of managing an online portfolio of registered retailers. Shopzilla is an excellent choice for those who love competition. 


comparing prices websites

Popular for its simple, user-friendly interface, BizRate comes with the feature of setting price alerts. This allows visitors to buy their product of interest at the lowest price. It even offers the option to download PDF versions of the user manual. It is also a Connexity-owned platform.


The popular website, Become is a leading website when it comes to comparing prices online. Apart from the usual price comparing results, it also allows users to review the products. Just search for the product you need and choose the best-discounted brand! For merchants and retailers, this platform is also very convenient when it comes to keeping an eye on competitors. 


One of the highest traffic attracting websites, NexTag has been around for a long time now. NexTag is the go-to website for drop shippers, as it allows them to find out what’s trending at what price. Accompanied by features like price alerts, it allows visitors to compare values from giant networks like Amazon and eBay.

Bing Shopping Campaigns

Happen to have the Bing search engine? If yes, then Bing Shopping Campaign is right on your device! Just search for your product and see the marketing trend. The cherry on the cake? The Microsoft-powered platform provides the feature of shopping campaign to advertise your brand.


A German comparing shopping engine, Idealo showcases the best deals from popular chains like eBay and Amazon. The thing that makes it different is its companion Shopify app. 

Idealo is a very helpful platform for drop shippers to identify what’s selling. Simply by clicking on a product, you will get access to the product description, offers, and reviews. The website being easy to use is a favorite of millions of shoppers. 


Comparing prices of leading retailers like eBay and Amazon, PriceRunner has a smooth and user-friendly interface. This website even offers you access to the price histories of different brands, product reviews and gives price alerts so that you can buy the product at the best hour. Additionally, it comes with the advantage of providing seller’s information such that you can physically find them in person and buy products from them locally.


Also, available as a mobile app, BuyVia like other comparing prices websites, allow their users to check product prices from different retailers. It even gives its customers the privilege to scan bar codes. Oh, that’s not just it. BuyVia is known for giving promo codes and coupons to their happy shoppers to help them get even better deals!


A very popular price comparing website, it is famous for having unique deals under the categories of beauty, fitness, sports, photography, fashion, and healthcare. What makes PriceSpy special is that it allows its visitors to use various parameters to narrow down their searches.


Apart from just comparing prices, ShopSavvy also tells its users’ information about the stores that have the maximum number of units in stock. It also has a price match tool feature that helps shoppers make the best deal without having to go elsewhere. Oh yeah, you can also scan bar codes and search for UPCs as well.   


Pricewatch is a great price comparison website for all the electronics nerds out there. It helps shoppers to make the best deals when it comes to electronics and technologies. From computers to graphic cards and from tablets to keyboards, it covers them all. This website is a refugee for electronics brands and solo retailers who want to keep an eye on the electronics market.  


Available on all the major devices like Android, iOS, and macOS, PricePirates is a Germany-based price comparing website. Although the website has a 90s outlook, it is one of the best apps of today’s world. Comparing prices of big platforms like Amazon and eBay, you can find suppliers from AliExpress on the website too.


Last but not least is our very own website Value Mantra. A great website for comparing prices online is under construction! Our technical team is working tirelessly to make sure that our website incorporates every unique feature we collected from others alongside integrating our own creativity into it. It’s just a matter of time before we present you with an all-in-one website that has everything you will ever need.


As the post has already made it crystal clear, price comparison websites make the whole experience of online shopping more convenient and budget-friendly. Just by typing the name of a product, you instantly get an overview of the product’s price and details. Not only are the websites helpful for online shoppers, but they are also extremely valuable and resourceful tools for online merchants. 

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the websites and find out the best for yourself!

Till we meet again, stay in touch with us.

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