Lava Blaze Pro 5G – All you need to know

Lava Blaze Pro 5G – All you need to know

Due to their capacity to rapidly link users to information, boost productivity, assist users in times of need, encourage social interaction, promote economic development, encourage innovation, and support social change, mobile phones are of utmost importance.

In this sector, Lava has launched its Lava Blaze Pro 5G. With 5G compatibility for super-fast connection, a modern design, a bright display, a potent CPU, and an excellent camera system, the Lava Blaze Pro 5G is a cutting-edge smartphone that personifies the future of mobile technology.


With a refresh rate of 120 Hz, this phone’s display offers a fluid and snappy visual experience. With an FHD+ (Full High Definition Plus) resolution standard, it provides clear and colorful graphics that improve the entire viewing experience. The screen’s diagonal measurement of 6.78 inches offers enough room for immersive content consumption and effective navigation. Additionally, a touchscreen interface is included for easy Lava Blaze Pro 5G use. This display’s 1080×2460 resolution produces crisp, detailed pictures, and its 396 pixels per inch (PPI) pixel density makes sure that each image and text element on the screen is distinct and well-defined.


The MediaTek Dimensity 6020powered octa-core CPU inside of this Lava Blaze Pro 5G has eight cores. This multitasking behemoth guarantees effective multitasking and a seamless user experience. The phone’s speed is further improved by the processor’s substantial 8GB of RAM, which enables seamless app switching and efficient multitasking.

This Lava Blaze Pro 5G has a big 128GB internal storage capacity in terms of storage. Storage capacity for programs, pictures, movies, and other digital stuff is abundant thanks to this. Expandable storage is an alternative for individuals who need even more room for storage. There is enough space for all of your data and media demands thanks to the phone’s support for microSD cards, which let you enhance the storage capacity by up to 1000GB (1TB). This phone’s hardware arrangement may accommodate your needs whether you’re a frequent app user, a photography fanatic, or just desire space for a large media collection.


The main back camera on this Lava Blaze Pro 5G has an astounding 50-megapixel resolution, and there are two rear cameras in total. Your shots will be clear and rich in detail thanks to the high-resolution camera’s ability to capture crisp and detailed images. Depending on the phone’s camera software and features, the dual rear camera setup could provide extra functions like depth sensing or wide-angle capabilities.

A single 8-megapixel camera on the front is great for taking selfies and making video calls. Even while it may not have the same resolution as the back camera, it can nevertheless take decent-quality self-portraits and support video chats.

The front camera is placed within the handset’s bezel or notch rather than extending or “popping up” from the top of the phone since this phone, noticeably, lacks a pop-up camera mechanism. This design decision may help make the phone more robust and efficient while maintaining high-quality camera capabilities for both front and back photography requirements.


This Lava Blaze Pro 5G provides a wide range of connection choices to keep you connected and productive. WiFi is supported, and several WiFi protocols, including 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, are compatible with it. This makes it possible for you to access the internet quickly and dependably by connecting to a range of WiFi networks, including both established and emerging routers.

The smartphone has GPS for navigation and location services, enabling you to precisely pinpoint your position and navigate using maps and location-based applications.

The Lava Blaze Pro 5G comes with Bluetooth version 5.00, which is also supported. This makes it possible for you to transmit data and stream music wirelessly to a variety of Bluetooth accessories, including headphones, speakers, and other Lava Blaze Pro 5Gs.

The Lava Blaze Pro 5G has a USB TypeC connection and a flexible and reversible connector for data transmission and charging. It also supports USB OTG (OnTheGo), which enables you to attach external USB phones to the phone like flash drives or keyboards. Also, There is an FM radio option on this Lava Blaze Pro 5G.

The smartphone includes dual SIM card slots that can hold two SIM cards at once in terms of SIM card functionality. Additionally, both SIM card slots provide active 4G connection, enhancing connectivity and enabling simultaneous use of both SIM cards for calls and 4G data.


This Lava Blaze Pro 5G has a flexible array of sensors that may be used for different user interactions and functionalities. It has a fingerprint sensor and a Face Unlock function for fast and safe access via face recognition, adding another layer of biometric protection. Accurate navigation and awareness of one’s surroundings are made easier by the presence of a magnetometer or compass sensor.

To avoid accidental touches, the proximity sensor during calls dynamically modifies screen behavior. Auto screen rotation and motion-based apps are made possible via an accelerometer. Screen brightness is dynamically adjusted to ambient lighting conditions using the ambient light sensor. Last but not least, a gyroscope improves motion detection for augmented reality apps and gaming, all of which boost user experience.


Price: ₹12,499

Dimensions (mm): 168.70 x 76.70 x 8.96

Battery Capacity (mAh): 5000

Available Colors: Radiant Pearl, Starry Night

Display: 6.78-inch (1080×2460)

Storage: 128 GB


The Lava Blaze Pro 5G is a powerful smartphone with a variety of cutting-edge capabilities. It meets a range of customer demands because of its high refresh rate display, strong CPU, plenty of storage possibilities, and flexible camera arrangement. Its attractiveness is further boosted by connectivity choices, dual SIM support, and a variety of sensors, making it a competitive alternative in its price category.

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