All you Need to Know about Nothing Earbuds

All you Need to Know about Nothing Earbuds

Being a new brand in the smartphone industry, Nothing has focused mostly on providing a unique product to its customers. Its Nothing Ear Stick is its third product in the market. These new earbuds come with a transparent design and look very unique concept.  

So if you are looking to purchase this ear stick, then this blog is made only for you. After reading this post, you might change your buying decision.


The all-new Earbuds from Nothing come with intriguing designs. Moreover, we can say that it has something new to offer. The ear stick case is made in the shape of lipstick. The one disadvantage I found in the case is the accumulation of a lot of dust, if not sealed properly. It has a USB-C charging embedded in the red plastic module. The tubular design allows it to stand upright.

Even though it is small in size, the ear case is a little bulkier and protrudes further from your pocket. It could be a little uncomfortable for travelers. The earbuds have a polycarbonate finish and are available in white colors. The company assures that these buds are comfortable to wear for long hours. In addition to it, the buds have a light body weight of 4.4 grams each, which makes them easy to wear for long hours. The weight of the buds along with the charging case is about 46.3 grams making it convenient to carry.


The new Ear stick is much better than the previous one. This ear Stick uses the older half-in-ear style.  They are more external to your ear canals rather than pressing inside.

However, nothing has been done about something new with their ear stick but they look odd-especially when looking at the competition. Many customers have reported that while using these buds, the half-in-ear style makes it inconvenient to wear while doing any physical exercise. It also has an IP54 rating that protects it from dust, sweat, and minimal splashes.

We get to see touch sensors on both sides of the earbuds that allow you to pause/play the music, adjust the music, and skip forward and backward. Apart from all these features, you can also enable your voice assistance on the phone by just pressing the touch control for 3 seconds.


The all-new ear stick comes with SBC and AAC codecs along with Bluetooth 5.2 which makes it easy to pair by switching. To activate the Bluetooth of the earbud, you need to hold the silver power button. To access better features and connectivity you need to install the Nothing X app.

The company has upgraded the Nothing X app as it comes with a slight reverse look and with additional features. you can see the battery percentage of the earbuds and case on the screen of your smartphone. The Ear Stick Equaliser option offers a three-band custom EQ in addition to four presets.

Sound Quality

The half-in-ear design feels a little offbeat. The gear stick has a midrange frequency and the sound quality is bright and forceful. The bass level is average as it does not fulfill our expectations. On considering the price of the earbuds, we could conclude that it sound quality is detailed.

We experienced some background noise while listening to music. This is a good thing while you are walking on the road but it feels distracting.

Call quality & battery

As far as voice quality is concerned, it is relatively good for phone calls as the company provides a decent microphone. The earbuds struggle to maintain good voice quality in noisy locations and a large amount of background noise can be heard on a phone call.

The company promises that these earbuds offer seven hours of nonstop audio playback. Even users have reported five to six hours of battery backup on a single charge.


Other than the new rotational design we couldn’t find anything in this nothing Ear Stick. The half-ear design is obsolete. You can opt for a fancy look of the earbuds but this won’t be a smart buy option. There are multiple better earbuds in the market, which offer better at this price point. You can avail of them from online stores at a price point of Rs. 8,499.

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