5 Things To Consider Before Buying An Air Cooler

5 Things To Consider Before Buying An Air Cooler

 An Air cooler has become very significant this summer, especially in hot and humid areas. If you are looking to buy a new air cooler to keep your home cool then this blog will be very useful for you. There are many types of coolers available nowadays. Some are only for providing fresh air whereas some are made to keep your surroundings cool. The process of buying an Air cooler could be very confusing as there are many options available in the Indian market. So if you are thinking of where to buy an air cooler then this article is made only for you.

Therefore, you need to follow some necessary checklists so that you can opt for an air cooler that fits your budget and doesn’t consume much electricity. So here are the things you should consider before buying an air cooler

  1. Climate
5 Things to consider before buying an aircooler - Climate

You can find different variety of coolers in the market according to the climate conditions. After analysing the climate condition of the place you can choose an evaporating, personal, desert or a tower cooler.

If you are living in an area where the weather is warm, then opting for an evaporating cooler can be a better option for you. After analysing all four types of coolers you can choose the one that suits you. The evaporating cooler is best for an area having high heat with low humidity.

If you are searching for a cooler for a bigger area then, you must go for a desert cooler. However, there are many disadvantages to having a desert cooler. Firstly they consume a lot of electricity, secondly, they require a lot of water input.

However, if you are searching for a cooler For your small room then it is advised that you must go for a portable cooler. They are very lightweight also they consume less electricity compared to any other cooler.

  1. Budget

You will find many coolers in the different price ranges. However, along with the price, you must also check its power consumption. This is the factor that affects in the long run. Therefore, you must cross-check check the cooler you are willing to purchase is power efficient or not.

The second factor you must check is the maintenance cost. This is because as your cooler gets old its maintenance cost keeps rising. Therefore, it is always advised that you must look for a cooler that has some additional features like an inverter. This small feature can help you in saving a lot on your electricity bill.

  1. Additional features

In today’s market, there is a large variety of coolers and all have some unique and different features. Moreover, with time companies are increasing the number of features in their coolers to make their product stand out from their rivals. Therefore, one must always look for the best-suited features as per their preference.

Nowadays cooler comes with a pad fit in them. Generally, it is advised that one must go with a cooler having 90mm or more pads installed in them. It is because the cool air flow depends upon the thickness of the pad.

Another important feature is the fan speed controller which is a must in today’s generation cooler. It is always suggested that you must opt for a cooler, in which you can control the speed of the fan as per your requirement. This feature helps in saving a lot of electricity. 

  1. Water tank capacity
5 Things to consider before buying an aircooler - Water Tank capacity

Water is considered the main element of an air cooler. This is because, without water, it won’t function properly. More the water holding capacity, the lesser time you have to spend on refilling it. Moreover, the tank size depends upon the size and type of cooler. Desert coolers have a large water tank as they are made for cooling a larger area.

If your requirement is for a bigger area then you must go for a cooler with a water holding capacity of up to 30 litres. However, if your room is small then you can go with a cooler that has 20 litres of water holding capacity.

Now water cooler comes with an amazing new feature to avoid water to spill of during refilling. Therefore, one must go for this type of cooler to avoid the cluttering at the time of refilling.     

  1. Opting for the best brand

There are many air cooler companies in the Indian market. Therefore, you must select the best band wisely at the time of your purchase. You should also consider the reviews posted about the cooler and its brand is given by the existing customers along with the price and size.

Another important thing that one must consider about the brand is the after-sale service. This is the most important factor that must be considered before trying the product of any new brand. So you must do well research about the cooler brand before purchasing it. So that they are well equipped to provide required services after-sales. 

Types of Indian Air coolers

There are mainly four types of air coolers available in the Indian market. You can opt for the one which fits your requirement. They are Personal cooler, Tower cooler, Window cooler and Desert cooler.

Personal coolers

5 Things to consider before buying an aircooler - Personal Coolers

The very first type of cooler that is available in the Indian market is the personal cooler. As the name suggests it is meant only for personal usage. They are generally designed for cooling small rooms. They provide cool and clean air that will protect you from the summer heat and sweat.

Tower cooler

5 Things to consider before buying an aircooler  - Tower Cooler

If you require to cool a bigger area then you can go for these types of coolers. They are generally made to cool a large amount of area. They are capable of cooling larger areas in very less time as they push the air in the vertical direction. They work on the principle of taking in warm air and then evaporating the heat and giving back cool air. They are moreover made for a medium-sized room.

Window cooler

5 Things to consider before buying an aircooler - Window Cooler

You might have noticed this kind of coolers is installed in five-star hotels. They are installed on the windows with half of the body outside of the room. They have honeycomb pads on their sides. They are generally costlier compared to any other kind of coolers. The best part about this cooler is that it consumes less power than other coolers and it only has an initial cost high but is easy to maintain.

Desert coolers

5 Things to consider before buying an aircooler - Desert Coolers

These types of coolers are made for places where the temperature is very high and humidity is less. These coolers give cool air by evaporating the heat from the water. They are best for cooling a very large area.


Before taking a final decision you should consider some of the important factors such as the size of your room, the humidity of your area, water capacity, the height of the room and the most important thing where to place the cooler in your room. So to make your work easy here is the table according to which you can take your final decision

FeaturesPersonal/Tower CoolersDesert/Window Coolers
Type of usagePersonal useRoom/Outdoor
Room size150-300 sq. ft300-600 sq. ft
Temperature30-40 degrees Celsius35-50 degrees Celsius
Surrounding climateHumidDry
ValueMantra Score
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