Samsung India Launches First AI-enabled Variable Refrigerant Flow ACs

Samsung India Launches First AI-enabled Variable Refrigerant Flow ACs


  • Advanced AI capabilities
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Usage of lesser energy
  • Exclusive WindFree Cooling Technology
  • 34 Hp power in heat pump and cooling only models

Users know Samsung for its consistent innovations and the production of the electronics products that its customers love. Samsung is one of the leading brands of smartphones, coolers, LED TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners. And now Samsung launches India’s First Variable Refrigerant Flow ACs with smarter and faster cooling. This brand new Samsung AC is AI-enabled with the features that make this Samsung air conditioner truly smart.

Samsung India announced the launch of the DVM S2 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) outdoor air conditioning unit which works with indoor AC and creates the WindFree and gentle cooling in the room.

As per the claims made by Samsung its new DVM S2 air conditioner is available for consumers in different models which range in a band from 8 HP to 34 HP in heat pump and cooling only models. And these models are ideal for bigger apartments, residential areas, and official and commercial spaces.

Optimum Energy Efficiency

DVM S2 is one of the first Windfree split AC in India. Samsung also claims enhanced energy efficiency with India’s First Variable Refrigerant Flow ACs. Samsung uses highly efficient fans to cool down, a bigger heat exchanger, an efficient scroll compressor, and a power module and this 4 core technology make this Samsung AC energy efficient.

Smart AI features

All thanks to the AI features and capabilities of the Samsung AC, it can detect indoor climate changes so that it can deliver the necessary cooling and heating performance. The AI-enabled system automatically learns the changing patterns of temperature. This feature makes it easier for AC to reach the target temperature more rapidly, hence it maintains a consistent temperature.

Along with that, AI-enabled high-pressure control maintains the required high pressure by automatically making adjustments according to the environment. Its AI-enabled defrost control provides the suitable timing for performing defrost operations, and as a result, cooling does not affect cooling during heating. The most frequent problem faced by ACs is leaking. So, DVM S2’s AI algorithms are built in a way to detect refrigerant leaks in real-time. These programs send alerts immediately so that users can instantly monitor and improve these units without any disturbance in maintaining temperature levels.

Better WindFree Performance

Users know Samsung as the most innovative technologies and smart controlling feature. This Wind free split AC in India comes with innovative technologies such as a multi-serration fan, enhanced power module, scroll compressor, and flesh injection.

Its more comprehensive frequency range is responsible for better WindFree performance. The lowest frequency that this Samsung AC allows is 10 Hz, and this new low makes the system efficient and stable at lower frequencies too.  And the highest frequency that it will enable is around 180Hz ensuring a powerful cooling performance.  

The more advanced AFI motor control technology allows for a wider frequency range of 10~180Hz. The new low of 10Hz (compared to the previous model’s 14Hz) makes the system more stable at low frequencies, leading to better wind-free performance for draft-free, comfortable temperature control. The new high of 180Hz ensures a more powerful cooling performance.

Improved Heat Exchanger and Multi-Serration Fan

Generally, ACs come with insufficient heat exchange areas. This time all the heat exchangers in all the new models are much bigger and appropriate in size. The new unit’s hybrid path has a design such that it optimizes the refrigerant flow corresponding to the airflow profile. Moreover, its unique multi-serration fan minimizes the turbulence of the air vortex, applying different serration, considering the air velocity of the edge and the inside of the blade, respectively. Moreover, the highly efficient Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) reduces the loss of conducted electricity.

The new generation’s design comes with a sophisticated design and is quieter than the previous generations’ ACs. This newly produced AC has a better robust frame and reinforced structure. Along with that, it has an upgraded exterior cabinet for reliability.

There is also an upgrade in the emergency operation mode and the cooling operating range and external static pressure extended for flexibility in design. In addition to this DVM S2 has an inverter check for improved maintenance.

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