A Quick Review of the New Mi 5X 125.7 cm(50 inches) Ultra-HD(4K) LED Smart Android TV

A Quick Review of the New Mi 5X 125.7 cm(50 inches) Ultra-HD(4K) LED Smart Android TV

Latest Price(as of Flipkart)- Rs 40,999

Known for providing rich features at a budget-friendly cost, Xiaomi has established itself as one of the leading Television brands in India. From mid-range to high-range, they have a model for every class. So today, we will be reviewing one of their latest television model, Mi 5X.

Standing at a very reasonable price of Rs 40,999, Mi 5X Ultra HD LED Smart Android TV is everything that your living room desires. With impressive, rich features and power-packed performance, get ready to bring home this television at just 40K.

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Design and attire:

Even though there are better models in the market when it comes to sleek design, trust us, considering its price range and specification, it is reasonable. 

The model flaunts a bezel-free design with a 96.6% screen-to-body ratio. The base is metal-designed with a carbon fiber finish to add more elegance. It does not matter if you put it on your wall or place it on the stand, it will surely give your room a decent, classy look. 

Three sizes to select from!

Although we are presently reviewing the 50-model, you can get the same TV in two more different sizes- 42-inch and 55-inch.       

Dolby Vision and HDR10+

All three models are supported by Dolby vision and support HDR10+ for dynamic format. Dolby visions are known for their immersive picture and color experience. The auto-contrast mechanism brings out the best of each content.      

Audio and sound output:    

The 40W sound output by Dolby Atmos makes your living room no less than a theatre! Like every other TV, this one also comes with two speakers.

Processors and other important specifications:

Running on the latest quad-core processor, the Mi 5X has 16GB storage with 2 GB of RAM. A refresh rate of 60Hz ensures high-quality performance. 

What else? Built-in Chromecast and Android operating system.

On the left side of the TV, you will find the connectivity ports. The most used ones- HDMI(3) and USB(2) do their job perfectly well. 

Well, enough of features now. Let’s move on to our next sub-heading-customer reviews!

Pros of Mi 5X based on Positive reviews by genuine, certified buyers:

  • The Adaptive brightness feature enhances the visual experience and makes the overall content delivery great.
  • The bezel-free design compliments your TV room.
  • Supports 4k videos
  • Great picture quality
  • Awesome PatchWall with a good collection of content and comes integrated with IMDb.
  • Connectivity options are good.
  • HDR10+ gives you one hell of a gaming experience.
  • Easy and smooth interface.

Cons of Mi 5X based on Positive reviews by genuine, certified buyers:

  • Many buyers are disappointed with the sound quality of the speakers. The bass effect does not work on some models.
  • Some stutters and lag issues while using certain apps.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity could have been better.
  • Far-field Mic does not work if you are not in extremely close proximity to the TV. 


So, we saw that the latest Mi 5X, like every other latest model, has its own set of pros and flaws. While the flaws may seem overwhelming to some people, believe us, no model is perfect. If you ask us, we would suggest that you go with this model. However, again, it is completely up to you, if you want to finalize your selection or look for other options(there are millions of other options!).

We hope, our product review has been a helpful read. For more such updates, keep following us

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