Best double door refrigerator – 5 star fridge (2021)

Best double door refrigerator – 5 star fridge (2021) best double door fridge india

A refrigerator is a common household appliance that has become a necessity and an essential element of our everyday life. The refrigerant absorbs the heat from the food kept inside, and keeps it cool and prolongs the shelf-life of your food. It provides you with fresh and healthy food. 

Nowadays, due to technological advances, home appliance companies are coming up with refrigerator models that offer various other features than just simple chilling. 

There are different types of refrigerators – Single Door Refrigerators, Double Door Refrigerators, Side-by-side door Refrigerators, Multi door Refrigerators. You can choose the best fit refrigerator for you based on your space, budget and storage needs. 

Although there are various types of refrigerators, we are only going to discuss the best Double door refrigerators under 25000 in this article.

Nowadays, the availability of better Double door refrigerators in the market has given buyers uncountable choices to choose from. We will see which one fits your needs, interiors and budget. Before making a purchase let us go through our reviews based on user experience, in addition to insights from experts. So that you can get value for money on these products. 


Gross and Net Capacity

The gross capacity is the total volume of the refrigeration. It includes the full space inside the refrigerator. 

The net capacity is the total volume of refrigerated space to store food and drink. After the structural features of the refrigerator have been taken into account.

Having a refrigerator with a large net capacity will be beneficial to you as it can hold larger food items. 


The compressor in a refrigerator is also known as the ‘heart’ of the refrigeration system. The compressor is the device that acts as a pump that moves the refrigerant through the system. 

Convertible technology

It mainly refers to the technology to switch the freezer into the fridge and vice versa. It also has a feature to switch off the freezer while the fridge is still on at the same time. This saves electricity and caters for our specific needs.

Nowadays, refrigerators come with 2 in 1 convertible, 5 in 1 convertible and many more. They come with different modes for customers’ needs. 

Advance features

Apart from the important features, there are other features too that makes the user experience pleasurable.

Best double door refrigerator in India

Haier 258 L 3 star

haier refrigerator

LG 260 L 3 Star

lg fridge

Voltas Beko 340 L 3 Star

voltas fridge

WhirlPool 265 L 3 star

whirlpool fridge

Samsung 253 L 3 star

samsung fridge

Godrej 260L 3 Star

godrej fridge

Croma 310 L 2 Star

croma fridge

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