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Best tws earbuds – under 30000 earbuds price
Appliances, Earphones

Best tws earbuds – under 30000

With digitization of the world, technology and gadgets have become a huge part of our life. Especially with classroom classes shifting to online classes; or going to the office to work from home, this pandemic has led digital devices to determine work productivity for many people. At this time, when being focused is important for […]

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Must know details about latest Motorola one fusion+ moto fusion one
Computers, Smartphones

Must know details about latest Motorola one fusion+

Motorola One Fusion Motorola is one of the oldest and valuable tech brands across the world. Motorola’s smartphones are usually under budget smartphones. Motorola primarily manufactures smartphones and other mobile devices that run on the Android operating system developed by Google. It also manufactures tablets, speakers and other smart devices.  One of Motorola’s best smartphones […]

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Best tablets under 15000 (2021) tablet under 15000
Appliances, Computers, Laptops, Tablets

Best tablets under 15000 (2021)

A tablet is a great device to get your work done or to watch your favourite movie or TV show. It can also be a playstation for your children or a creative plane for an artist. It offers the large screen experience of a laptop along with the portability like that of a smartphone.  With […]

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Best 1.5 ton ac – split air conditioner (2021) split ac 1.5 ton
Air Conditioner, Appliances

Best 1.5 ton ac – split air conditioner (2021)

With the increase of global annual temperature every year, purchasing an air conditioner is the most popular response to tackle the soaring heat of the summer season in India. The heatwaves have become a pretty common issue and it is expected to increase with each upcoming summer, hence it would be a wise decision to […]

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Best washing machines in India (2021) best washing machine india
Appliances, Washing Machine

Best washing machines in India (2021)

Ease your laundry burden from your hectic schedule with a washing machine that does the job for you, making it fast and hassle-free. Nowadays, with the advent of technology, washing machines now come in various formats and with many features. They are classified as fully automatic washing machines or semi-automatic washing machines. This further can […]

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Best double door refrigerator – 5 star fridge (2021) best double door fridge india

Best double door refrigerator – 5 star fridge (2021)

A refrigerator is a common household appliance that has become a necessity and an essential element of our everyday life. The refrigerant absorbs the heat from the food kept inside, and keeps it cool and prolongs the shelf-life of your food. It provides you with fresh and healthy food.  Nowadays, due to technological advances, home […]

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Best drawing tablet for beginners (2021) best drawing tablet india
Computers, Personal Gadgets, Tablets

Best drawing tablet for beginners (2021)

In recent years, Graphic Tablets have gained popularity in India. This product is used for digital artwork, graphic designing, animation and has various other purposes. The digitalization of our world has made this type of art more accessible for common people and has a high market value.  What is a Graphic Tablet? Graphic Tablet is […]

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Best bluetooth speakers under 5000 (2021) best wireless speaker india

Best bluetooth speakers under 5000 (2021)

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers are loudspeakers dependent on Bluetooth to transmit audio data to the receiving speaker. They are used for various purposes from listening to music to calling someone. It also comes in handy during meetings on our laptop or computer especially during the pandemic where everyone is confined to their homes. Nowadays, the availability […]

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