Fire-Boltt Oracle- Stylish & Functional Unisex Smartwatch

Fire-Boltt Oracle- Stylish & Functional Unisex Smartwatch

With its ability to monitor health, provide connection, and be convenient, smartwatches are essential to contemporary lives. By giving users immediate access to calls, alerts, and applications, they boost productivity and keep people informed when they’re on the road. Furthermore, by promoting physical activity and offering insightful data about health, they support healthy living via features like heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking. And in this sector, Fire-Boltt Oracle is a beautiful gadget loaded with amazing features. So, in this blog, we will provide you with all the specifications of this smartwatch in detail.


The Fire-Boltt Oracle smartwatch has sleek proportions. It is 43.3 millimetres tall and measures 14.68 millimetres in both thickness and circumference. It weighs only 50 grammes, which helps it to retain a lightweight profile despite its astonishing assortment of functions. Its thoughtfully designed construction guarantees comfort and practicality for daily use, whether you’re heading to the gym or a business meeting. The Fire-Boltt Oracle seamlessly blends elegance and utility with its durable but small structure, making it the perfect companion for anybody looking for a dependable and fashionable wearable technology solution.


With its powerful 700mAh battery, the Fire-Boltt Oracle smartwatch guarantees prolonged use between charges. With an amazing 10-hour battery life on a single charge, it supports your busy lifestyle by keeping up with all of your everyday activities and responsibilities. The smartwatch also has an extended standby duration of up to 72 hours, which makes it dependable and convenient even when you’re not using it. The Fire-Boltt Oracle guarantees continuous operation, enabling you to remain connected and productive throughout the day, whether you’re working out hard or just going about your regular business.


You can keep informed and connected at all times with the Fire-Boltt Oracle wristwatch, which smoothly blends a variety of connection capabilities. You may easily make and take calls right from your wrist with its call function capabilities, providing simplicity and adaptability while on the move. The wristwatch makes use of Bluetooth technology to provide a wireless connection to your smartphone and other compatible devices, making communication and data transmission simple.

With Bluetooth 5.0, it guarantees dependable and quick connections for increased productivity. Furthermore, the support for Wi-Fi increases its connection choices even further by enabling you to access online services and maintain network connectivity. The Fire-Boltt Oracle’s integrated GPS technology allows it to give precise location and navigational support, making it a valuable travel and outdoor companion. This wristwatch has a wide range of connection options to suit your various demands, whether you’re syncing data, making calls, or travelling.

Platform and storage

The Fire-Boltt Oracle smartwatch has an easy-to-use interface for smooth navigation and operation, and it runs on the intuitive FireOS platform. Its 2GB of RAM guarantees lag-free performance, making it easy for you to multitask and navigate between apps. The wristwatch also has a large 16GB internal memory, which gives you plenty of room to store your preferred music, movies, applications, and other media. With such a large storage capacity, you may travel with your media files and important data without worrying about running out of space. The Fire-Boltt Oracle wristwatch provides a stable base and plenty of storage facilities to improve your entire user experience, whether you’re accessing your favourite applications, saving crucial documents, or watching multimedia content.

Camera and Display features

With its amazing camera and display functions, the Fire-Boltt Oracle wristwatch is sure to enhance your shooting and watching pleasure. The 1.96-inch screen’s vivid 320 x 386-pixel display resolution makes text and pictures pop with clarity and depth. In addition, scratch-resistant technology strengthens the display, guaranteeing lifespan and durability even with normal wear and tear. The display provides clear images with brilliant colours whether you’re browsing through applications or quickly seeing alerts. In addition, the small size of the screen allows for enough space for easy use and navigation. The Fire-Boltt Oracle smartwatch has a visually appealing and durable display that improves your entire user experience when combined with its scratch-resistant qualities.

Fitness and watch functions

With its extensive range of fitness and watch features, the Fire-Boltt Oracle wristwatch can accurately and conveniently meet your everyday demands and health requirements. It tracks your daily activity levels and provides insightful data to help you remain motivated and reach your fitness goals. It has a step count tracker. Continuous monitoring is another feature of the built-in heart rate monitor that lets you keep an eye on your heart rate both during and after exercises to guarantee peak performance and wellness. The smartwatch is a dependable friend for your daily routine, keeping you informed and on time with its date and time display features.

In addition, it guarantees universal accessibility and user-friendliness for a wide variety of users by supporting the English language. With the Fire-Boltt Oracle wristwatch, you can support your active lifestyle with vital fitness and watch features like tracking your steps, heart rate monitoring, and real-time clock updates.


Price- Rs.5,199

Dial Shape- Rectangle

Size- Regular

Touchscreen- Yes

Usage- Regular

Ideal For- Unisex

Microphone- Yes


The Fire-Boltt Oracle wristwatch is unique due to its stylish appearance, ample functionality, and reasonable price. It provides a captivating combination of beauty and utility, from its colourful display to its fitness tracking features and practical networking choices. This adaptable wearable may be used by busy professionals or fitness enthusiasts to improve everyday routines. When it launches on March 22, 2024, it should be a well-liked option for tech-savvy customers looking for a dependable wristwatch.

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