Efficiency in Elegance- Presenting the Samsung WW90T4040CB 9kg Washing Machine

Efficiency in Elegance- Presenting the Samsung WW90T4040CB 9kg Washing Machine

A washing machine is an essential appliance in everyday life, mainly because of its simple and time-saving characteristics. It effectively manages the washing process, freeing up time that may be used for other tasks. Washing machines provide complete and efficient cleaning of clothing with their variety of wash programs and cutting-edge cleaning technology, improving personal hygiene. Furthermore, energy and water efficiency are given top priority in contemporary machinery, supporting environmental concerns and lowering utility expenses. With its front-load design, fully automated operation, and Digital Inverter Technology, the Samsung 9kg washing machine (WW90T4040CB) amplifies these benefits and offers a dependable and effective solution for regular laundry needs.


This washing Machine has a front-load washer, which provides simple fully automated operation. Its elegant black color gives your laundry area a modern feel. Digital inverter technology is used in this washing machine to improve performance and efficiency. Because it runs on AC 220-240V, it requires less power than most ordinary residential electrical installations. This washing machine offers a dependable and visually appealing laundry solution by combining contemporary technology with an attractive appearance.

Wash Features

To meet your laundry demands, the Samsung 9 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine provides a range of wash program options. You may pick the most suitable setting for your clothing from 12 settings, which include a rapid 15-minute wash, drum clean, bedding, colors, cotton, daily wash, drain/spin, E cotton, rinse + spin, soak, synthetics, and wool/delicates.

With its big 9 kg washing capacity, the washing machine can effectively wash heavier loads of clothing. It ensures complete and efficient cleaning by using a pulsator washing technology and reaching a maximum spin speed of 1400 RPM (rotations per minute). When time is of the essence, cleaning may be done quickly because of the rapid wash option.

The machine’s choices for spin alone and spin and rinse further increase its adaptability and convenience for a range of laundry needs.

Other Features

To improve your laundry experience, this Samsung 9 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine has several useful functions. Warm water may be used to effectively clean with the built-in heater feature, guaranteeing the removal of tough stains and filth.

With its user-friendly design, the digital display feature makes it simple to explore and choose between several wash programs. This washing machine has a child lock which adds an additional layer of safety by avoiding unintentional interferences to the washing cycle. At the point when electricity goes off, the system consequently restarts and takes up where it left out.

Furthermore, the self-cleaning tub function benefits the maintenance of the machine by maintaining a clean and hygienic interior over time. The washing machine is more dependable and user-friendly in addition to being effective at cleaning clothing because of these added capabilities.


There is an extensive warranty package included with the Samsung 9 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine. A 2-year guarantee that covers the complete device will provide you peace of mind and assistance for any problems that may arise.

Additionally, the washing machine has an amazing 20-year guarantee, which is only applicable to the DIT (Digital Inverter Technology) motor. This warranty demonstrates the manufacturer’s faith in the dependability and longevity of this important part. With the manufacturer’s dedication to quality and performance behind you, this warranty coverage ensures that you can depend on the washing machine for a longer amount of time, adding peace of mind.

From the date of purchase, all parts are covered by the guarantee, except the outside cabinet and plastic components. Included in this extensive covering is a defense against manufacturing flaws that can manifest themselves during regular use. Essentially, the warranty gives you peace of mind about the product’s functionality and quality by guaranteeing that you are protected from any problems with the internal parts of the machine.

It emphasizes the manufacturer’s dedication to resolving and correcting any possible flaws in the materials or craftsmanship and provides a dependable and worry-free washing solution for the designated amount of time.


Model- WW90T4040CB

Price – Rs.39,900

Type- Front Load

Function Type- Fully Automatic

Colours- Black

Shade- Black

Dimensions (mm)- 85.00 x 60.00 x 0.00

Depth- 55 cm

Weight- 65 kg

Tub Material- Stainless Steel

Technology Used- Digital Inverter Technology


With a sleek black appearance, the Samsung WW90T4040CB 9 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine is an excellent laundry appliance. It provides effective and practical laundry solutions with its wealth of sophisticated features, including Digital Inverter Technology, 12 wash programs, and user-friendly features like a digital display and child lock. It blends beauty and durability with its 65 kg weight and strong stainless steel construction. The machine has a 2-year comprehensive warranty that is extended to 20 years for the Digital Inverter Technology motor. It runs on AC 220-240V power. This washing machine is a dependable and fashionable addition to any modern-day home.

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