Top 5 Refrigerator To Purchase Under Rs.50,000 in 2023

Top 5 Refrigerator To Purchase Under Rs.50,000 in 2023

Appliances like refrigerators are essential for modern living. They protect food from deterioration, retain freshness, and ensure food safety while cutting down on waste. The ability to keep perishable goods, increase their shelf life, and have access to cooled foods and beverages are all benefits of refrigerators. So, if you are looking for a refrigerator under Rs.50,000 then this article is worth reading.

Samsung RT47K6238UT/TL

A freestanding refrigerator with a 465-liter capacity is the Samsung RT47K6238UT/TL. It has a 2-star energy efficiency rating and uses 200 kilowatt hours of electricity annually. The size of the freezer is 111 liters, while the capacity of the refrigerator for fresh food is 333 liters. The product number is RT47K6238UT, and the installation style is freestanding. It has a typical double-door design and is available in a chic blue shade. The refrigerator includes a cool pad as a unique feature and runs at 230 volts.

The Samsung RT47K6238UT/TL offers a frost-free defrost system and a left-door orientation. There are four shelves available, all made of toughened glass. The refrigerator has one drawer and is Energy Star certified, assuring energy economy. One refrigerator unit, an egg tray, a user guide, and a warranty card are all included in the box. No batteries are needed for operation, and they are not included. Samsung is the company that made this refrigerator.


Double Door, Frost Free: Auto defrost prevents ice buildup

Capacity: 465 L; Suitable for households with five or more people

Configuration: Full-sizedFreezer-on-top

Energy rating: 2-star

Shelf type: Toughened glass shelves

Included Components: 1 Refrigerator Unit, User Manual, Egg Tray, and Warranty Card.

Price: Rs.49,990.

Lifelong LLSBSR505

A side-by-side refrigerator with a 505-liter capacity is the Lifelong LLSBSR507. It has a freestanding installation style and is available in silver. The freezer has a capacity of 216 liters, while the refrigerator has a capacity of 289 liters for fresh food.

This refrigerator is built to be energy-efficient, using only 120 kilowatt hours of electricity annually. It needs 240 volts to run and puts out 110 watts of power. Because the defrost mechanism is automated, user maintenance is simplified.

The Lifelong LLSBSR505 has unique features including Quick Freeze, which allows objects to be frozen quickly. Two drawers are also included for enhanced storage and organizing. There are eight shelves accessible in the refrigerator, all of which are constructed of glass. Steel was utilized to make the refrigerator, assuring durability.

One Lifelong LLSBSR505 refrigerator unit and one user manual are included in the deal. It may be operated without batteries. This refrigerator has a left-side door orientation.


 This has an integrated LED display panel, which makes it convenient and simple to use by enabling immediate control and access to the temperature settings.

Equipped with a rapid chill function that keeps food fresher for longer and a quick freeze option that immediately transforms water into ice.

Capacity: 505 liters.

Number of Shelves: 8

Warranty: 1 year on the product, 10 years on the compressor

Holiday mode: This allows you to take holidays without being concerned about the weather changing

A multi-airflow system: This guarantees homogeneous cooling by ensuring smooth airflow into the storage compartments.

Auto Defrost technology: Technology that automatically avoids the accumulation of too much ice.

Price: Rs.47,990


A freestanding refrigerator with a 437-liter capacity is the LG GL-T432APZY. It uses 291-kilowatt hours of energy annually and has a 2-star energy efficiency rating. The refrigerator has a 301-liter fresh food capacity and a 136-liter freezer capacity.

The refrigerator is a typical double-door design and is available in gleaming steel. It has unique features including a Wi-Fi controller, an inverter, and convertible flexibility. The refrigerator requires 230 volts of power.

There are two drawers and two toughened glass shelves within the refrigerator. The frost-free defrost mechanism does not require human defrosting. The door is oriented to the left.

The steel construction and Energy Star certification of the LG GL-T432APZY attest to the device’s energy efficiency. One refrigerator unit and one user manual are included in the package. No batteries are needed for operation, and they are not included.


Included components: 1Unit Refrigerators, 1 Unit User Manual

Capacity: 437 liters

Warranty from the Manufacturer: One Year, Compressor Warranty: Ten Years (T&C)

Fridge with no frost: auto-defrost feature keeps ice from forming.

Energy Rating: 2 Star

Special features: This includes a deodorizer, temperature control through I-Micom, super cold, and the ability to operate without a stabilizer (100-310v), Veg box (26L), Humidity Controller, 2F door basket, 2L bottle storage, Anti-Bacterial gasket Moveable Single Twist Ice Tray, Pull Out Tray.

Price: Rs.46,680.

Hitachi R-VG440PND8

A 403-liter double-door refrigerator with frost-free defrosting is the Hitachi R-VG440PND8. For effective cooling, it has Hitachi’s InvertorXDual Fan Cooling technology. A 2-star energy rating for the refrigerator denotes modest energy efficiency.

The refrigerator’s inside is decorated with opulent crystal materials and has an LED lighting system for better sight. It features two tempered glass shelves, one of which is designated for bottles and holds 2-liter bottles. For orderly storage, the refrigerator also comes with a substantial vegetable basket and a vegetable crisper.

The Hitachi R-VG440PND8 also has a can rack for storing canned drinks, wheel support for simple movement, and moisture control to keep produce fresh. To get rid of bad odors, it also features a deodorizer.

The front-facing airflow in the refrigerator ensures uniform dispersion of chilled air. Four-door shelves, a drawer, and an egg tray are included with the refrigerator as practical storage alternatives. Since the door gasket is mold-proof, it encourages cleaning and good hygiene. It needs a 230V power source.

The refrigerator’s main unit, which includes the compressor, is covered by a 1-year guarantee; the compressor has an additional 10-year warranty. The main device, a user manual, a warranty card, a power cable, and any required attachments are all included in the package components.


Capacity: 403 litres.

Package components: Main Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card, Power Cord, Attachments

Refrigerator type: Double door

Warranty: 1 year, compressor warranty of 10 years.

Additional features: Moisture Control, Can Rack, and Wheel Support.

Shelf material: Tempered Glass

Price: Rs.46,990

Candy CSS6600TS

A 630-liter side-by-side refrigerator with frost-free defrosting is called the Candy CSS6600TS. It has two doors in total and is painted a bright steel tone. The refrigerator is 1920 mm in height, 980 mm in width, and 775 mm in depth.

The Candy CSS6600TS features a streamlined, contemporary appearance. It has only one compressor and runs on the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-600a. At the top of the refrigerator is the freezer.

The Candy CSS6600TS refrigerator comes in a bundle with one unit, a user manual, and a warranty card. The compressor has a 10-year warranty, whilst the refrigerator has a one-year warranty.


Capacity: 630 litres.

Package contents: 1 Unit Refrigerator, User Manual, Warranty Card

Warranty: 1 year

Compressor warranty: 10 years.

Number of doors: 2

Price: Rs.49,990


Numerous advantages, including frost-free defrosting, energy efficiency, adaptable storage options, and cutting-edge technology, are available with these refrigerators. You can select the one that best meets your needs based on your requirements and preferences.

When making your final choice, don’t forget to take into account elements like capacity, energy efficiency, extra features, and warranty coverage. You may benefit from contemporary refrigeration with any of these top five refrigerators while keeping your expenses around Rs. 50,000.

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