Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro – hidden features you should know

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro – hidden features you should know

Samsung has been manufacturing wireless buds for a very long time. They are known for improving their sound quality and aesthetic look in every new product. Leguminous Live were the first of Samsung’s earbuds to have Active Noise Cancellation Features. However, with the launch of Galaxy Buds Pro last year Samsung has provided the best Active Noise Cancellation. Still, the earbuds had the scope for Improvement in terms of Both Noise cancellation and overall Audio Quality.

Now Samsung is back with the second generation of its flagship Earbuds, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. These buds are not only smaller in size but also very comfortable.

Built and Design

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro has the almost same design as Buds Pro. However, there are very few notable changes i.e, the new design is 15% smaller than the 2021 version. This eventually means they will provide a better fit in your Ears and will be more comfortable for a longer period of use. Along with this Samsung has added a vent inside each earbud that relieve pressure.

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro comes with a soft-touch matte coating whereas the Galaxy Buds Pro had a glossy finish. The charging case provided along with the Buds 2 Pro has the same matte finish. We get IPX7-rated protection in this model which allows you to submerge the earbuds in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes claimed by the company.

We can also find the touch gesture feature available on this device. The single tap is for Play/Pause, the double tap is to skip ahead and the triple tap is to go back. The long tap can is to control ANC, and ambient sound, control volume levels and activate Spotify. The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro fits well in the charging case.

Software and Features

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is considered Samsung’s best earbuds. All thanks to improved sound Quality and finer noise cancellation. Like the Buds Pro, in this also we can access all the features through the Wearable app on Android Devices. However, in recent times company is not offering these features for the iOS version.

In the application, you will be getting the battery percentage indicator for both earbuds. You can also control the Active Noise Cancellation, ambient sound and other features. On the main screen of the application, you’ll get an option for 360 audio, enabling/disabling voice detection and finding lost earbuds.

Sound Quality & Call Quality

Samsung’s earbuds have never been very good, they were just good but this time the company have worked on their product. The Buds 2 Pro comes with Plenty of Bassy punch having a pleasantly and crystal clear sound quality.

The company has also worked to improve the 360 audio quality. This feature was a stereo-based multi-channel setup, which makes a sound split in all directions.

The only area where Samsung didn’t improve is the Call Quality. Like other earbuds, the audio you will hear feels like the phone is kept on speakerphone. Background noise could be heard very clearly. You can still use them for calls but don’t have much expectation with them.

On the other hand, we get a feature to activate ambient sound during calls, which helps to enhance the audio volume and you don’t need to shout on call.

Battery life

The company claims battery backup for up to five hours with ANC enabled. Unfortunately, there is no change in the battery standby timing compared to Galaxy buds pro. You will also get an additional 18 hours with the charging case. However, if you disable the noise cancellation, you can assume a standby time of 8 hours and 21 hours with the charging case.

The charging case is compatible with the wireless charging device. Therefore, you don’t need to hunt for wire if you have any wireless charging device. Samsung does not claim fast charging for this device, but the charging rate is pretty fast than other earbuds.


  • Audio
SpeakersCustom Coaxial 2-way
Number of mics6 High-SNR
Audio featuresAmbient Voice Detect360 Audio Air-Vent Active Noise Cancellation
  • Connectivity & Sensors
Bluetooth Versionv5.3
SensorsAccelerometer Hall Sensor Proximity Touch sensorVPU( Voice Picking Unit)Gyro Sensor
  • Physical Specifications
Dimensions21.6mm x 19.9mm x 18.7mm
Single Bud Weight5.5g
Charging Case Dimension50.2mm x 50.1mm x 27.7mm
Charging Case Weight43.4g
DurabilityIPX7 water resistance
Warranty12 Months
  • Battery
Voice callUp to 14 hours
Audio playtimeUp to 18 hours
Earbuds capacity61 mAh
Case Capacity515 mAh

Wrap up

 The best part about Samsung is that they have been continuously improving the quality of the product with each subsequent release. Like Galaxy buds pro, this year Buds 2 Pro is going to increase the sale drastically. The price kept for Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is Rs. 17,999. 

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