iPhone 13 pro max or Galaxy S21 Ultra: Which One Should you get?

The present mass debate on the internet is the debate of which 2021 launched smartphone is better, iPhone 13 pro max or Galaxy S21 Ultra. While some people are sticking to their loyalty toward iPhones and calling them incomparable, other people are busy pointing out the ways that Galaxy S21 is superior to the former. 

So, are you considering buying one of these phones, but the internet left you confused about which one to get? Well, no worries. We will help you out. Plus, the advantage of being a middleman is that there’s no better person than us to judge the extent of the reality. 

As we always mention in every article, there’s no such thing called perfect in the world. Every product/device made has both pros as well as flaws. Keeping that in mind, we will now assess and compare the specs and features of both these models. 

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iPhone 13 pro max- Rs 129,900

Galaxy S21 Ultra- Rs 116,999

Our comment

Well, to be honest, both the phones pretty much fall in the same price range. There’s just about some 15k difference between the two. If you are not a budget-conscious kind of person, you can consider either one of these two. 

Display and screen resolution:

iPhone 13 pro max:

Display- 6.1 inches

Screen Resolution- 1170×2532 pixels

Galaxy S21 Ultra

Display- 6.8 inches

Screen Resolution- 1440×3200 pixels

Our comment

The point seven inches don’t seem like a very significant difference, however, a bigger screen means a better experience and less eye strain. Also, Samsung got more resolution too. Thus, Galaxy S21 Ultra is the winner here.

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Design and weight:

iPhone 13 pro max:

Slimness- 7.65 mm

Weight- 203 gm

Galaxy S21 Ultra:

Slimness- 8.9 mm

Weight- 227 gm

Our Comment

Okay, well, clearly iPhone 13 pro max is the winner in this case. It is more fashionable, slim, and easier to carry.

Camera details:

iPhone 13 pro max:

Camera resolution- 12 MP

Front Camera resolution- 12 MP

Multiple cameras- Yes, three

Additional perk- iPhone 13 pro max has a front camera flash that allows vivid and bright selfies even in low light. 

Galaxy S21 Ultra-

Camera resolution- 108 MP

Front Camera resolution- 40 MP

Multiple cameras- Yes, four

Our comment

If we consider the fact that the greater the resolution is the greater will be the picture quality, then of course Galaxy S21 Ultra seems to be a much better choice. It is leading the race with around 800% more megapixels. 


A better CPU and RAM means more efficiency in terms of speed when working on multiple tasks using multiple applications at the same time. Let’s see who’s doing a better job here.

iPhone 13 pro max- Hexa Core, 6 GB RAM

Galaxy S21 Ultra- Octa-Core, 12 GB RAM

Our Comment

There’s no doubt that Galaxy S21 Ultra is much better placed in terms of RAM and CPU than iPhone 13 pro max. If you need a phone that can do multiple heavy operations without slowing down, you know which phone to get. 


iPhone 13 pro max- 128 GB

Galaxy S21 Ultra- 256 GB

Our Comment

If you are the kind of person who watches every series and movie on your phone, believe us, you should go for Galaxy S21 Ultra. It will take only a c0uple of high-quality photos and some movies for your iPhone 13 pro max to run out of space. 

Battery Life

iPhone 13 pro max- 3095 mAh

Galaxy S21 Ultra- 5000mAh

Our Comment

Which one seems better from the above data? The latter one, right?

Final Verdict

So, based on the criteria we compared the two smartphones, we can declare that Galaxy S21 Ultra is a much, much, much better choice than iPhone 13 pro max. 

If we go with the truth, the only place where iPhone is leading is the physical part of the phone. Yes, it’s slimmer and more stylish to carry around. But, would you want to go for such a costly phone just for how it looks on the outside? We hope, no. You should rather invest in a phone which provides rich features at around the same cost, in this case, Galaxy S21 Ultra. 

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