How to Choose the Right Room Heater

How to Choose the Right Room Heater

Day by day Indian winters is getting chiller and chiller. Especially Northern India, Eastern India, and the part of the country above sea level). Most of the part of India is hot and pleasant throughout the year except for winters. Sweaters, jackets, shawls, and other winter wearables do not feel sufficient to keep body parts at normal temperature especially legs, hands, and upper body parts.

So, at such times technologies come to your rescue. Thanks to advancements in technology – room heaters can maintain the normal temperature of the room and body. Room heaters work on different principles and technologies. It has different working functions and different ways of spreading heat.

Room heaters are available at different price ranges. To choose the best room heater you need to know every detail of it. If you have confusion in your mind about the room heater, go through this article and get all your queries solved.

Check out the room heater buying guide we have mentioned here before buying a room heater for your home or workplace.

Check out the type of the Room Heater

There are multiple types of room heaters available in the market. It is very important to understand your need and then decide the type of room heater you need to buy.

Type of Room Heater

Mainly there are three types of room heaters available in the market:

Oil-filled Room Heaters

An oil-filled room heater is a wise choice. Oil-filled room heaters take extra time to heat up but they also last for a longer time after switching it off. Once the oil is heated properly, it spreads heat across the closed room. It is suitable for any size of the room.

The best things you must know about oil-filled heaters are – oil filled room heaters do not burn oxygen and hence do not increase dryness in the room. Oil-filled heaters do not burn oil to produce heat. The electric power consumed heats up the oil and that heat is spread across the room through metal walls.  

Convection or Fan Heaters

Convection or fan heaters work on the convection mode of heating. They can heat up a closed room instantly. If you are looking for a room heater for larger rooms convection or fan heaters will be an ideal choice. Convection fan heaters consist of ceramic plates, that heat up instantly and fans inside heaters constantly keep blowing hot air. This heater consumes moderate electrical energy more than infrared heaters and lesser than oil-filled heaters. The only drawback of the convection heater is its sound. As it consists of fans, that roaring sound can irritate you sometimes.

Infrared or Radiant Room Heaters

If you are looking for a budget-friendly room heater, infrared is the best choice for you. Infrared or radiant room heaters can spread heat in the vicinity of the heater only.  Ideally, an infrared heater is ideal for small spaces and a minimum number of people. As compared to other heaters, an infrared heater makes lesser noise as it does not have fans.

Apart from that, infrared heaters heat up faster and consume lesser electric energy. If you need a heater for larger rooms or more people infrared heater will not be the better choice, the rest of the feature is appealing.

Timer Settings

This additional feature will be of great convenience. The timer setting feature allows you to switch off and switch on the room heater at specified timings. Having this feature saves your energy and time.

Temperature Settings

While purchasing a room heater does look for the one with several temperature settings. You should be able to dictate the required temperature. Temperature control should be under your control in the room so that you can adjust it according to your comfort and convenience.

Room heaters that offer temperature control are always ideal.

Noise-free heaters

Who does not aim noise-free home? Having noise-free room heaters is a blessing for chilly winter nights. The noise of the room heater depends upon the technology of the heater. Mostly, oil-filled heaters and radiant heaters are noise-free. Only a fan heater with ceramic plates makes more noise.


The portability factor offers flexibility to carry the room heart wherever you go. It offers a great experience of freedom so that you can place your room heater in any room you wish.


For more powerful heaters, more watts will be required. More watts mean more intense heat and a little bit higher electricity bill. Yet, it is worth it. Many sellers, sell heaters under the title of low wattage. Don’t be a fool. Look for energy ratings and then buy one.

Safety options

As room heaters come under the category of home appliances, you should look for safety options. Compromising safety options can be hazardous to you. Your room heater must consist of an overheat protection switch.  

Durability (Warranty)

Appliances like coolers, AC’s, and Televisions are expected to last long. Its durability matters more to us Indians. And the warranty on products is the appropriate factor to decide its durability. Higher the warranty

Price (Value it is Providing)

The cost of the product shouldn’t be on top of your list of priorities. Yet, make sure that the value product is providing is in alignment with its cost. Prefer quality over cost.

Oil-based room heaters are the most expensive room heaters. You can get the best oil-filled room heaters in the range of Rs.10,000 to up to your choice. Below the price of oil-filled room heaters, you will get infrared heaters in the range of Rs.7,000 to Rs.10,000. And if you are looking for pocket-friendly room heaters convection or fan heaters are the better choices for you. You can get fan heaters at the price of Rs.5000-Rs.7000.

We hope this roo heater buying guide will help you to choose the best room heater for your home.

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