Best Home Theatre system under 10000

Best Home Theatre system under 10000 home theater india


Home Theatre is a powerful and stylish device that can transform any boring evening into a  rocking DJ night. Home theatres can completely change the atmosphere of any house party. Moreover, if you’re planning to spend some time with your family and watch a movie together, then the home theatre will ensure you get a theatre atmosphere!

If you want to invest in Home Theatre and are a bit confused then ValueMantra is at your rescue. There are numerous products in the market, and choosing the best amongst them is a difficult task. Here, this review is about the best home theatres ranked and reviewed by consumers.

The process of shortlisting is done using a few factors. Before investing in any Home Theatre you should look for the below factors. Let’s take you through the basics and important elements of the Best Home Theatre System.


Power Output:

Power output is an important feature, you must look for before buying Home Theatre. Make sure that the amplifier could handle the speaker’s impedance. Select power output according to your room size because more watts doesn’t mean they are always better.


Home Theatres should have an authentic design and blend with the current trend. It should give an authentic and mesmerizing look to your room. It should blend well within the room and shouldn’t be the odd man out. Moreover, a sleek design and being light in weight is an add-on benefit for a home theatre in it from one place to another.

Speaker Connectivity:

Consumers suggest that buying a home theatre that supports both wireless and wired connectivity is a smart choice. Wireless connectivity ensures that you can connect any of your smart devices with your Home Theatres. Get a home theatre that supports Bluetooth connectivity and USB.

Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration:

This factor influences the quality and the price of your home theatre. Few consumers suggest that the sound channel configuration of 5.1 will cause the magic of music in your room.

Frequency Response:

The Speaker’s Frequency Response range means the measurement of how wide a selection of sounds it can reproduce. The human ear is capable of hearing sound from 20Hz to 20kHz. So, select wisely before investing.

Extra Features:

These are extra features like a remote control for the home theatre to control volume, change the music tracks effortlessly, turn on or off, and many more!

Best home theater system under 10000 in India

The products being considered here are all in the same price range of 2k to 8k. So, the price will remain constant while comparing.


Zebronics Home Theatre

Buy F&D A180X

F&D Home Theater
F&D A180X


Philips Home Theatre


Zebronics indie Home Theatre

Buy F&D F 3800X

F&D F3800X Home Theatre
F&D F 3800X

Buy PHILIPS MMS8085B/94 Convertible

PHILIPS MMS8085B/94 home theater
PHILIPS MMS8085B/94 Convertible


Sony Home Theatres

Performance of Home Theatres on respective factors:

1.    Power Output:


F&D A180X: 42 W

PHILIPS SPA8140B/94: 38 W


F&D F 3800X: 80 W

PHILIPS MMS8085B/94 Convertible: 80 W

SONY SA-D40: 80 W

2. Design:


Zebronics Bluetooth Home Theatre has a sleek and glossy design that can accentuate and adapt to the theme of your living room. Its RGB LED light gives awesome visuals in your room. You can change them according to your mood.

F&D A180X:

According to a user, it is an average-sized Home Theatre which is perfect if you’re looking for an inexpensive home theatre in a living room with an awesome design. This speaker comes equipped with a bass driver that helps it deliver a cutting-edge bass.


This Philips Home Theatre has no doubt a very classic design with a black matt finish that gives it an aesthetic raw feel. Users are mesmerized by the thumping bass from its exotic woofers.


Zebronics Indie Home Theatre comes with a dazzling LED display in the front panel, and its overall glossy finish makes this device a stylish product for your home. Its musical LED lights add vibrant effects to your party. Its speaker’s satellites also have LED lights.

F&D F 3800X

It has a regular size with an awesome design. A user has mentioned that the bright white LED display of the home theatre comes with a good view angle and has a full, clear sound with powerful bass.

PHILIPS MMS8085B/94 Convertible:

It is a lightweight and compact speaker. Users have mentioned that it is easy to install and can fit in any corner of the room. The sleek and tall speaker can be wall-mounted or joined together as a single soundbar. This speaker is made up of high-quality material that gives it a premium look.


A user has mentioned that it has a superb build quality with a black matt finish. It consists of four front speakers and one subwoofer. This speaker system’s front speakers and the subwoofer can be conveniently placed in your room as they occupy very little space.

3.    Speaker Connectivity:


This speaker comes with multiple connectivity options such as Wireless Bluetooth connectivity, SD, MMC cards, and AUX cable. It also comes with a built-in FM radio.

F&D A180X:

The speaker is well-equipped with wireless Bluetooth connectivity so that you can play music wirelessly. It also features FM connectivity that lets you tune to any channel on the radio of your choice.


It comes with multi-connectivity options as it connects to several devices such as USB, Wireless Bluetooth, SD Card, and AUX. In this Philips Home Theatre, you can also enjoy songs, news, podcasts, discussions, and many more on the radio when you have no other device to connect.


For listening to music from multiple sources, this speaker comes with various connectivity options of wireless Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and SD/MMC.

F&D F 3800X:

This F&D Home Theatre is not rated very high by consumers for its connectivity. Many consumers with its Bluetooth connectivity, especially the range it provides.

PHILIPS MMS8085B/94 Convertible:

You can connect the speaker seamlessly to any smart device with Bluetooth like smartphones, tablets, laptops. The home theatre is also equipped with a CD player. You can enjoy your music even if you don’t have any Bluetooth device as this speaker has slots to plug in the USB drive or the SD card easily. It also comes with a built-in FM tuner.


A user confirms that you can play music from a host of devices, all thanks to USB and audio-in-ports. This Sony Home Theatre also features Bluetooth connectivity which lets you play your favorite music wirelessly by just pairing a compatible device to this speaker.

4.    Frequency Response:

ZEBRONICS BT4440 RUCF: 20Hz-20 kHz

F&D A180X: 35Hz-200Hz

PHILIPS SPA8140B/94: 20Hz-20kHz

ZEBRONICS INDIE: 150Hz-20kHz(Satellite)


F&D F 3800X: 120 – 20KHz(satellite),


PHILIPS MMS8085B/94 Convertible:

SONY SA-D40: 40-20kHz

5.    Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration:

ZEBRONICS BT4440 RUCF: 4.1 channel

F&D A180X: 2.1 channel

PHILIPS SPA8140B/94: 4.1 channel

ZEBRONICS INDIE: 4.1 channel

F&D F 3800X: 5.1 channel

PHILIPS MMS8085B/94 Convertible: 2.1 channel  

SONY SA-D40: 4.1 channel

6.    Extra Features:


It comes with an equipped FM radio so that you can switch to something different whenever you get bored. You can control your speakers, even if you are away from the speaker by remote. It also has a memory card slot.

F&D A180X:

It comes with a remote control that is quite useful. Moreover, it is equipped with a bass driver that helps to deliver cutting-edge bass and superior sound quality.


Even this home theatre is equipped with remote control for quick changes from a distance.


Zebronics Indie has a built-in FM radio that lets you enjoy the latest chartbusters. You can control and change music tracks, increase/decrease volume using the remote control. It has a memory card slot.

F&D F 3800X:

You can change the music track, increase or decrease volume, and many more with this remote control that comes with the F&D home theater. It has a memory slot also. You can enjoy simplistic wireless streaming of music.

PHILIPS MMS8085B/94 Convertible:

It has a specially designed remote control that comes along with this Philips Home Theatre. You can decrease or increase volume, adjust the bass, change the track and even play a song on repeat mode from the comfort of your couch. The subwoofer and speaker driver are well-integrated within the device so that you can increase the bass, and treble clarity while maintaining powerful sound output.


Its user-friendly remote control helps you to control various functions of this speaker’s system from a distance. The powerful bass and wider sound effects delivered by this subwoofer create an immersive audio effect.

Let’s Compare them side by side:

Power Output60 W42 W38 W105 W80 W80 W80 W
Power SourceAC AdapterAC AdapterAC AdapterAC 230V/50 Hz max 0.3AAC Adapter230V ACDC 18V
Frequency Response20Hz-20 kHz35 Hz- 200Hz20Hz-20KHz150Hz-20kHz(Satellite) 40Hz-150Hz(Subwoofer)120 – 20KHz(satellite), 40-125Hz(subwoofer) 40-20kHz
Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration4.1 channel2.1 channel4.1 channel4.1 channel5.1 channel2.1 channel4.1 channel
Speaker ConnectivityWireless Bluetooth, SD, MMC cards, AUXBluetoothBluetooth, USB, SD Card, AUXBluetooth, USB, AUXAUX, USB, RCA, BluetoothWireless Bluetooth, USB, SD CardWireless, Bluetooth, USB
Satellite and SubwooferSatellite: 4 unit Subwoofer: 1 unitSatellite: 2 unit Subwoofer: 1 unitSatellite l: 4 unit Subwoofer: 1 unitSatellite: 4 unit Subwoofer: 1 unitSatellite: 5 unit Subwoofer: 1 unitSatellite: 2 unit Subwoofer: 1 unitSatellite: 4 unit Subwoofer: 1 unit
Weight4.3 kg3.4 kg6.7 kg10.6 kg6.1 kg8.9 kg8 kg
Dimensions30×38.5×28.5 cm30.9×21.7×39.8 cm35.7 x 23.7 x 54.7 cm26×69.8×38.8 cm41.1×41.1×36.2 cm41.5×28×55.8 cm29×46×41 cm
Value Mantra Score ( Overall)


Best Value For Money: F&D A180X
Best Premium: SONY SA-D40

Value Mantra reviews are based on multiple customer reviews and their experiences. All of the products we highlight are recommended for their quality, performance, and overall reputation regardless of any affiliate relationship. We bring forth their thoughts, ideas, and concerns so that you would understand what is best in the market. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. We may earn a small commission for the endorsement, recommendation, and links to any products or services from this website.

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