About Us

In the ever-changing world of technology, we are trying to solve the problem of choosing from multiples, as choice overload reduces decision quality & satisfaction. Generally we end up walking away or decides not to buy because it’s too hard to figure out what’s best. Today 70% of the online customers abandon their product in cart due to various reasons, like high shipping costs, not able to decide product, high prices, for later consideration etc etc.

To make a product decision we mostly ask our friends, check through various user or expert reviews on multiple sites, comparing different products in terms of specifications, price etc. All this is time consuming & still after putting so much of efforts, we aren’t fully convinced that we have made the right product decision in the end.

Our dream is shaping up in Singapore, the business capital of the world. We are born with the idea of transforming, how we make purchase decisions today. We want to help our customers to make quick & accurate decisions by saving time & money.

Our unbiased reviews are based on thousands of user reviews, collected from different eCommerce sites globally. We don’t sell, rather we equip our customers with all the critical information on the products including prices & more, that gives them the total cost of ownership.