The Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo- Your Ultimate Wireless Audio Companion

The Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo- Your Ultimate Wireless Audio Companion

For private audio encounters, earphones are vital because they provide ease, seclusion, and rich, immersive sound. They are an absolute need for daily activities, travel, exercise, and professional settings where privacy and concentration are essential since they allow users to enjoy calls, music, and podcasts without bothering other people. In this blog, we will be discussing the details of another great product in the segment named Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo.

Basic Information

With its alluring feature set, the Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo Earphones are sure to improve your listening pleasure. With their premium microphone, these earbuds provide pristine audio transmission, which makes them perfect for voice commands and phone conversations. These earphones’ 13.4mm dynamic drivers, which provide rich, enveloping sound with distinct treble and deep bass, are at their core. Due to the two drivers in each earphone, the audio output is robust and well-balanced.

The Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo, is designed for an active lifestyle, with an IP55 water-resistant certification that protects against perspiration and light rain. As a result, they are appropriate for outdoor activities and exercises, offering dependability and durability in a variety of settings. These earbuds weigh just 35 grammes, making them lightweight even with their many features. Because they fit comfortably around your neck and don’t put any tension on it, they guarantee comfort even after prolonged usage.

In general, those who want longevity and excellent sound quality in their everyday activities are the target audience for the Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo Earphones. These earbuds provide the performance and comfort required to match your busy lifestyle, whether you’re taking calls on the move, working out, or just listening to your favourite music.

Connectivity features

The Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo Earphones are highly connected thanks to their sophisticated Bluetooth features. With Bluetooth 5.4 technology, they are more stable, quicker to connect, and have a longer range than earlier models. This makes sure that everything works wirelessly smoothly, so you may connect to your devices and listen to music without interruption.

Additionally, these earbuds are compatible with a variety of Bluetooth codecs, such as AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) and SBC (Subband Coding). This codec’s adaptability guarantees high-quality audio streaming over a broad spectrum of devices. Because it can maintain audio quality even at reduced bitrates, AAC is especially noteworthy and is perfect for streaming services and devices that can support it.

Reliable communication and outstanding sound quality are features of the Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo Earphones, which you can synchronise with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You may enjoy clear and minimally latency music, podcasts, and phone conversations thanks to the combination of Bluetooth 5.4 and codec compatibility, which improves your listening experience overall. They are a flexible option for consumers searching for dependable wireless earbuds that provide convenience and performance because of these aspects.

Battery features

Convenient and effective battery-saving features enable longer usage of the Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo Earphones. They make use of a USB Type-C charging connector, which makes recharging fast and simple. These days, a lot of products come with cords that are compatible with this new communication standard, making it simple to charge your earbuds.

The Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo have an amazing 32 hours of playing on a single charge when it comes to battery life. You won’t need to recharge the battery often during the day to continue listening to music, podcasts or making calls thanks to its extended lifespan. These earbuds provide consistent performance so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to charge them between workouts and travels.

All things considered, the Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo Earphones are a sensible option for consumers looking for dependable wireless audio solutions because of their USB Type-C charging and long-lasting 32-hour battery life. They are the perfect daily companion since they are long-lasting, convenient, and let you enjoy your favourite audio material for prolonged periods.


Price- Rs.1,299

Colour- Blue

Type- Earphones

Headphone Type- InEar

Connectivity- Wireless


The Realme Buds Wireless 3 Neo Earphones offer a compelling blend of features at an attractive price point of ₹1,299. Available in a stylish blue colour, they are designed as in-ear wireless earphones, ideal for users seeking comfort and quality. With a focus on active lifestyles, these earphones feature IP55 water resistance, ensuring durability against sweat and light rain. Weighing just 35 grams, they are lightweight and comfortable for extended wear. Enhanced by 13.4mm dynamic drivers and a dual-driver setup, they deliver rich, balanced sound. The inclusion of Bluetooth 5.4 ensures stable wireless connectivity, complemented by support for AAC and SBC codecs for high-quality audio streaming. Moreover, their USB Type-C charging port and impressive 32-hour battery life make them a reliable choice for daily use, promising uninterrupted enjoyment of music, podcasts, and calls.

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