boAt Storm Call 3- The Ultimate Smartwatch for Health and Connectivity

boAt Storm Call 3- The Ultimate Smartwatch for Health and Connectivity

Smartwatches are useful because they provide instant access to calls, texts, and alerts while allowing users to stay connected and informed on the move. They promote a healthy lifestyle by tracking exercise and health indicators as well. Smartwatches also provide customisation and convenience for a more streamlined, productive daily schedule. So, in this field, the boAt has come up with its brand new boAt storm Call 3 and in this blog, we will be learning about the specifications of this watch in detail.


A fashionable and feature-rich wristwatch with a primary focus on health and wellbeing is the boAt Storm Call 3. Its embedded sensors—which include heart rate and SpO2—allow it to monitor your vital signs in real-time, giving you the ability to monitor your health all day long. To track your sleeping habits and make sure you receive a decent night’s sleep, the watch also has a sleep tracker. Furthermore, by monitoring your daily physical activity, the integrated step counter encourages you to remain active and motivated.

The user’s convenience is a priority in the design of this wristwatch. You may maintain your fitness objectives by using the heart rate monitor, which provides insightful information about your heart health. The SpO2 sensor works similarly to assist you in monitoring your blood oxygen levels, which are essential for general health and well-being. You can make better judgements regarding your lifestyle and exercise regimen by monitoring these variables.

One of the best features is the sleep tracker, which provides you with a thorough analysis of the quantity and quality of your sleep. You may modify your routine for greater rest and recuperation by being aware of your sleep habits. In the meantime, the step counter motivates you to meet your fitness goals by tracking your daily steps and encouraging you to live an active lifestyle.


With its sophisticated features, the boAt Storm Call 3 is designed to provide users with seamless connection and ease. This smartwatch’s ability to make and take calls right from the gadget is one of its best features. It is the perfect companion for busy people who want to remain in contact while on the go since it has a call feature that lets you stay connected without taking out your phone.

The wristwatch connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, which guarantees dependable and quick data transmission between the two devices. The Storm Call 3, which has Bluetooth version 5.2 installed, is faster, more efficient, and has a longer range than previous models. This guarantees a seamless and uninterrupted user experience by making it simple for you to connect your wristwatch to your phone.

The boAt Storm Call 3’s integration of Bluetooth 5.2 ensures a dependable and effective connection, simplifying the process of accessing calls, messages, and other alerts straight from your wrist. This function makes the watch more useful and easy to use, making it a flexible addition to your gadget collection. You can stay connected and informed at all times with the Storm Call 3, whether you’re working out, at a meeting, or on the run.

Operating system

The sophisticated Crest+ OS, which powers the boAt Storm Call 3, offers a seamless and simple user interface. The user-friendly interface of this operating system makes it simple to go through a wide range of features and functionalities. Notifications, connection choices, and health and fitness monitoring capabilities are all easily accessible with Crest+ OS. Additionally, it allows for customisation, so you may change the watch’s settings to fit your tastes. The Storm Call 3 operates with dependability and efficiency thanks to Crest+ OS, which improves your smartwatch experience in general.


With a 240 x 296 display resolution, the boAt Storm Call 3 offers a crisp and clean visual experience on its wristwatch screen. It’s simple to read and use the watch’s interface with this resolution since it supports detailed visuals and vivid colours. The display provides clear, readable text and graphics whether you’re looking at alerts, your health indicators, or the time and date. The excellent resolution makes for a captivating and easy-to-use experience, which increases the smartwatch’s allure for everyday usage.

Fitness and Watch Functions

The boAt Storm Call 3 is a multipurpose smartwatch that will keep you informed and connected while assisting you in maintaining your fitness and health objectives. The step count function, which counts your daily physical activity and encourages you to keep active throughout the day, is one of its primary features. You may work towards reaching your fitness goals and preserving a healthy lifestyle by keeping track of your steps.

You can track your heart rate in real-time with the watch’s integrated heart rate sensor. This function, which gives you insights into your cardiovascular health and helps you get the most out of your exercise regimen, is particularly helpful during workouts or throughout the day.

The Storm Call 3 not only tracks your fitness but also has useful watch features like a date and time display to help you keep organised and on schedule. Additionally, the watch has English language support, so you can easily browse the UI and use a variety of functions without encountering any language difficulties.

The boAt Storm Call 3, with its combination of fitness and watch features, is a dependable partner for those who value connectivity, exercise, and good health in their everyday life.


Price- Rs.1,099

Dial Colour- Black

Dial Shape- Rectangle

Touchscreen- Yes

Ideal For- Unisex

Microphone- Yes


The boAt Storm Call 3 is a fashionable and adaptable smartwatch with several functions to improve your everyday life. For those looking for a seamless combination of wellness and connection, it’s essential due to its capacity to monitor your exercise and health data as well as its handy call features. Any user will have a positive experience with the watch because of its elegant design and user-friendly interface. All things considered, the boAt Storm Call 3 is a fantastic option for anyone wishing to step up their wearable electronics game since it offers outstanding value for a very reasonable price.

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