Vivo T3x 5G- A Feature-Packed Smartphone

Vivo T3x 5G- A Feature-Packed Smartphone

In the present world, mobile phones are essential devices for everyday productivity, communication, and information access. They provide immediate communication with friends, family, and coworkers around the globe. Users may handle both personal and professional activities and keep informed and entertained with an internet connection. In addition to being multipurpose tools, mobile phones include cameras, GPS, and applications for banking, health, and other areas. They improve productivity and convenience and are essential to both the personal and professional realms. And in this, Vivo has launched another powerful smartphone that will win your heart and in this blog, we will give you the specifications of Vivo T3x 5G in detail.


The huge 6.72-inch touchscreen display of the Vivo T3x 5G mobile phone ensures a smooth user experience and smooth scrolling because of its high refresh rate of 120 Hz. With a resolution of 2408 x 1080 pixels, the screen achieves Full HD+ quality, resulting in bright and crisp images. For customers who like viewing movies, playing games, and browsing material on a high-quality display, the Vivo T3x 5G is an excellent option because it combines screen size, refresh rate, and resolution. With these display specs, the phone provides a fun and engaging experience for daily usage.


With a wide range of connection choices, the Vivo T3x 5G smartphone will keep you connected no matter where you travel. With its support for Wi-Fi, you may connect to wireless networks quickly and reliably to the internet. With GPS, you can monitor your position and navigate with accuracy. The phone can connect to a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices with ease because of its compatibility with Bluetooth version 5.10.

Furthermore, USB OTG (On-The-Go) compatibility allows you to connect accessories and other devices like USB drives. For data transmission and charging, the phone makes use of a USB Type-C connection, which makes it compatible with a variety of devices. With the flexibility and ease of managing various phone numbers or network providers, the Vivo T3x 5G enables twin SIM cards, both of which may be active on 4G networks.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 CPU, which powers the Vivo T3x 5G smartphone, offers powerful and efficient performance for a range of tasks and apps. The RAM capacities of the gadget are 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB, to accommodate varying user requirements and tastes for seamless multitasking. With 128GB of internal storage, there is more than enough room on the phone for media, pictures, and applications.

It also supports up to 1000GB of extra storage via the use of a microSD card. With the phone’s dedicated microSD slot, you can easily expand your storage as required without taking up one of the SIM card slots. This configuration of the hardware guarantees that the Vivo T3x 5G offers an excellent user interface and sufficient storage for all of your requirements.


With its advanced camera technology, the Vivo T3x 5G smartphone can take excellent pictures and movies. The back camera configuration comprises a 2-megapixel secondary camera that adds capabilities like depth sensing and macro photography to improve the overall photographic experience and a 50-megapixel main camera that produces detailed and clear photographs. This dual-camera setup on the back is adaptable to various picture situations.

The Vivo T3x 5G has an 8-megapixel camera on the front for taking pictures and making video calls. With its ability to capture crisp and colourful photographs, this front-facing camera is ideal for taking self-portraits and maintaining video conversations with loved ones. With these camera specs, customers who like taking pictures with their mobile devices may have an excellent photography experience with the Vivo T3x 5G.


Operating on the most recent version of Android 14, the Vivo T3x 5G smartphone gives customers access to the newest features, enhancements, and optimisations available on the Android platform. With improved security and upgraded functionality, this operating system makes sure that users have a seamless and effective experience.

The phone runs Funtouch OS 14, Vivo’s customised user interface, on top of Android 14. This skin gives the device more customisation options and special features, making it easier to use and more individualised. Funtouch OS 14 improves the phone’s general usefulness by introducing a range of design features, navigation choices, and proprietary apps. The Vivo T3x 5G guarantees its consumers a cutting-edge, smooth, and intuitive software experience with the combination of Android 14 and Funtouch OS 14.


An array of sensors on the Vivo T3x 5G smartphone improves both its usability and usefulness. The phone has a fingerprint sensor, which offers easy and safe biometric verification for unlocking the smartphone and safeguarding private information.

The phone’s proximity sensor detects things near it, enabling automated screen and other function adjustments while on the conversation. Because it has an accelerometer, the phone can detect motions and changes in orientation, which is helpful for applications and games.

To provide pleasant viewing in a variety of settings, the ambient light sensor assists in adjusting the screen brightness according to the surrounding light conditions. Further improving gaming and other motion-based apps is the gyroscope’s ability to detect the direction and rotation of the phone.

The combination of these sensors results in a complete and well-rounded user experience, offering useful and responsive features that provide versatility and ease of use to the Vivo T3x 5G.


Price- Rs.13,499

Form Factor- Touchscreen

Dimensions (mm)- 165.70 x 76.00 x 7.99

Weight (g)- 199.00

IP Rating- IP64

Battery Capacity (mAh)- 6000

Fast Charging- 44W Flash Charge

Colours- Celestial Green, Crimson Bliss


The Vivo T3x 5G smartphone is a well-rounded gadget with a sharp display, dependable connection, and powerful technology that makes for a seamless and engaging experience. It is great for multitasking, gaming, and photography thanks to its dual-camera system and flexible sensors. Utilising Funtouch OS 14 on top of Android 14, the Vivo T3x 5G offers a software experience that is user-friendly and compliant with contemporary mobile device standards.

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